Remember that last time you were feeling overwhelmed? Here is a way to help you out of that spot.  PLUS… a free scripture art print to download.


Devotional Thoughts for when You're Feeling Overwhelmed. Grand Haven lighthouse in the winter


There’s no doubt you can identify with me…

Earlier this week I had a task looming before me that I absolutely was not looking forward to doing.

My stress level was creeping up and up by the hour.

Feeling overwhelmed, I decided to ask a few of my friends to pray.

They did.

And the next day that seemingly gargantuan task was accomplished fairly easily.

How many times do you live in dread, for whatever reason, keeping it all inside, while you become totally undone while the whole world marches on in oblivion?

Once is too many!

When we’re in those predicaments we’re most guilty of keeping things to ourselves, trying to muster up enough strength to get through them.

That’s not God’s intention.  He created something he calls the body of Christ and his desire is that each member of that body (you and me who love and follow Jesus) help each other.

We are ALL necessary, so when we hold everything inside, we’re working against God’s ways and prevent him from fully working through the other members of the body, our sisters and brothers in the Lord.

I’m so glad I shared my overwhelm with my friends.

They prayed me through it and everything worked out.  Thank you, Jesus!!

These small things become giants until we let God and our friends carry our burdens.

So, let’s take time to rejoice and give praise to the Lord for this wonderful plan he has to work in and through ALL our prayers.

Today… I’m joining the psalmist who penned these words…

FREE Scripture Art 5x7 Printable from Psalms Praising God for His GoodnessI will sing to you, O Lord,
because you have been good to me.
Psalm 13:6

This beautiful verse above is available to you as a FREE scripture printable to download HERE and frame for personal use.

God is so good.

Over the years I’ve sung various choruses in church which speak of God’s goodness.  I love singing to the Lord in corporate worship, but we can sing more privately, too.

Today, stop and consider what God has done and is doing in your life and then loudly (maybe in the car where no one can hear you) or quietly… sing to the Lord.

What do you have to sing about today?

What are you going to do the next time the task ahead overwhelms you?

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It's JoyDay! on the BLOG, plus a devotional about facing that feeling of overwhelm AND a free printable. Image of Grand Haven Light on Lake Michigan


It’s JoyDay!

I love JoyDay!  There isn’t anything better than each of us sharing the good things God has done in our lives this week.  Both in the happy and in the challenges.

Will you join with me in counting ‘seven’ from the past week?

I’ll start!

I’m grateful to God for…

  1. my friend who truly shares my burdens with me!
  2. that prayer time we had before we started our new daunting task.
  3. Your faithfulness, God!
  4. providing for our needs… even through an impromptu trip to TJ Maxx.
  5. a thaw to melt all the ice away.
  6. the remedies that you are using as part of my healing.
  7. Your love and how You speak life into my heart through Your word and my devotional readings.

Today I could hardly stop at ‘seven.’  I wanted to keep listing more of God’s goodness.  There is just something amazing that happens when we ‘write out’ our thanks.

Now it’s your turn!  Please join me by tapping in your ‘seven’ in the “Share your Extraordinary Thoughts” box below and ‘singing’ the goodness of the Lord.

Thank you for stopping by today.
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P.S. Since I wrote this post, I had another HUGE answer to prayer. We had been praying for quiet, considerate, non-smoking neighbors in the apartment below us and then the people who moved in were everything we prayed they wouldn’t be. I cannot tell you how heavy my heart was, not to mention how sleep deprived I was because they talked loudly… all. night. long.  Today I learned they have been asked to leave because they were not a good fit for our building. You bet I’m singing praises to the Lord!  And I’m also praying that they will find a place that meets their needs and is better than what they are leaving behind and will be grateful for the nudge.  You know I won’t quit praying for the “right” new neighbors, too.   God, you have been so good to me!


  1. Lucy Beautiful says

    I am full of JOY because….

    1. I am beginning to pray more.
    2. I have some hope concerning my poor health.
    3. I have a Dear Husband who bought me UnKindled and I am now able to read as many books as I want. It’s such a delightful treat because I love to read!
    4. I am now bicycling 3 times a week in the gym downstairs!
    5. Although I am so far away, my Dear Children call often and we have an opportunity to chat!!
    6. This week, I was reintroduced to the miracles God has created over the years. This revolation has helped me put my anxieties into prospective and I am now more able to handle the magnitude of them. They seem minor compared to God’s power and wonder.
    7. I just like being me!

    • I’m going to call you the Joy Girl, Lucy!! 😉 Your grateful heart is beautiful and I love reading all the wonderful ways God is working in your life. Praying you have a joy-filled week and experience a wonderful renewal of your strength. You’re on the healing road, my friend!!

  2. Judy says

    Dear Friend, I almost didn’t open this because of being so busy! We are in the midst of moving, giving away and selling things! I truly have been feeling overwhelmed…So, I am asking for your prayers.. and I will pray for peaceful and lovely neighbors for you! Our daughter, granddaughter and great-grandson flew from Ca. to help us out last week .. and it was Simply Wonderful.. to have them with us.. and get so much done!! Still, I find myself saying .and praying “I can do All things through Christ who strengthens me”… Us actually. God Bless you, what a Blessing your writing has been for me today! Love, Judy

    • Oh, Judy, I know that place where you are. It can be very overwhelming and mentally and physically taxing. And YES!! You truly can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens you. What a lovely blessing to have your daughter and grandchildren joining you to help. Lifting you up to our Father right now in prayer…. praying peace, stamina, joy, and hope over you and may God would orchestrate every step you take. Big big HUGS!!!

  3. Ivory says

    Wow, so beautiful and uplifting. Thank you so much for always being so inspiring. You seems to always know what to say, and at the right time. Thanks for the printable, I love it.

    • Diane says

      I think I need to give God the credit for that, Ivory. 😉 The Holy Spirit is so good about guiding and helping me with these posts. And thank you for your encouraging words. You truly blessed me. So glad you like the printable.
      May your week be filled with joy and peace!

  4. bobbi duncan says

    Diane, I love reading all your posts! They always lift my spirits and many seem to come just as I need encouragement. Coincidence? I think not. I pray that you will get lovely new neighbors because they will certainly be blessed to have you as theirs. Your photos in red and white are beautiful!

    • Bobbi, your words bless and encourage me more than you’ll ever know. I LOVE being God’s partner in ministering love and hope to you. Isn’t he just SO good to make these divine appointments? Thanks too, for your prayers for my new neighbors.
      May your week overflow with JOY! xoxo

  5. Here’s mine:

    1. I’m joyful for friends like you
    2. I’m joyful for my family
    3. I’m joyful for the weather outside
    4. I’m joyful for my husband’s smile
    5. I’m joyful for the new book coming out
    6. I’m joyful for my faith and a wonderful church
    7. I’m joyful for the sweetest kids on the planet!

    • I LOVE your joyful heart KariAnne!! Wherever you are, wherever you go, you are a most wonderful joy-splasher!! Thanks for being extraordinary and taking time to splash your joy here today!! xoxo

  6. me says

    Just read your response on another blog regarding the blogger’s post about being vegan and loving animals. I wrote a response two up from yours. I thought you were so right. I too use to enjoy her blog but I really feel she is suffering from an eating disorder as well.

    Anyways I was delighted to find your blog via your response to her post.

    So glad to meet another Christian doing good things in the world.

    After reading your response to her it reminded me of the new testament scripture about how in the end days nonbelievers will basically demand others not to consume meat. Life has so much more to offer us you were so right about that.

    1 Timothy 4:3-8 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained. But refuse profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness. For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

    God bless.

    • Thank you, Jacqueline, for your encouraging words and for taking the time to seek me out.
      God created this world and everything in it for his glory and our enjoyment. To deny his gifts is a very sad thing.
      May your day be filled with joy and gladness.

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