Do you cringe at the idea of inviting people to your home?

My friend Melissa Michaels, of The Inspired Room, has just published a new book that will help you overcome your hospitality fears and inspire you to send your first invitation for a simple gathering.

Simple Gatherings, 50 Ways to Inspire Connections offers a refreshing perspective on opening our hearts and homes to guests.

I truly believe that it’s what’s in our hearts and minds that make our attempts at hospitality successful. Melissa uses this Bible verse as the basis for her efforts… “Serve one another in love.” Galatians 5:13. This is the mindset that perfectly sets us up with the right perspective.  I always say hospitality isn’t about me… it’s about my guests and Melissa wonderfully shows us through the book how to keep our guests first and foremost in our planning.


Squash those Hospitality Fears with Refreshing Ideas for entertaining by Melissa Michaels in her new book, Simple Gatherings

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So often we want to invite our friends over, but we somehow think we need a reason.  Simple Gatherings has a great list of reasons.  I’m sure you’ll find two or three or twenty-three.

I love the reminder to create an atmosphere for my gathering that will impact a person’s heart or mood.  The best compliment I have ever received was a guest telling me, “I LOVE to come to your house.  It feels SO peaceful!”

We can get so caught up in cooking and decorating that we may forget about the atmosphere we are creating.  I want my guests to have their hearts filled up as well as their tummies from being in my home.  How about you?  What feeling would you want your guests to leave with?

Most of the time when we’re thinking of having people over, we look for ideas to make our homes and tables look inviting.  This book is filled with ideas… all keeping within your personal style.  You are encouraged to be YOU… not duplicate an image from Pinterest.

Though the book is filled with wonderful ideas, you don’t need to use them all.  Use a few that will speak to your guests’ hearts.


Simple Gathering is filled with ideas to help you squash those hospitality fears


After being inspired to invite friends over, you may be wondering, “What will I serve?” How do I pull this off?  Melissa shows so many simple and totally do-able ideas from BBQ’s to brunches. Just keep in mind, you don’t need to do them ALL!  Choose to do what your guests will appreciate and what you are comfortable doing.  These are meant to reduce your stress… not give you a panic attack.

I love the spirit of the book and I know it will inspire you to freshen your home and invite a few friends for a simple gathering.

In the past, Tim and I have opened our home often, for all kinds of gatherings, large and small.  I haven’t done much in this little apartment, but Melissa’s book is nudging me to do more.

One thing that is always important to me is creating pretty tablescapes and little touches that will help my family and guests feel loved and valued.  I want them to feel special.  I will be back another day with the cutest napkin rings you can easily make that are perfect for a fall table.  You don’t want to miss that.


Let go of those Hospitality Fear Forever - Simple Gatherings will change your negative mindset


Until then, click on the link below to pre-order your book.

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Simple Gatherings and other Homemaking Books by Melissa Michaels of The-Inspired Room Blog


I hope you’ve been inspired today and will get a copy of Simple Gatherings to keep at hand and inspire you to “Serve others in love” by opening your home and table.

You’ll find more hospitality ideas and tablescapes here.

Thanks so much for popping by today!

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  1. Minnie says

    Good Monday my friend,
    I am quite sure that your peaceful home comes from the peace in you, and all that enter are beneficiaries. Every time I come to this blog to visit I can feel it and I’m sure your home is cozily wrapped in peace, happiness and love.
    Blessings to you!

    • Minnie… I don’t think you could ever say a nicer thing. You just blessed me more than you will ever know. Thank you!!! Sending virtual hugs your way!!!!!

  2. Debbi Saunders says

    Minnie said it so perfectly and that is exactly the way I feel also!!!! You have given me so much inspiration about living and decorating on a small budget in a small home…. God Bless you and your charming Home….

    • My dear sweet friend, I only wish that you were able to step in my home and enjoy and meal with me and sit and chat for hours. It would be the best! Thank you, Debbi, for your warm and loving words!! God bless you, too! xo

  3. Diane, I posted a comment earlier and I think I might have accidentally closed the window before it posted! Ha, newbie blogger here ;-). So just in case I deleted it, I’ll post again. I am so grateful for you, friend. You reflect what true hospitality is all about. You connected so beautifully to the heart of this book, thank you for sharing here. I’m honored!!

    • As my husband would say to me, “You’re so human!” 🙂 It’s my privilege to have been able to share your book with my readers, Melissa. I hope that many will also discover the true joy of opening their hearts and homes through the ministry of hospitality because of your wonderful book.

  4. Gwen says

    I just ordered this for Kindle. It’s loading now!! We haven’t had company for so long I don’t know how it would even go. I know I can make an easy meal. I know that my house looks fine for Saturday night. It’s just a matter of doing it. This book–will it encourage me too?!! I hope so. I’ve become entirely too isolated. It is not healthy.
    I do not live in a big home. I never have. But I’ve had many people here for dinners. When I lived in a small apartment I often had sieven of us for dinner. We are on card tables that were very very small. I do know I was too young to realize I should be shy.
    I am encouraging you to get flowers and make two bouquets–one to keep and one to send home!!! I know you’ll have fun!!

    • I LOVE the idea of two bouquets… one to keep and one to share. You have such a kind and loving heart, Gwen. And your creativity is amazing!!
      Oh, I hope you are inspired and encouraged by the book. 🙂
      Have a blessed and peaceful day!

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