Looking for some creative Halloween treats to wow your co-workers or your kids' friends? Maybe you haven't even realized that it's October and the end of the month will be here before you know it.  Don't get caught at the last minute wondering what you're going to do. Check out these 20 clever ways to make cute and creepy treats for Halloween. You're going to thank me for giving you a head start on your planning and for reminding you to check out these cute and creepy ideas from last week's Project Inspire{d}.  Don't forget to pin your favorites to your Pinterest boards, too!     More … [Read more...]

  This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All experiences and opinions are mine alone. #SandwichWithTheBest #CollectiveBias Each year from May through October you can be sure to find me, bright and early, every Saturday morning at my local farmer’s market. It's the high point of my week. Every just-picked fruit or vegetable is waiting for me. So much goodness and I didn't have to sweat in the sun nor pull a single weed to enjoy the bounty. I confess, everything looks and smells so wonderful, that I sometimes get a little carried away with my … [Read more...]

  What's your favorite fall comfort food?   Mine just might be baked potatoes swimming in butter.  This week at Project Inspire{d} many of you shared some pretty amazing ideas to help you transition your family's dinner menu for fall.  AND they are a lot more inventive than baked potatoes! With back-to-school here and the hopeful decline in heat and humidity we all want quick and delicious ideas for putting appetizing meals on the table for our families at dinner time... So... kick back and take some time to check out this week's features.  I just know you'll be inspired to put your apron on and get … [Read more...]

  Hello, friends!  Thanks for coming by! This past weekend we had the hottest and steamiest days so far this summer.   At this point everyone's looking for ways to stay cool.  What's your favorite way to cool off and get a reprieve from the summer heat? If you're like me, spending time by the lake is great, swimming in the pool, drinking lots of water is wonderful.  But... finding a cool and refreshing treat is the best!  Check out these summer fresh frozen dessert recipes shared with us at last week's edition of Project Inspire{d}!   And be prepared to fill up your Pinterest board with all these clever … [Read more...]

  When strawberry season comes I cannot get enough strawberries. We eat strawberry shortcake for at least one meal a day during that short time. I know. Do you know anyone who could possibly eat so much shortcake and keep loving it?     So when I was presented with strawberries for the Ultimate Recipe Challenge, hosted by my blogging friend Kim, I knew I had to create a recipe that was different... I'm sorry dear sweet strawberry shortcake! AND... all sweetness aside... it needed to be a savory dish. Have you ever roasted fruit? The roasting process intensifies the flavor … [Read more...]

  Hello, friends!  Thanks for coming by! A belated Happy Canada Day to my friends north of the border and Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! We took a little vacation at the end of the week to host some friends to our beautiful sunny shores.  It was an amazing and very busy time.  There isn't much better than spending time with people you love who live so far away. Are you hosting family or friends this holiday? I love it when friends put in a request for one of their favorite foods.  It's so fun to cook for people who want to enjoy my cooking. Today's features include 12 delicious recipes … [Read more...]

  Hello, friends!  Thanks for coming by! Are you enjoying your summer?  We've been really busy the last several weeks, but this weekend we decided that we need to be more intentional about going down to the lake for walks and sunsets.  It's funny how "life" gets in the way, yet when we lived elsewhere, it was what we missed the most. These warm days will be quickly fading, so we need to make the most of our beautiful summer weather. What kinds of things are you doing to make your summer special? One thing that's fun to do in the summer is cookout! I just know you'll want to whip up these fabulous … [Read more...]

  Hello, friends!  Thanks for coming by! Today was a picture-perfect Memorial Day.  We went to the beach early, "fished" for driftwood that will hopefully turn up in some projects soon, walked the boardwalk, and even sat down on the benches for a bit to people, dog, and boat watch.  We're looking forward to a lovely sunset over the lake tonight to cap off the holiday.  I can't tell you how very blessed we are to live in such an incredibly beautiful area.  I can't wait to hear how you spent this official first of the summer weekend. Summer is salad time and so many of you shared the most delicious looking … [Read more...]

  Raise your hand if you love a cool creamy taste treat filled with delicious fresh fruit.     Oh my goodness!  This healthy recipe is SO creamy and good we're enjoying it twice a day.  In fact, it's taking the place of ice cream in our home. And there's no cooking or whipping involved. What it's the main ingredient?  Plain Greek whole milk yogurt.  Before you click away... stop a minute to discover why we are so in love with the new treats we're whipping up with this yogurt.   I've discovered a delicious and healthy way to enjoy it that I just know you'll want too. Yogurt is … [Read more...]

  My husband LOVES pasta and noodles. Me. Not-so-much. Maybe it's because I'm a bit tired of pasta slathered in the ubiquitous red sauce.     If you're like me, today's post just might change that pasta indifferent attitude with a least one amazing recipe. I won't say which one, but mine is sooooo good I'm going to guess it'll become a family favorite! My blogging friend Kim, from The Kim Six Fix, hosts a bi-monthly blogger recipe challenge. This month's ingredient is pasta. Last month's recipe challenge was potatoes. My goal this month was to develop a recipe that is … [Read more...]

  This week I've seen crocuses and daffodils and pussy willows in bloom. I hope they don't get ruined with all the rain, sleet, and snow in our forecast for the next week.  Spring is pretty wonderful... but... oh my! is she ever fickle.  While she makes up her mind... I'm going to get my creative juices flowing and have a little fun.  And... I just might be found trying out a few of these fresh fruity recipes from this week's Project Inspire{d}! Hope you have a wonderfully creative and tasty weekend too!     17 Yummy Fresh and Fabulous Fruity Recipes    Blueberry Muffin … [Read more...]

  This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #Bananamazing #CollectiveBias Yummy Banana Snacks Kids and Moms will Love Growing up... my dad was determined that I would eat foods that were good for me.  Bananas were high on his list of nutritious foods and fortunately for me, I loved bananas.  Many of my after-school snacks and suppertime desserts included bananas.  Because my dad was generally the main cook at our house, he made easy to prepare snacks and desserts.... a small bowl of sliced bananas with a little sugar sprinkled over the … [Read more...]

  Have you gotten caught up in a little "March Madness?" I'll admit to being a Michigan State fan... but I guess it just goes to show that sometimes a fairly unknown school has a bigger "want" to win.  So... Middle Tennessee... be fueled by your big "want" and go for the big win. Today my co-hostesses and I put together some truly tempting game day appetizers that are sure to delight the fans.  HOWEVER...  Many of these would be super special for your Easter buffet, too. Be sure to pin them now for later. Whatever you have on the agenda this weekend, have a great weekend, and find someone to … [Read more...]

  We were so impressed with all the bright and colorful ideas for spring and Easter at this week's link party.  These are just a few that caught our eye.  Be sure to check them out, pin them, and have fun getting your creativity on. Have a great weekend my friend! Colorful and Stylish Ideas for Celebrating Easter   Color Blocked Easter Eggs by Simply Designing Tissue Paper Spring Wreath by Ilkas Blog Pastel Easter Mantle Vignette by Pastels and Macarons Floral Crown Inspired Spring Wreath by Making it in the Mountains Carrot Grahams Easter Treat for Kids from About a Mom Roly-Poly … [Read more...]

  Recently I began watching the Food Network.  I know, I know.  I am so late to the game. My fascination with the "Chopped" challenges inspired me to say yes to the Ultimate Recipe Challenge blog hop when my friend Kim of The Kim Six Fix put out the challenge. This bi-monthly affair will feature a different ingredient each month. And this month's ingredient challenge is Potatoes! So without further ado... Chefs and chef-wannabees... I made for you... Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes     The simplest foods with the fewest ingredients really are the best! I am … [Read more...]

  I woke up to a fresh coating of snow this morning.  After a gorgeous sunny day yesterday... well it's a damp blanket for the day... but I know spring and sunny skies are coming soon. Whatever your plans are for the weekend, I hope you take time to exercise your creativity.  I'll be giving it my best shot.  Because at our house we'll be working at getting over the flu.  Ugh!  It totally put me out of commission yesterday.  Hopefully, I can push through it today.  I'm praying for an extra measure of strength as I have several posts that are in the midst of being completed for the weekend and next … [Read more...]

  Have you noticed?  The days are getting longer!   The sun won't set tonight until 6:30!  That means I can go for an after-dinner walk in twilight and not pitch darkness.  I LOVE twilight... it's such a beautiful and peaceful time of the day.  And as the days get warmer... it will be even better.  Though I think we're in for a roller coaster of weather these days.  Snow and school closings and then three days later... 50 degrees!  Whatever!  Spring is around the corner and for some of you... she's already arrived in all her beautiful finery.  I can't wait to greet her. I'm working on some … [Read more...]