Today I’m delighted to introduce you to an extraordinary woman and the creator and publisher of  Celebrating Everyday Life magazine…Jennifer Carroll!

Jennifer is an inspiration!

She’s a woman with a dream who works and prays hard to make it a reality.

A person of character who takes life’s setbacks and uses them to push her onward and upward.

And a friend who takes time to encourage.


A little more than a year ago I made Jennifer’s acquaintance through a Facebook post.  She had just produced her first digital magazine.  The photography, the images, the creativity, and the spirit of the magazine totally captivated me.

And Jennifer, being the lovely soul she is, replied to my compliments and a friendship was born.


Celebratig Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll  :: JulyAug13 Magazine Cover


When the 2013 July/August issue came out, I asked Jennifer if I could feature the magazine and her, here at An Extraordinary Day.   She responded in her usual warm and kind manner.  You’ll notice that even through these photos, her gracious southern hospitality is evident.

I thought it would be fun for you to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into this creative magazine publisher.

So, without further ado let’s begin this interview!


Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll 2013 July/August Issue :: Barn Dance feature


Jennifer, what inspired you to start your own magazine? 

I first began creating “inspirational” photo shoots with some friends of mine when I was planning events full-time. I enjoyed doing this because unlike the events I would plan where we had to work with the client’s taste and budget, I had full control of the aesthetic.

Fairly soon after beginning these, I had the opportunity to work with Victoria magazine and create a series of photo shoots for them. That was it, I was hooked! Despite the fact that these photo shoots take weeks to plan, hours to stage and photograph and completely exhaust me, I wanted to do more!  But, I don’t live near any major magazines and realized if I really wanted this dream to happen, I would have to get creative and do it myself. So, I began practicing, creating free digital editions and doing tons and tons of research talking to anyone who would talk to me about the industry. There were a few starts and stops but finally I got a great team of contributors together and took a giant leap of faith and “officially” launched!


Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll July/August Magazine 2013 Issue ::  Feature Anchors Aweigh


What part of publishing a magazine makes your heart sing?

Definitely crafting and creating the photo shoots. I love the process of planning – dreaming up the ideas, researching the products needed to do them and then seeing the plan come to life! Secondly, I love seeing the stories come together in the page layouts. 


Hand Painted Chinoiserie feature :: Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll magazine July/August 2013 Issue


What are you most hopeful this issue will do for your readers?

My dream is to create a magazine that is very special to the reader, a keepsake. A magazine that inspires you by sharing beauty but also makes it approachable – I want readers to feel like “I could do that” when they are seeing the photos — maybe they won’t recreate the entire scene but something in each article will “speak” to them. I want the magazine to feel like a dear friend coming to visit, that they will want to sit and savor each issue. I also dream of building a community amongst readers with events where we can gather and learn, create, encourage and inspire each other. There are already a few plans in the works for some of this to begin perhaps as early as next Spring! Stay tuned!


Pride Prejudice Feature :: Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll :: 2013 July/August Issue


The title of this magazine is Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll.  Tell us something about you, Jennifer, that we wouldn’t read on your ‘about’ page?

Well, I try to be pretty transparent on the blog so I’m not sure there is a lot that’s not covered there 🙂 But, some folks may be surprised to know that I love to sing and was actually a praise & worship leader at one time!


Easy Homemade Pies featured at Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll July/August 2013 Issue

Jennifer, what is your favorite summertime food and activity?

I love all the fresh fruits and veggies that are available this time of year. I really love to cook and will sometimes go a bit overboard at the store or fruit stand because I get so excited by all the bounty of the season! Savoring a delicious and relaxing meal is one of my favorite activities no matter what the season!


Blue & White Luncheon :: Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll Magazine :: July/August 2013 Issue


Congratulations, Jennifer, on putting together another extraordinary issue of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll!    I have just one last question.  What is your favorite article or feature in this July/August issue?

Oh goodness… I don’t know if I could pick a favorite! They all are favorites in different ways and for different reasons. Plus, I love the variety…


Are you in awe of the beautiful photographs and creativity in the layouts above?  

In addition to putting the magazine together,  which I think in and of itself is a tremendous undertaking, Jennifer designs, styles, and photographs many of the features such as the Pride and Prejudice and Anchors Away luncheons pictured above.  I was totally captivated by the Barn Dance feature, too.  What a delightful idea for a girls’ (of any age) party.  You absolutely must purchase your own issue of the magazine for the inspiration and beauty and recipes.

A few of my favorite bloggers also have features in this issue, such as the lovely Lucy who painted the picture of the blue and white plates which is behind the beautiful oriental porcelain ware.   Plus you’ll see KariAnne and Laura and Kelly between the pages as well.

You will truly be delighted with 138 pages of delicious eye candy, and fabulous inspiration.  As a magazine lover (Yes, I can while away an afternoon or evening at bookstore, just pouring over magazines.), I believe Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll is truly extraordinary.    And now you know the extraordinary woman behind the pages of this delightful magazine, too!

Please pop over and purchase your copy today!  And if you would…let me you do.

I’d love to hear what extraordinary thing is inspiring you….

Wishing you….An Extraordinary Day!


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  1. germaine says

    nice photos, I love all things girly. the blue dishes reminded me of when I was little, my grandmother’s dishes were blue willow. I know my Mom had one of the platters, but I don’t know where it went. thanks for the memories.

    • Diane says

      I agree, Germaine, there’s something about blue and white dishes that just make me happy, too! 🙂
      I’m delighted that you enjoyed the photos!
      Wishing YOU An Extraordinary Day!

  2. Oh Diane!! Thank you so much for such a lovely feature of my magazine!! You are truly so sweet and kind! What a friend!!! Hugs, hugs, and more HUGS!!! ~Jennifer

    • Diane says

      Yay!! I am delighted that you are pleased, Jennifer!
      And every single accolade is well deserved and well earned.
      I am already looking forward to the next issue. 🙂
      It was a joy blessing you.

      • Angel in Alabama says

        How beautfiful. As a Christian women seeking God filled words and photos…how great to find them. Thank you. I ordered the magazine and I’ll let you know what I think. Bless you all.

        • Diane says

          Awwww….you are so kind and sweet!!
          May your day be blessed and filled with joy!

  3. Mel says

    Wow…nice EVERYthing. What a determined, motivated, dreamchaser! Good for her. And it’s a passion, which makes it abundantly joyful. Seriously, how awesome to see the dream come to life. And what great fun (and work, no doubt). Just anothrt fine example of doors opening when we persevere and trust. I’m gonna have to check out the magazines’ website and dreaman idea or two. 😉

    • Diane says

      I absolutely agree!! Unfortunately not all her doors opened….but I trust God will make a better way than the doors that closed. Thanks for checking things out Mel!
      p.s. “It” sold. I know….

  4. Nice interview and great magazine. I love the photos that are displaying in there!

    • Diane says

      Thank you Eleni!
      The photos are spectacular! I’m so glad you enjoyed it too!
      Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!

  5. Renee says

    I ordered the magazine and can’t to have time to read it!!!

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