Today strangers walked through our house.  If you have ever left your house for the real estate agent and her entourage to tromp through, you know how weird that feels.


A Place of Safety :: #Birdhouses #Joy Day :: A place of safety -


Before we left the house we had to secure our cats in their ‘houses.’  We have a large pet carrier that holds two cats easily and a second single carrier.  Typically the carriers sit on shelves in our basement.  It seemed like a place of safety for the cats during the showing; out of the way.  So, before we left the house, we placed our furry friends in their ‘houses.’  I’m not sure why, but our cats like their carriers.  If we were to leave the carriers somewhere in the house, with the doors open, they would go there to take naps.  As you can guess, when it was time, they gladly hopped into their carriers/houses.   When we returned, after cruising the small weekend craft show in the center of town, we opened the carrier doors and expected the cats to be in a hurry to come out.  Instead, we almost had to pull them out.  Except Taylor.  He refused to leave his tiny house.  When I went back to check on him several times, through the afternoon, he was a content as could be.  As they say, as snug as a bug in a rug.  Eventually he exited his high perch. Popping into the nearby room as if he were Cosmo Kramer (from Seinfeld) to say, “Hello!!”  I guess he’s pretty secure.


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There are different kinds of security with which we concern ourselves….physical, emotional, spiritual.  Is there one that causes you more concern than another?

The pet carriers seem to be a place of security for my cats.  What is your place of safety?


I want to be like my cat Taylor who prefers to rest in his place of security over anything else.

So many times, it’s easy to ‘figure out’ things on my own.

To temporarily create a safe place.

But, why would I do that when I can go to the God of the universe?

Why indeed.


1 Those who go to God Most High for safety
will be protected by the Almighty.
2 I will say to the Lord, “You are my place of safety and protection.
You are my God and I trust you.”

14 The Lord says, “Whoever loves me, I will save.
I will protect those who know me.
15 They will call to me, and I will answer them.
I will be with them in trouble;
I will rescue them and honor them.
16 I will give them a long, full life,
and they will see how I can save.”

Psalm 91:1-2,  14-16 NCV


It’s interesting that God doesn’t require me to jump through a bunch of hoops when I finally decide that I want my security and protection to come from HIM.  His only requirement is that I love him.

Have you ever noticed how it’s easier to trust someone whom you love?

Hmmm.  The more I choose to love God, the more I can trust him.

And the easier it is for me to say, “You are my place of safety and protection.  You are my God and I trust you.”

What is God’s response to my love and trust?
I will save you, protect you , answer you, be with you, rescue you, honor you, and give you a long, full life. (See Psalm 91:14-16)


#Psalm91 :: God is my place of safety ::


Just as my cat is contented to snooze in his ‘house,’ I can be secure and content in God.

And the more that I spend time with God, the more I love him, and the more I love him, the more I can trust him, and the more secure I feel.

And like Taylor….I don’t want to leave HIS place of safety.


Do you love God?  Do you trust him?

He wants to be your place of safety and protection.

He really does.



#JOY :: A Place of Safety ::Joy Day! ::


Today is Joy Day!


The day when we take a few minutes to look back over our week and count ‘seven.’

Seven things we are grateful for….the things that are easy to say thanks for, and those that just aren’t.

Will you join me in the counting?  I can guarantee you that when you take the time to count your blessings, your attitude will change and the hand on your ‘joy meter’ will fly soar.

I’ll start!

I’m thankful for…

  1. God’s protection of Tim while he is high up on the ladder.
  2. God’s incredible place of safety!
  3. a solution to our dead phones, finally.
  4. receiving an answer about the job, even if it wasn’t what we wanted to hear.
  5. a cool spot to sleep in the basement.
  6. a laundry room and the opportunity to make it a lovely spot.
  7. a drop in the temperature to 74 degrees and a wonderful evening walk!


It’s your turn!  

It’s a great exercise to think back over your week and hit the reset button.  You’ll be glad you did.   Just scroll down to ‘Share Your Thoughts’ below and tap in your seven.


Thank you for stopping by today.  I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.
May God be your place of safety this week….and beyond!  And may you be filled with JOY!



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  1. Beautiful scripture and thoughts!

    • Diane says

      Thank you Bernideen. 🙂 You are so kind….[hugs]

  2. susan@avintagefarmwife says

    Diane-Good luck with the sale of your home. I’m sure this is not an easy time, but trusting in the God who loves you the most if the way to get through it, for sure. Thank you for the thoughtful reminder and the beautiful photos. Hugs!

    • Diane says

      Thank you for stopping by today. It’s good to ‘see’ you! 🙂
      Ha…the sale of the house. Since we are renting it and don’t know our next steps yet, we have very mixed feelings. Grateful God does, though.
      Drove past an amazing field of corn this week and thought about you. Hope your week is extraordinary.

  3. Dona says

    What a lovely yard! As I continue to pray for you, I’m asking you if you will pray for my brother. He has cancer, has one more week of treatment, but ended up in the hospital with an erratic pulse and is in ICU. Prayers would be much appreciated. No matter what happens, to ANY of us, I know God is in control and all will work out for His will is perfect! Thanks, Diane, for all you do.

    • Mel says

      Oh Dona–hard times for all of you. *sending prayers* I hope for a change in the circumstances soon.

      • Diane says

        Praising God for the community of care.
        Thank you Mel….

    • Diane says

      That lovely yard is the Berkshire Botanical Garden in MA. We vacationed in the area there several years ago and enjoyed the beauties including all the birdhouses.
      Dona, I am so sorry to learn of your brother’s condition. Yes…I will pray right now that God will heal your brother and restore him fully and that you will be able to trust Him and lean on Him fully. Big hugs to you my friend! {{{}}}
      Please keep me updated.

    • Diane says

      Any update on your brother?

  4. Mel says

    I dare say I read yesterday’s post and then today’s. So I think I’m a bit humbled. (and that’s not a bad thing)
    *sigh* I’m so convinced I know what’s ‘best’ sometimes.
    And I can hear the question…LOL…”conceited or convinced?”. Yes, conceited–were it convinced I’d rest in knowing G-d’s got it covered, eh? Obviously I don’t do it perfectly and that ‘trust Him’ can waiver. I don’t trust anyone implicitly–especially myself! To have that ‘implicit trust’ must be amazing. Oh, I have my moments when I genuinely do ‘rest’ in that trust. I love G-d hugely. But I’m the human bit in that equation and I’m a ‘slippery one’.
    Yes, I know…back to some basics and some recognition of the HUGE blessings and how much I’ve been ‘chased’ in this relationship.

    Let me count:
    * I’m on the planet–that’s a huge source of joy. (oh the things I could have missed!)
    * When doors closed, others opened over and over again–that’s been a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
    * I have a wealth of people that care about me in spite the doings I’ve done in this lifetime.
    * I’m clean and sober–that’s a miracle AND a source of JOY that still tickles me pink!
    * I get to play–every day, day in day out. 🙂 Bubbles! I need to make bubbles today!
    * We had a 78 degree night and the crickets were singing.
    * I get to watch a 4 year old, who almost wasn’t, traipse off to the fair today.

    G-d has taken very, very good care of me.

    • Diane says

      I love your ‘authenticity’ Mel! Truly.
      Sometimes it takes an animal to teach us Truth. You know this writing is a wrestling for me. God shows me as we go….and never, does it seem, that we get much of a glimpse of what lies ahead. And that person who perfectly trusts….that can only last for a moment. Because it always seems that the road gets bumpier and HE asks us again to trust and we need to choose, one more time. That implicit trust comes from more of HIM and less of me….and boy oh boy…you know how easy it is to put ‘me’ right smack in the middle of the picture again. [hangs head]
      Thanks for counting ‘seven’ with me. I sense a deep joy oozing from your heart for God’s ability to redeem us of our choices. It really is amazing how he does, and as you say, chases after us. Doesn’t it help you to feel so very loved and valued? 😀
      May your day be filled with ‘Bug’ hugs and bubbles and more grace than you can imagine.

  5. Renee says

    Thinking of you during this stressful time-selling a home, job seeking and having the patience to wait for God’s answers is not always easy….. I am grateful for 1. The rain that we received this week. 2. Decluttering/simplifying is progressing, slowly but progressing.3. Farmers Market had a great turn out this week, and we picked up some volunteers for the community garden. 4. Beautiful and cooler weekend and so have gotten some outside chores completed 5. I got lots done this week at work, and felt good about all that I had completed, vs what isn’t done. 6. Timm my husband, and how hard he works and does for me 6. My daughter-in-love got her new glasses, and they look great, and possibly her headaches will now go away. 7. My son golfed this week and got a 76! Much to be thankful for!!!!!

    • Diane says

      Oh Renee…you are so kind. It would be wonderful to know God’s plan…even a little bit ahead. Yes? But, then, why would we need to dig down and trust? I guess…whatever it is…He really does know best. 🙂
      I love the ‘seven’ you shared! Isn’t it great to see how God works in the big and the small the significant and the not-so significant?
      May your new week overflow with God’s goodness and JOY!

  6. Gwen says

    Joy Day
    1 I am alive after CPR and four day hospital. Recovering at home
    2 my quiet few words neurologist elderly asked me to pray for him
    3. I saw a pretty orange butterfly
    4. New special drops may restore vision for Mom! I’m praying daily
    5. Family, husband…wonderful
    6. The chaplain there in hospital very very used by God
    7. I do not know my next step. God does

    • Diane says

      Sweet dear Gwen…
      I am so sorry for your ordeal. Will pray for you to have a God-graced recovery.
      He asked for you to pray for him? God does use you in amazing ways.
      May you lean hard on the ONE who is so trustworthy. And may he fill your heart with unspeakable JOY this week.

  7. Judi says

    Diane you are the second blogger I found listing what they have been thankful for in the previous week and I am positive it was God sending a message, a strong message, for I have been wallowing in too much self- pity and recalling just one week’s worth of blessings has made me more realize, I really having nothing to compain about ~ Thanks so much for all you share and your welcoming persona ~ Judi
    Just this week alone, I am thankful for ~
    1 ~ Courage to reveal myself somewhat through my blog
    2 ~ Beginning to focus on what I am thankful for in my life
    3 ~ My husband for all he does and for his love for me
    4 ~ Acquainting myself with intelligent, insightful women
    5 ~ That I find joy in nature
    6 ~ For criticism as it helps me grow
    7 ~ For my faith and hope

    Have a wonderful week 🙂 Judi

    I am always thankful for my faith and hope, I cannot imagine my life any other way.

    • Diane says

      Isn’t that just like God? Giving us gentle nudges to direct our paths. 🙂
      I had been reading Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts and had started the practice of thankfulness, so when I began the blog I wanted to start each week with JOY and giving thanks and encouraging others to join in too. It’s been a good thing.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Judi, you are so kind. And thank you for joining in and counting your ‘seven.’ You truly are blessed.
      May your week be extraordinarily joyfilled!!
      [hugs] Diane

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