Do you talk to yourself?


Sunset over Lake Michigan - Devotional on Speaking Truth to Yourself -


I will admit that sometimes I talk to myself.

Talking to yourself can be a good thing.

Some might think it’s a little quirky, but if they really knew what you were doing when you talked to yourself, they would want to follow your lead and pick it up too.


Maybe you’re thinking… children learning to tie their shoes with rhymes and little old ladies who are trying to not forget things… they talk to themselves… not me.

Hopefully, by the end of this post, you too will want to talk to yourself, regularly.

If you become a self-talker… you’ll be in good company.

The writers of the book of Psalms in the Bible talked to themselves…

Why am I so sad?
Why am I so upset?
I should put my hope in God
and keep praising him,
my Savior and my God.
Psalm 42:11

I know the Lord is always with me.
I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.
Psalm 16:8

My body and my mind may become weak,
but God is my strength.
He is mine forever.
Psalm 73:26

I can lie down and go to sleep,
and I will wake up again,
because the Lord gives me strength.
Psalm 3:5


Last week I invited you to start training your mind with me. How are you doing?  If you forgot about it or missed it… you can jump in and start training now by reviewing the tips I shared here.

Today we’re going to add to those first two tips…

No matter what is it that you are going through, let me encourage you to be like the psalmists and…

tell yourself the truth
  • Find meaningful scriptures in the Bible, write them down, and then say them out loud.
  • Let your ears hear you speak TRUTH.


Sunset - Encouragement to tell yourself the truth -


Why is this so important?

Our minds are capable of going off on any number of tangents.

We need to control our minds…

bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. 
2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Make a conscious effort to train your mind to “think on these things.”


Things may be going well right now in your life.  

It’s the perfect time to practice speaking truth to yourself, so that when your next encounter with trials and difficulties comes your way… you will be ready.

In fact, I think that this practice will help you not only be ready… but prepare you to take those challenges ahead, in stride.

I’m not suggesting that they won’t hurt.  They will.  But your spirit will be lighter.

You won’t feel as if all hope is gone.  Instead… you will be leaning in with expectation for the future… trusting God for His best.

Let me encourage you, this week, to start practicing your new way of thinking, and start talking to yourself.

People might think you’re a bit quirky.  But who cares?

You’ll be the upbeat, positive person, who talks to herself.

And you’ll be loved all the more because of it.

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What truth do your ears need to hear you say? 


JoyDay! - Sunset - Inspiration You Need to Hear -


It’s JoyDay!

I’m so glad you could join me for JoyDay! There isn’t anything better than each of us sharing the good things God has done in our lives this week.  Both in the happy and in the challenges.

Will you join with me in counting ‘seven’ from the past week?

I’ll start!

Thank you, God for…

  1. Your Word that is so alive that as I speak it over myself I’m speaking words of life into my spirit.  Wow! 
  2. enjoying “church” at the beach this morning with my wonderful small group.
  3. dear “old” friends we haven’t seen for a few years because they live in Europe.  
  4. white flowers from the farmers’ market.
  5. a L-O-N-G chat with my good friend.
  6. the healing you have for me.
  7. being my redeemer, rebuilder, and restorer.

Now it’s your turn!  

Please join me by tapping in your ‘seven’ in the ‘share your extraordinary thoughts’ section below. I dare you!

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave your sweet thoughts.

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  1. What a wonderful post, Diane! I really love the tips you shared. I didn’t realize it until sometime in the last few years but I used to do a lot of self-talk but the self-talk was negative. I have since become more aware, thanks be to God, and have changed the way I talk to myself, taking every thought captive and flipping it to what my God says about me. Thank you so much for sharing. xoxo

    • Thank you, Mary Beth! You are so wise to have flipped your self-talk. It’s almost like a battle… but it’s a good one with a sure victory ahead. Bless you, my friend!! xo

  2. Gwen says

    What an awesome post. It’s book worthy. I lead a quiet life that when I saw these verses I decided to say them PROCLAIM them aloud too. These are such good ones too.
    Joy week
    1. I’m better
    2. I can hear and see
    3. I’m safe and the Lord is my Shepherd
    4. A day to rest
    5. FaceTime and phones and messenger hot stay in touch
    6. Giggling babies and a little boy
    7. Time

    • Aww… thank you, Gwen!
      I’m so happy to hear that you’re better! And loving how FaceTime and Messenger help you stay in touch with your family in such special ways.
      May your week overflow with an abundance of JOY!! xoxo

  3. Minnie says

    Happy Joy Day!
    Yep, talk to myself all the time. I even argue with myself. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.
    Lord this week I thank you for,
    1. A new chance every day, hour, moment. At any time you allow us to start over.
    2. On line shopping. I know this sounds very silly to some folks but I cannot leave hubby for any real length of time and on line shopping makes it possible to keep my kitchen stocked. And easier to get big heavy things like huge bags of dog food. I could never get that home on my bike.
    3. Grand baby #5 is on the way and first ultrasound looks good.
    4. The enjoyment I get from reading.
    5. The bird that I saw this morning on my front porch in the morning glories vines. In the middle of kitchen work I saw him and smiled.
    6. For my grandma and my aunt. My fathers mother and sister were the most important woman in my life…world.
    I miss them both tremendously and think about them both every day.
    7. The memories of camping as a kid. Oh my the fun we had. Daddy always made sure of that.
    Blessings to you

    • I love your honesty, Minnie! It’s always so refreshing to me to read your replies and your “seven.” I have to say, online shopping is fantastic and I’m so glad it helps you out. Congratulations on #5!!!! Praying he/she makes a beautiful and easy arrival. Your daddy sounds like an amazing man. LOVE your memories.
      May your days overflow with JOY and hope! <3

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