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Be Extraordinary!

What does that mean?

I think it means that neither of us settles for ho hum.

I think it’s breathing deeper.  Looking harder.  And living more fully.  For starters.

This weekend…remember my motto:

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary!  ~Diane Miller

Yup!  Be Extraordinary!


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It was another Extraordinary Week on the blog!

What an exciting week on the blog!   We gave away a wonderful Ramsign house number sign to Carolyn, and Tracy received the Autumn Bliss Kindle book.  Congratulations ladies!!  In addition to counting our blessings, on Joy Day! we talked about how God doesn’t just give us what we need…he also provides for our enjoyment as well.  Monday we finished off our Fall Nesting series.  I’m sure I could have kept it going…but we also kicked off our 31 Extraordinary Days to Be… series!  We’ve addressed four “Be’s” and we have three more to go in the next few days.  I do hope you’re enjoying this new series.  I admit that it is a little more challenging to me than our usual fare.  But, it will be fun to come back to the same topics each week.  I certainly won’t run out of things to talk about, that’s for sure.  🙂


On a Personal Note

I’m in a good spot right now.   Yes, I’m missing my house, but I really cannot complain,  except I am truly wondering what God has in store for my good man.  I am anxiously looking forward to what God has planned for our next steps.  Unfortunately that “Yes” we were anticipating turned out to be a “No.” {sigh}   Keep praying.


Humbled and blessed.

My hiatus from joining link parties is over…for now.  It’s fun to socialize…even a little.  There are so many pleasant surprises I get from linking up….like seeing my traffic go up.  One day this week I was just 70 views short from my all-time high for a day.

Do you remember my Crunchy Fall Grape Salad?  That post/recipe has received 380 pins on Pinterest.  Here’s the link to where I originally pinned it: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/284500901433698823/

I can’t tell you how it warms my heart to discover that someone has chosen to include one of my posts in their blog’s features.   I am so grateful for the recognition at these wonderful places this past week:

Made in a Day-Halloween     ~    Our Home Away from Home    ~    Fine Craft Guild

Worthing Court    ~    Cupcakes and Crinoline    ~    Cozy Little House    ~     A Simple Five

Sew-licious Home Decor    ~    Made in a Day    ~    Everyday  Home

Please take a minute to stop by these extraordinary blogs for even more inspiration.


So tell me…what kinds of fun things did you do this week?

Share what did you did…to “Be Extraordinary.”

Are you having summer-like weather in your neck of the woods?


Wishing you an Extraordinary weekend!


I hope you’ll consider visiting each day during this #31Day series.

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What a wonderful adventure this will be as we journey together to Be…

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  1. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary self with us. It’s great to realize that sometimes ‘just being’ is important as all those things on our “to do” lists. Looking forward to Joy Day. :O)

    • Diane says

      Awww…LuAnn…your words were just the warmest hug. Thank you!!!! 🙂
      Keep being that Extraordinary YOU!!

  2. Gwen says

    Oh a no when a yes is what we don’t just want but we need. Dear Lord. Your riches are beyond our comprehension. Please provide basic needs for this couple. Food, clothing, a home. Give new insights, new creative paths, thus this couple not grow discouraged and give up in service to you. Whatever you have planned, Lord in my humanness I want it to be soon. Provide. They are faithful. Give them wisdom to go where a door is opened to go. Ups and then closed is hard Lord. Strengthen this couple. Amen

    Today Diane, the time you’d spend writing back to me I’d like you to instead spend with your husband. We can write next week. This day and tomorrow is the day of rest, I’d like you to not write me. Not because I don’t love your words of encouragement. I do. But the time you spend writing me this next week? Could you give that time to your spouse? My gift to you.
    I got to go to the women’s get together last night. It was good. My youngest took me and my hubby helped serve and clean up so that I had that extra help. So good to be in fellowship.
    I’m resting and enjoying our sunny cooler days.

  3. Mel says

    First of all, congratulations to the lucky winners. And thank you for all that you do for those who consider this little piece of cyberspace a special safe haven.
    To say I’m disappointed about that “no” is an understatement. Forgive me for being a bit piffy about it as well…toss in some sad and frustrated…I can only imagine how devastating and disheartening it had to have been. I read Gwens prayer and I was humbled by her graciousness. Mine wasn’t anything close. You know me (!!!), demanding child of G-d that I am!!
    Yes! More prayers! And I’ll work on that faith and perseverance, too.

    Yup, we had that warm, humid weather these past few days, complete with amazong 4am thunderstorms and a good tornado watch or two. I think my bit of “being extraordinary” happened without my efforts. Yes, I sent on a card or two…I really didn’t know the recipients were having such hard moments and that the cards brought them a happy moment with a laugh or two. But I don’t always get ‘consulted’ by the Big Guy. 😉 He uses me a lot…and it made my day to know I’d made someone elses, yaknow?
    And fun!? I had a trip to the park and a soda at the lake….AND we put spidery guys on the downspouts to keep Studley company. *laughing* No matter the crutches or stitches…I will always make play happen. 🙂

    *sending LOTS of hugs and prayers*

    • Diane says

      You have such a way of putting a smile on my face and helping me feel so very loved. Back atcha girlie!!
      I’m so pleased you were able to “play.” Yay!!! (I just got the creeps thinking of the spiders on the downspouts.)
      And a big “Yay” for following your promptings. I just love it when I do something because I think I should and then it turns out to be something really special. Just look at all you are able to do to bless others even with crutches and stitches. 😉

      Thanks for those prayers…..

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