Thanks for joining me for another Joy Day!

  • A day where we count blessings.
  • A day where we celebrate God’s overwhelming goodness.
  • A day when we take a look around us, with His eyes, and really see.


Pretty Pink Zinnia - Joy Day! - AnExtraordinaryDay - Psalm 126:3


My birthday was a few days ago.   It was a great day.  And, because it was also Tim’s regular day off, we enjoyed the whole day together.

Our day concluded with walking “downtown” to the wonderful little Connections Cafe for Sharon’s yummy grilled-to-order pizza.  I choose mine topped with grilled veggies, Tim choose his topped with mushrooms & spinach.  This is the most flavorful pizza ever.  Ever!

It was fun sitting outside on the porch.  We chatted with Sharon as she grilled the pizzas and met another couple who had spent time in the town from which we recently moved.  One of the blessings of living in a small town.

After eating my WHOLE pizza (the size of a small dinner plate) we went for a stroll and stopped in a shop that was still open.  It was fun looking at so many handmade items.  I spied some earrings I liked and said to Tim, “I bet I could make those with beads from Andrew’s shop.”  He suggested that we walk across the street to see if that was possible.  After a brief chat with Andrew, I was selecting beads for my new earrings.  It was time for him to close the shop, so he put aside my selections and made arrangements for me to return to make the earrings.

The next day, I returned to Allegory Gallery.   Andrew got out the necessary tools and wires for creating the earrings and we began.  I was all thumbs at first, but, he encouraged me, and before you know it, I had made my first pair of earrings.  They look pretty nice if I say so myself.   With a wee bit of confidence, I decide that I would make another set, choosing from his treasure chest of beads.  It took a while to find beads I liked that matched, but in the end, along with other speciality beads also available, I created two more pairs of earrings.   Watch out….I just might have a new career around the corner – jewelry maker.

When I was done, I went to the counter to pay and I said, “I guess it’s time for you to figure out the total cost of these now.”  He immediately responded, “Oh, I already know.”  Surprised I said, “You do?”  He then said, “Yes!  Happy Birthday!”   I said, “You can’t do that.”  To which he replied, “You aren’t going to deny my gift are you?”  Immediately I felt badly and replied, “Of course not!  Thank you sooo much!!”

What a wonderfully kind and unexpected gift.  Aren’t the totally unexpected gifts the best?

Those earrings will be a special memory to me of a double lesson.

  • First, the lesson of the art of jewelry making.
  • Second, the lesson of receiving a gift.


Pink Zinnias | The Lord has done spectacular things for us. Psalm 126:3 |


I wonder how many gifts God places in our lives every day that we do not see, recognize, or even acknowledge?


We are often so busy trying to accomplish things.  Checking off tasks on our unending to-do lists.  Do we SEE the gifts we are given in some manner or form all day long?

The Lord has done spectacular things for us.  We are overjoyed.  

 Psalm 126:3

Isn’t this a wonderful verse?  I love that it doesn’t say, the Lord has done a few NICE things for us.  No!  Spectacular things!!  This just makes my heart sing.  It actually encourages me to want to look for these spectacular things.  Extraordinary things.

What ONE spectacular thing has God done for you?

Will you join me in looking for them and then counting these very special gifts, just like my earrings, placed in our lives, by a God who loves each of us dearly?

I’ll start….here are just seven from my week:

  1. Mark Batterson and his book, “The Circle Maker”
  2. Open windows and cool breezes
  3. For a loving God who loves to give good gifts to His children
  4. Gorgeous cloud formations and the perfect vantage point from which to view them
  5. Cake & ice cream for a birthday breakfast
  6. An unexpected gift of handmade earrings
  7. Photographing the flowers (shown here) in the children’s garden at the Country Market

Now, it’s your turn!

Leave a counting of your week’s gifts in the comment section below.  Please?

Do you remember the last part of  Psalm 126:3?  

Maybe scroll back up to see….

Zinnias - Joy Day -

We are overjoyed.

Not happy.  Not pleased.  Not even joyful.


The amount of joy we have should actually match the gift.

And His gifts are spectacular!!!

Will you join me in looking around with His eyes and really seeing?

Count with me His spectacular gifts!

Be sure to share yours in the comment section below!  I will read them!

Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!


P.S. Take the Joy Dare at: A Holy Experience  Or find ONE THING to be thankful for each day and write it down.  Then, come back next week and share your joys here.

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  1. Hello! I haven’t stopped by for awhile because I have been having internet/computers issues for the past month or so. So glad I visited this morning!
    Happy Birthday, friend! I love the pictures and sentiment this morning. I also have Circlemakers on my nightstand! Some friends and I are starting it next week. Glad to hear your recommendation!

  2. Diane says

    Hi Susan!
    Thanks for the BD wishes!!!!! And for the kind words, too!
    I feel your computer pain. 🙁 In just a few months my 8-year-old laptop crashed and then my husband gave me his 3-year-old laptop and that just went down in a blaze. 🙁 I’m fortunate that he lets me use his ‘work’ laptop…but I’m staying up way too late at night doing so…heehee.
    Glad to “see” you again. Guess we should both be drawing some big circles in regards to our computers.
    Hope your new week is Extraordinary!!!

  3. Very nice blog, I wanted to thank you for visting.

    • Diane says

      Thanks Andrea!
      May you be blessed with An Extraordinary Day!

  4. God has done spectacular things for me! Yes and AMEN! Thanks for linking up with Fresh Brewed Sundays.

    • Diane says

      He is soooo good!
      Thanks for popping by Barbie!
      May your day be Extraordinary!

  5. Popped in from SITS! I love your fabulous attitude! It’s so happy here!

    • Diane says

      Thanks for your kind sweet words!! And thanks for floating over from your pond!
      Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!!

  6. Nancy says

    Love your blog format — way cute! And a belated happy birthday to you, Diane. Thanks so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.

    • Diane says

      I LOVE Sunday Best!!
      Thank you for your birthday wishes. Aren’t birthdays just soo much fun?
      Thanks for coming by Nancy. Hope your week is truly Extraordinary!!!

  7. What a wonderful story and wonderful gift. I love love love your photos. I made a few pairs of earrings back in the 90s. It was fun. Maybe I should try it again.

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