It's hard to believe.  Memorial Day celebrations begin in just a few days.   It's the official weekend to kick off everything summer. One thing is for sure, many families and friends will be gathering to enjoy delicious food.   With that in mind, today I wanted to share with you a few... Patriotic Tablescape Ideas     It's easy for me to set a patriotic table because I have dinnerware in red, ivory, and blue. Red and white is great for Christmas and Valentine's Day. Blue and white is terrific for the snowy days of January and Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. And then, I … [Read more...]

  It's been really windy around here lately. I even have to wear a cute ball cap so that I don't end up eating my hair while I take my daily constitutional. Doesn't that sound so important....daily constitutional? The wind was so strong that it kept blowing my cap off my head.  My ponytail fed through the expansion hole in the back didn't even help to keep it on. My dad used to say, "The wind doesn't blow for nothing." It's a funny remark.  But...whenever the wind kicks up, I'm reminded of his phrase.     The wind didn't cease through the night. The next morning I woke … [Read more...]

Thanks for coming by today to help me celebrate this momentous occasion! I hope you were blessed yesterday by our special guest, Melissa from The Inspired Room.  What a treat! We've been talking about extraordinary friendship and friends the past few days...  One of my favorite things to do is to gather my friends, set a pretty table, and enjoy light refreshments and good conversation.  So if you will indulge me today, I've set the small sideboard in the sun room for an intimate gathering of four.  The perfect size for chatting.  Friendship & Tea.     I've brought out the cocoa set … [Read more...]

  I did it again! Seriously I am having too much fun playing in my sun room.   Since we painted the trim white, I have so enjoyed dressing the sun room for the seasons!  And now that it's warming up I'll enjoy spending lots of time out there too. Here's my latest iteration... A Sunny Yellow Table Setting for Two     Do you recognize the cheerful vintage yellow crocus pot? It's a 1940's piece of pottery that looks amazingly contemporary.  Gotta love that!  For Easter I had blue and white eggs in each of the surrounding planting holes with the same daffodils in the middle.  This time … [Read more...]

I love the word metamorphosis. You too? This weekend, I had a sun room metamorphosis of sorts, as I notched up my spring decor. You'll remember I talked about it last week here.  And before that, I decorated it with red and snowflakes for winter here, and for Valentine's Day here, and for Christmas here.     The biggest change is the addition of flowering branches. Do you see them? They were so. very. difficult to photograph.  Seriously impossible. In my quest for decent pictures I took photos on multiple days.     You'll notice that some of the … [Read more...]

  How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?     When I lived in the Buffalo area I could have attended a parade and enjoyed lots of Irish food, music, dance, and drink.   Here in my new neighborhood, I haven't even noticed any shiny shamrocks popping up on front doors.  Not yet, anyway.     Is there any Irish in your blood? Do you wear green, decorate your home, or enjoy some Irish festivities? Do you celebrate with any special foods or beverages?     There's no Irish in my blood, but I thought it would be fun to bring out this vintage cocoa set … [Read more...]

  Yesterday I left you hanging... just like the little guy dangling from a thread on my dinner napkins! If you missed might want to read it first.     Here's how my tablescaping plan unfolded... In 2006, Longaberger came out with some fun Wrought Iron Spider Legs that held a small or a large Autumn Treats Basket.  I have both baskets and with the Spider Legs, they have been a fun decorating option for me the past several falls.  Whenever I went to my Longaberger (affiliate link) storage area those Spider Legs called out to me.  Maybe that was in the back of my mind … [Read more...]

Day 3     Last Friday night we were invited to the home of some new friends for dinner.  We had the best time. When was the last time you asked someone over for dinner?     All this month we're exploring how to live an extraordinary life. When we live life to the full we do things outside our comfort zone.  We do crazy things like carve time out of our busy schedules to spend with friends.  We clean the house, decide on a menu, figure out what to do with the pets, or even the kids...just so we can invite new or old friends to dinner. When was the last time you … [Read more...]