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New Eyes :: Marcel Proust Quote ::


I’m in the midst of several projects and posts and nothing is finished.

A deadline is looming ahead.

We’re traveling this weekend and I will be “offline” so that means I need to accomplish much.

If you pray, I would appreciate your prayers.

Prayers to accomplish much….all that I need to…nothing more.

Prayers for sleep.  And wisdom.  And traveling mercies.  And discernment.  And dry roads.

Prayers for like-mindedness between Tim and me.

And grace.   Grace to give and grace to receive.


And so you’re wondering what the image above has to do with anything.

I’m not sure.

This morning I wanted to share something with you…but my head was spinning.

So I asked the Lord to show me a quote that I could use with a photo I snapped the other night of the sunset.

I glanced to my side and noticed a calendar my friend gave me.  I opened it to discover that it had quotations at the bottom of each page.  I saw this quotation and knew it was perfect.


Most of us go through the day trying to make things,or even people, better.  We fix things, organize our spaces, even change things around.  We may not admit it, but often times we have an underlying dissatisfaction for the place we are.  Maybe that place came to mind as you read these words.

I know that I am in a spot right now where I expect to see things in a particular way.  It may or may not be God’s way.  I want it to be his way, I pray for it to be, but I have a sneaking suspicion that really…it’s my way I want.  Can you relate?

 The real voyage of discovery 
consists not in seeking new landscapes 
but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust

Instead of looking for change or even making changes….have you ever thought to ask for new eyes?

Maybe our prayer should be to see things with God’s eyes, not our own.

To see things in new and fresh ways.

To have eyes to see things we have never noticed, or with the filter we carry around even had a remote possibility of seeing.

Wonder what the day will bring with these new eyes?

Thank you for stopping by today.
I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.

Extraordinary discovery awaits you and me!


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  1. Gail says

    Yes, I have been where I wonder whose eyes I was looking through.
    A sheep knows his shepherd’s voice. Maybe it is time for us to use the Shepherd’s eyes.

    • Diane says

      We would see more clearly, wouldn’t we?
      Thanks for sharing, Gail.

  2. Phyllis says

    Prayers — you got ’em. 🙂

  3. Mel says

    Oh, I don’t have to wonder what those “new eyes” will bring me….new adventures filled with great joys. But that’s how it works for me. Most times if there’s discontentedness in me…it’s IN ME. That doesn’t stop me from looking around me wanting it to be this/that/them. I’m rather “human” sometimes. Invariably, it comes back to me and how I’m looking at things, how I’m living the principles, how I’m connected/disconnected in my relationship with my Maker. Those are times when I simply need to go back to some basics. Rather human of us, methinks. I cease doing some things and begin doing some others…and gosh golly…..yup, ‘stuff’ is different. Does the ‘stuff’ get different, or is it Mel that gets different? (We all know the answer to that one, huh.)
    I’ll pray, you row the boat. And you’ll have a whole chorus of us making joyful noises.
    (((( hugs ))))

    • Diane says

      “new adventures filled with great joys.” I like that Mel. I think I need to hang on to that in my very “human” moment.

  4. Gwen says

    I’m praying for you. Good post for me.

  5. Jean says

    I love the quote and your post. Prayers for all the best for you!

  6. I pray that whatever this weekend brings, God will be in it, and He will give you your answer beyond a shadow of a doubt. Blessings dear Diane. Safe travels.

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