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Late in the afternoon we went for a walk.  From one end of town to the other.  We live at the end.  Just as we rounded the corner to our house I happened to look back and see the sky coloring.  We proceeded a bit further, hoping to get a good look at the setting sun.  And maybe a few pictures.  Without telephone poles and wires marring the magical moment.


Sunset - Peace is seeing a sunset - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Isn’t it lovely?

I don’t know about you, but for me, watching the setting sun and seeing the colors dance, refract, and saturate sort of melts all the troubles of my day.  It rights the wrong.  And punctuates the day with an exclamation point.

I’m left with a sense of peace.  And gratitude.

How about you?



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  1. Wow, marvelous!

    Hopping by from Mandarin Orange Monday.

    My Mandarin entry.
    Have a great week ahead.

  2. and enjoying the moment

  3. Glenda Kremer says:

    beautiful picture–we took many sunset pics at Hilton Head!

  4. we both went for sunsets Dinae – a wonderful warm settling to the end of the day.

  5. What an awesome sunset! I have a sunrise on mine. It’s not as vivid, but pretty.

  6. wonderful pic! 🙂

  7. Beautiful and yes, peaceful. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Yes, Diane, it does the same for me!

  9. It is amazing what art we can see in the sky! Beautiful capture! Thank you for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  10. Beautiful pic! Happy MOM.

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