If a TV reporter were to stop you on the street and thrust a microphone in your face and ask you what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving… what would be your answer?

We often talk about gratitude here and how a thankful heart is a happy heart.


A tea cup pumpkin and thanksgiving thoughts about life


As I was editing photos today I was thinking about Thanksgiving and the pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving dinner that my second-grade class reenacted on the stage of an old gym with the slippery brown linoleum floor.  A long table was placed on the stage and set with food.  I’m not sure if every student dressed in pilgrim clothing, but I wore an old black dress of my mother’s, with nubby fabric, that she remade to fit me, and a white apron. My biggest memory of that day was wearing that dress of my mom’s and standing at the back of the gym looking towards the stage and seeing everyone dressed as early Americans.  For such a faint memory, it’s filled with happy thankful feelings.


Pumpkin made from Vintage Teacups and Thanksgiving Thoughts about Life - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Somehow that re-enactment has served to help me appreciate the adventuresome spirit of the pilgrims, their persistence through hard times, their willingness to implement “Plan B” when “Plan A” didn’t work, to eventually thrive because of their hard work, and ultimately to recognize that everything they experienced was by God’s grace and so they humbly worshiped and gave thanks.

It was so appropriate for our first president, George Washington, to declare Thanksgiving, which not only honored those who sought religious freedom from British tyranny but also honored those who made incredible sacrifices in birthing this nation and winning the battle that was waged on American shores against that tyrannical monarchy.

As Americans, we have the only successful democracy in the world and freedoms like no other nation or citizens.  Those early Americans had a deep-rooted faith in God. God was their strength through the tough times and their joy through every circumstance.  They understood the need to be thankful and even more, they were humbly grateful for every inch of success they achieved.


Graphic close-up of pumpkin made from teacups - Thoughts about Thanksgiving and Life - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Today, our country is in a conflict of ideologies.  I wonder what our early fathers would say today?  What advice would they give?

I’m reminded of Patrick Henry who declared a day of fasting in the days leading up to the revolutionary war.  I’m reminded of Abraham Lincoln who went beyond individual states observing Thanksgiving to actually declaring a national day of observance.  And, I’m reminded of scripture which suggests that we humble ourselves before the Lord and pray.

Theses acts of the heart… fasting, humility, prayer, and gratitude, I believe, would be nation changing.  We might like to see our neighbors near and far participate, but until they do, WE can be the beginning of change.  If each of us would seek God, examine our own hearts, and purposely live out God’s love, I really do believe that we can make God’s kingdom come to our nation.  His kingdom begins in the heart of each person, so if we collectively share in the pursuit of Christ, together we will be agents of change in our broken and hurting world.


Thanksgiving Quote & Verse from 1 Thessalonians 5 - In all things give thanks. - AnExtraordinaryDay.net

In all things give thanks.
1 Thessalonians 5:8

Today, on Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for those that risked it all for freedom and a new nation; and for God’s abiding goodness and faithfulness.  And let us not forget to pray each day for the renewal of the people of this great land, along with God’s healing and restoration for all the broken and hurting.

With a heart overflowing in gratitude… I would love to sing this old song in unison with every reader…

Praise God from Whom all blessing flows…

Praise Him all creatures here below

Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


Back to the original question… what are you thankful for today? 

I really do want to know what makes your list.  Be sure to leave your ‘list’ in the comment section, below.

Before you go… I want you to know that I am thankful for YOU.

It’s such a joy to have this space to share my thoughts, my projects, and my photos… but even more… it’s a joy that I get to share these things with YOU.  You encourage me, you pray for me, you celebrate with me, you hurt with me, and together… we share in community.  And for this… I am so very Thankful!!

I hope you have a wonderful day, overflowing with joy and blessing, and know that God LOVES you with an everlasting love.

Final thoughts…

Yesterday I shared a fun Advent project where I used some pretty vintage teacups.  Before I created that, the teacups were busy being a pumpkin which I had used as a centerpiece on my table.  The pumpkin stem was leftover from a ‘real’ pumpkin I had last year and held in place with some sticky tack.  And the best part, it’s so easy to store from season to season. [wink]

I hope you are as smitten as I am with how fun it is to create a pumpkin with teacups.

There’s still time to make one!  Just hit the cupboard or china cabinet…

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wishing you... An Extraordinary Day!

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  1. Debbi Saunders says

    I am having a beautiful day. I watched the 90th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade which has always been one of our traditions, and I have the Turkey in the oven and my son will join me for our Thanksgiving Dinner at 5!!! I have received Thanksgiving messages from so many people for which I am grateful!
    I am so Thankful for so many things, but here is a few…..
    I am Thankful for my Life…for the Love of Family and Friends, a job that I love, for my home, for our Freedoms in this great Country, and most of all a closer relationship with the Lord, who comforts, guides, provides,Loves and protects me!
    And I am Thankful for you Diane!

    • You are truly a blessed woman, Debbi! And I am so thankful for you and your special friendship too! God is sooooooo good!
      My annual tradition is to watch the National Dog Show. Who knows why I love it so much… I’ve never ever owned a dog and don’t think I probably ever will. LOL
      Happy Thanksgiving!!

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