When you hear the word wedding

                         what immediately comes to mind…

  • Prince charming and his fairy tale princess vowing to love each other, dancing the night away, and finally stepping into their coach on their way to living happily ever after?
  • Perhaps your mind goes to the expense and planning and expense and details and expense which consume the engaged couple for a year or two or more?

We know that many weddings don’t fit either of those categories.

But, we do know that every couple wants to have a wedding day that is memorable.

And maybe even a bit extraordinary.


Recently, I had the privilege of attending an extraordinary wedding.

One that did not take a year to plan, one that thoughtfully reflected the happy couple, and one that did not require a second mortgage on the house.  In fact, I think that was truly the most special wedding I have attended.  Outside of my own…..{big cheesy grin}.


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The blissful couple had a long distance courtship and engagement.

With a newly placed diamond on her finger, the betrothed stepped on to a jet plane destined for Africa.  There in Uganda, this capable young and adventurous librarian returned to her assignment.  Over 18 months, she set up a computerized library for a theological school from scratch, or rather from piles of books.  Though the bride-to-be often had dinner by oil lamp, she was able to join her intended in selecting a venue for their nuptials via the miracle of the internet.  Missionaries no longer are completely cut off from the world and their families.  And they post on Facebook.  As her mother and sisters visited the venue and began some preliminary arrangements stateside, the adventurous librarian would not be able to embark on the details until she reached U.S. soil again, just three months before the wedding day.   Such a thoughtfully planned day was possible in mere months.

A lovely Bed & Breakfast with a wonderful barn, nestled in the hills of southwestern New York, was the perfect place for the ceremony, reception, lawn games, a bonfire, and a finale marked with sparklers.  I don’t think a more lovely venue could have been chosen.


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With the help of the bride’s graphically inclined sister, library card-style invitations were sent, and a theme centering around travel, Africa, books, and the Dewey Decimal System was set forth.  The bride and groom met while studying for their master’s degrees in library science.  (A field that is much more interesting than I ever imagined.)  And now you understand the significance of books and words in their special day.  They both are experienced travelers as well.


AnExtraordinaryDay.net | Creating Extraordinary Wedding Memories | An Extraordinary Library Card Style Wedding Invitation


Instead of the usual white guest book

and fluffy feather pen sitting on a stand awaiting the guests’ signatures, the couple choose a truly fun and memorable way to enjoy and engage their guests.

The photos below tell the story.


AnExtraordinaryDay.net | Creating Extraordinary Wedding Memories | An Extraordinary Guestbook



AnExtraordinaryDay.net | Creating Extraordinary Wedding Memories | An Extraordinary Guestbook |  Dictionary



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There was no doubt.  Love was in the air!

My heart always goes pitter-patter when I see a happy bridal couple looking adoringly at one another.  The giant L-O-V-E letters were originally to be emblazoned on the barn above the door.  But, with the forecast for rain on that blissful day, a decision was made to move the letters into the barn, along with chairs for the ceremony.  I had the privilege to work with the bride-to-be in putting out the photographs of the happy couple.  For some reason I was inclined to bring an old dictionary with me from which we ripped pages.  And so on that sunny warm Friday afternoon, I strung jute, and the bride-to-be clipped photographs and book pages on the photographic clothes lines.  This was duplicated in several areas around the barn, sans L-O-V-E letters.


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I am into the details, and each and every detail was special,

including this sweet little table where guests could pick up a program for the festivities.  I love how the Longaberger Bread Basket had African fabric draped over the sides and the tiles from a Scrabble game help guests to know to pick up their wedding program.

As part of the book theme, the wedding celebration program was divided up in to chapters.  Chapter 1 – the ceremony, Chapter 2 – the reception, Chapter 3 – lawn games, and so on.

When the goal is creating sweet meaningful and tender memories, all the little details can, and do, come together in just a few short months.


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Friday, the weather of absolutely perfect.  But, when everyone awoke on Saturday morning, the skies were dark and the heavy rains seemed unceasing.  Thankfully, God honored this sweet, faithful couple by parting those clouds for blue skies and sunshine by the time the minister pronounced them husband and wife.   I wrote about it here.


AnExtraordinaryDay.net | Creating Extraordinary Wedding Memories | The Bride's Bouquet


Isn’t the bridal bouquet lovely?  A neighbor created all the bouquets and the arrangements on the tables for the reception.   As much as everyone works to make the wedding day perfect, well, humans just sometimes make mistakes which can’t be corrected.  On Thursday the flowers came, and coral colored roses were not delivered.  Deep pink came in their place.  But, would anyone know?  Of course not.  They are  simply stunning.


Are you anxious to know how the Dewey Decimal System was used for the reception?  It’s really creative.  I can’t wait to share.  But, I’m saving it for….

“Creating Extraordinary {Wedding} Memories ~ Part 2”

Coming to your inbox soon.  Another good reason to subscribe to An Extraordinary Day!!!


What memorable, personal, or special detail have you done for your own wedding?

Or, enjoyed at a wedding you attended?

What makes a wedding day special for the bride and groom and their guests?


Be Extraordinary!!



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  1. Oh my gosh! What a clever wedding! I love everything you have described-so personal. My cousin has been going to Uganda for days every summer to help set up libraries. Wouldn’t it be something if our “people” knew one another? It is a small world and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit!

    • Diane says

      Oh Susan….that would be something!! My friend was doing a solo set up….but, I think she may return for just a few weeks at a time in the future to assist other libraries.
      Hope all is well on the farm!!!

  2. Jean says

    I love their spin on the guestbook! What a great idea and of course, I feel almost like I was at the wedding myself after reading your post. We attended a wedding for my niece last Saturday and I loved the personalized cookie bags (it was an Italian wedding which meant long tables full of cookies).

    • Diane says

      It was so special Jean, I just had to share it. So glad you enjoyed it through words and photos! 😀 Long tables of cookies. Oh my!!! That would have been heaven for me!! How fun to be able to bring some home. Yum!!!!

  3. Katherine says

    So sweet! Love all these details and am tucking them away for some future special occasion – absolutely awesome, Diane!

    • Diane says

      Thanks for your kind words Katherine!!! You have an extraordinary eye for wonderful details. I just know you will do something fabulous!


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