Are you missing opportunity's knock A story devotional


As I opened the door to the lobby, he was standing there wearing a fluorescent green t-shirt and long navy sports shorts with stripes down each side matching his equally bright orange sneakers.

At a month more than seven years old, Thomas lives life large.  He’s full of curiosity and asks question after question. Counts everyone in our neighborhood a friend and already, at his young age, is a skilled negotiator.  At least once and some days, maybe four or fourteen times he will stop by our door to see if we will play, or fix something, or answer a question.  Did I say he’s persistent? He even knows the salesman’s foot in the door trick.

Earlier in the day he acquired a cell phone and wanted to know if I could put music on it for him.  The only way I know how to play music on my cell phone is to put on YouTube music videos.  So, I told him that I’m not very good with electronics, to which he replied, “You do everything electronics, how can you not know?”  I told him I didn’t have music on my phone, to which he said, “Well could Tim put music on my phone?”  I said, “You’ll have to ask him when he gets home.”


My story of when opportunity knocked and how it could make an eternal difference


I’m not sure if he was waiting in the lobby for us to come home, but when I opened the door, he said, “Oh, it’s you!”

Then he informs Tim of his new phone and thrusts it at Tim and says, “Can you put music on it for me?”

It’s late in the evening and Tim isn’t feeling the best.  He has shingles and the pain was increasing and he was anxious to be home so he could drink the concoction of vinegar and cayenne that has given him so much relief.  But, instead of telling Thomas he doesn’t feel well, as Thomas escorts us up the stairs to our apartment, he asks me if I have a particular kind of USB cord.  During this time, Thomas asked if Tim could put George Strait on the phone.  Tim told him that it wasn’t free and we don’t own any country music so he would look for some other music.


When you want to make a difference, the opportunity may be right in front of you


Once we found the appropriate cord Tim settled into his chair with his laptop, my USB cord, and Thomas’ new used phone… which cannot make calls.  Thomas settled into another chair that he thinks is “comfy” and precedes to talk in his outdoor voice.

We coach him to use his soft indoor voice and not skipping a beat in a now quieter voice begins asking questions…  “Did you guys eat supper yet?”  He would eat with us every day if he could.  “What did you eat?”  “Is Tim working tomorrow?” “How long?”  And so it goes.

When he got up to look around, he noticed my table where I was experimenting with a new table setting and wanted to know why I have only one place setting.  “Did you do a photo shoot today?” He asks.

Thomas’ curiosity is so great that he actually sat on a dining chair and watched me take photos of a tablescape for the blog earlier this summer.  For him to sit still is a big deal. You would have thought that he entered the palace when I let him in the day of that photo shoot.  He was on his best behavior and except for letting the questions slip out… quiet and very well behaved.


When you want to be available to make a difference, you never know where opportunity will knock


Tim broke into our conversation with music emanating from Thomas’ phone. Tim has kids worship music that’s fun and peppy with great messages that we used to use in our ministry on his laptop.  The song that began playing is called Hey God! He played a little bit of it and then Thomas exclaimed, “I love it!” “Can you put that one on for me?”

Thomas had never heard that song before and he was absolutely ecstatic… you should have seen him. As the song was playing Tim was getting him to say “Hey!” whenever the singers sang “Hey! Jesus Loves Me.” You could see the lyrics and music touching Thomas’ spirit.

Tim puts on another song and Thomas loves it too. In the end, Tim put 12 kids worship songs on that little phone.

I think one seven-year-old boy’s heart is going to be forever changed. All because we stayed available… even when Tim came home because his leg was hurting from shingles and couldn’t wait to take his “concoction.”


Opportunity literally knocked at our door and continues to every day. Don't miss the opportunity right in front of you.


After Thomas left, Tim said, “I guess there was a reason I’ve kept that music on my computer all these years.” Eight years now, to be specific.

There may have been forces at work that prevented Tim from continuing on in professional children’s ministry.  But, when we are available, God will use everyday opportunities to bless others and draw them into the Kingdom.  The scale may be smaller, but no less significant.

Frankly, there are days when I don’t want to open the door to kids.  Especially when I’m writing.

Thomas has a sister who is almost four years older than him.  She is quieter and doesn’t ask a million questions, but she does want us to notice her, show off a new outfit, or tell us about something big in her world especially early in the morning when she sees us up and getting ready for the day.

Whether it’s playing ball with them in the parking lot, standing at the door or inviting them in to talk while we listen, or even sharing our dinner or dessert with them, it all takes time.  Most of all, it takes us being more interested in them and less concerned about our personal convenience.

Our opportunity to love kids into the Kingdom and help them become godly kids of character came knocking at our door.

How about you?  What opportunity has come knocking at your door?  Maybe not literally, like the two kids in our building, but figuratively.  It’s easy to dismiss these opportunities because we’re busy, or tired, or have other things we would rather do.  To miss those opportunities is to miss the joy that comes with them. And there’s nothing like a joyful heart to make busyness or fatigue disappear.

Be humble and consider others more important than yourselves.  Care about them as much as you care about yourselves.

Philippians 2:3-4

“The king will answer them, ‘I can guarantee this truth: Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did for me.’ 

Matthew 25:40

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The opportunity to make a difference may be knocking on your door - JOYDAY!

It’s JoyDay!


I know you want a heart filled with joy.  Please join me in thinking back over the past week and counting seven things for which you are thankful.  This simple exercise of counting and giving thanks together in this space is something we do each week to reset our compasses and put our eyes back on the Lord.

I’ll start…

Thank you, God…

  1. for your amazing love for us, goodness, and provision.
  2. for the sweet squeaks of the hummingbirds as they arrive to drink the nectar at our feeders.
  3. for hearing my husband say, “That looks like us!” when he noticed my dining area decor.
  4. for my praying friends… who have prayed for Tim to feel better and have stamina for his long work days while dealing with shingles.
  5. for showing us a remedy that we could make for Tim’s shingles that gave him so much relief.
  6. for being able to bless my neighbor girl with a girls’ afternoon out.  
  7. for the delight of a 7-year-old boy in listening to kids’ worship music on his new phone.

Now…it’s YOUR turn!

List your ‘seven’ in the ‘share your extraordinary thoughts’ section below.  You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Debbi Saunders says

    Thank You God…..
    1. for the ministry that has been presented to me with my pre-school aftercare program as challenging as it is….
    2, for an unexpected financial gift….
    3. for a wonderfully unexpected growing relationship/ friendship with my cousin from New York…. she has been sharing her cottage renovations and family photos…..
    4. for a Dear couple who have been kindly offering to drive Jordan and I to Gainesville for my Angiograms and appts these last 2 years…..
    5. for going before and guiding my steps and making straight the crooked paths each and every day…
    6. for keeping my Brother and Family safe in Texas….
    7. for the Beautiful Butterflies, Bumble and Honey Bees, Birds and critters in my backyard!!! They uplift and brighten my days……

    • Debbi… I know the aftercare program makes a long day for you. Let’s pray that you find a special ministry in serving and guiding those little ones that’s energizing.
      In the midst of all the heaviness… God has met you in so many beautiful ways. We do have so much to rejoice and be glad about. 🙂
      Praying for you this week and especially your appointment. {{hugs}}

  2. Betty says

    Our next door neighbor was named , Tucker. At the age of three he would escape from his house and knock quieting on our back door. If we didn’t answer he would bump the door with his body. I loved going to the door and seeing him. He would always ask, “can Mr. Bob play with me”. Bob and Tucker were best friends. It was a sad day at our house whenTucker’s family moved away. We have grandchildren but they don’t live next door. There is an amazing blessing to be had when you invest time with a child in your neighborhood. Have a blessed day.

    • Thank you, Betty, for sharing your Tucker story. You are right, it absolutely is a blessing to have these kids to invest in. Many days, their visits help me to reassess my priorities. I’m so sorry that Tucker and his family moved away. I’m sure he missed you too.
      May your week overflow with joy as you bless God and others around you. {{hugs}}

  3. Minnie says

    Good day to you!
    Today my thankful 7 are about memories my dad and I share. No body but the two of us have them and that makes them all the valuable to me.
    1. Butterflies and my red sweater
    2. The Charge! game
    3. Playing jacks on the kitchen floor
    4. My first day of school
    5. Quietly getting out of the house in the small hours of the morning to go fishing
    6. Watching The Flintstones, Bugs Bunny and George of the Jungle on Saturday mornings
    7. Popcorn and soda pops
    I thank you Lord for my dad!! He is the best!

    • Happy Monday, Minnie!!
      Hope you’ve had a wonderful Labor Day and hopefully, you weren’t laboring. 😉
      I love how you expressed gratitude for those special memories you shared with your father. My dad and I were quite a duo, too. Those are always special times to treasure and hold closely in gratitude.

      May your week is filled with JOY!!

  4. Gwen says

    What a delightful sharing of life. And isn’t it exciting to think that you may have been removed from everywhere to be right here for these two children right now?!!! The boy’s personality is such a delight. Your stories were told like we were there!!! Peeking in!!!
    I’m wondering exactly what is in your photos. I’m quite uneducated concerning the Great Lakes!!
    Joy Day!!
    1. Curt –a miracle!!!! He was healed totally of something gravely serious
    2. My friend and all of her children and their families although evacuated were able to return safely to homes in Houston and surrounding areas.
    3. Time to rest when needed
    4. I can see better with my new glasses and they don’t hurt
    5. Ice. A cup of free ice. Curt brings me one every day. My sweet treat.
    6. I saw a blue jay today
    7. I have funds to pay for AC. It’s been a long period of such hot hot weather but I get to be indoors.

    • A miracle for Curt!!!!!! Praise God!! Oh Gwen, what a huge answer to prayer. Thank you, Jesus!!

      Regarding the photos… yeah I should probably have put an explanation there. First of all, you are seeing a heavy morning fog over the water… it doesn’t happen often… but when it does it is surreal and beautiful (you’re actually seeing it much reduced from a half an hour earlier). The light houses are on our pier that is undergoing rehabilitation by the Army Corps of Engineers. It’s a huge undertaking and is now behind schedule. Our pier was to be completed with the catwalk reinstalled early August, but now we’ve been told that it will be another whole year!!! It may be about money… but mostly it’s because the water level of Lake Michigan is substantially higher and that makes it more difficult for them to work on the project and they need fairly still seas to work. So what you are seeing is a barge that is pulled up alongside the pier. It’s filled with heavy equipment and yes… several cement trucks among other things. It’s fascinating to watch the tugboat push the barge out into the channel, turn it around, and push it up the channel to get supplies (more cement trucks), etc. I am amazed at how quickly the tugboat can push the huge heavy barge up the river. And I LOVE the bright red colors… it’s so picturesque.

      I hope that helps explain the photos, Gwen.

      Praying your week is filled with more wonderful God moments and unexpected blessings! {hugs}

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