This afternoon I realized I had a smile in my heart.

It’s been a good week.

A really good week.


A week of joy here at An Extraordinary Day!

I’ve enjoyed sharing special stories.  Readers have been blessed.  And that in turn blesses me.  An Extraordinary Day has gained new subscribers, and has almost tripled this week in views.  {Pinch me!}  And all of that has happened despite the fact that I’m still limping along with some computer issues.  But, even that is a blessing.  A friend loaned me his old laptop, though rather slow, it helps tremendously.  Plus, in the evening I get to use my husband’s laptop to process my photos and load to the blog.  And then there is my friend in NY who is working on our laptops.  He has been able to save all the photos and data from one.  It is looking really promising that all the pictures and files on the newer one will be retrieved as well.  He may even be able to restore it like new.  God is soooo good. | In everything give thanks - 1 Thess 5 verse 18


Then this week, I was the recipient of pumpkins.

My budget is really tight and I had decided that I would just decorate from my box of Fall and choose to be content.  I had thought it would be fun to fill my window box with pumpkins, but knew that couldn’t be more than a dream.  So…I didn’t waste my time dwelling on that thought.   Wouldn’t you know, God just wanted to bless me.  With, of all things, pumpkins!   I really believe He LOVES to give good gifts to His children.   I was, still am, soooo happy to be playing with my pumpkins.  Pumpkins put a smile on my face.


Has God unexpectedly blessed YOU with something that made your heart dance?


The day I picked up those pumpkins I got to hang out with my friend and put together all kinds of lovely fall goodness, using those pumpkins.  I shared some of that here, and there’s more to come!!


My Joy Meter is running pretty high.

Does that mean everything has been perfect all week?  No it hasn’t.  There were some rough spots along the way.

Monday I decided that I was going to take a major chunk of time to spend with God.  Kind of like putting a foundation under my week.  God revealed some special verses in His Word to me and I circled those verses in my Bible and with prayer.   My prayers are even getting a bit bolder.   And I’m seeing God at work all around me.


What is it on your heart?

What mountain do you need to be moved?

Our God is able to do amazingly more than we can ask or imagine.

Want JOY?  Give God praise and credit for all the little pumpkin-sized things. (And big ones too!)

And pray.

Big hairy crazy audacious prayers.


step back….

eyes open and ready…

and see and praise HIM for all He IS doing!


Do just that and I’m pretty certain you’re going to have an amazing week!! | In Everything Give Thanks | Joy Day!


It’s Joy Day!

On Joy Day we take time to give thanks.

Here are seven from my week:

  • A fun neighborhood block party
  • Sweet time in God’s word
  • Acting on that whisper
  • Sweet tiny unexpected sunflower
  • Black bean soup supper
  • Red, orange, yellow, speckled, sunlit leaves
  • Song of the Tufted Titmouse

Now it’s your turn.  Please join me by listing your seven in the spot for your thoughts below.  (At least one?!)


Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.  Amen.  Ephesians 3:20-21

Wishing you a Joy-Filled week!



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  1. Pam says

    Love the pumpkins! Yes, the Lord had done that for me with flowers mysteriously appearing on my porch when I had no extra funds and had given up the dream for awhile… Some blessings in my last week, and a disappointment that leads to continued looking for work, but so true to give it all to Him and watch Him move mountains… thanks for the encouraging word and story!

    • Diane says

      What a wonderful blessing, Pam to be blessed with flowers. I know that for sure would have made my whole summer. I’ll pray right now for you to find work. Oh how I know that tooo well. {hugs}
      Watch what God will do!!!

  2. Vicky says

    Well you made me smile! It is hard not to be joyful after reading your post and seeing the pumpkins. God cares about the littlest things that are important to us.

    • Diane says

      Isn’t that the beauty of God’s love for us? It just spills out and joyfully splashes those we come in contact with…..even over the net.
      Vicky, I pray your days are filled with smiles and lots of reasons to be filled with joy! {hugs}

  3. So many blessings to Praise Jesus for! A person can really find happiness if they seek it. Goodness happens all the time.

    • Diane says

      There are!!! It seems that developing an eye to see the blessings all around us is so important.
      Wishing you an Extraordinary week!

  4. What a great post Diane and I love that God brought you pumpkins – He really is AWESOME like that! I went through a computer crash late last year and know the trauma of it. Fortunately they were able to save most of my images but it was still a nightmare. I’ll be praying that yours get’s “healed”! Here’s my list (in no particular order): I’m grateful for: 1) everything about my daughter – from her laugh to her tantrums, I’ll take them all!, 2) It’s FALL!! My FAVORITE season!, 3) God’s provision – I so need it! 4) Joyce Meyer’s teaching on tv – a daily blessing and does of encouragement to me. 5) My shower – having just returned from a trip to Ireland with a strange shower (the switch to turn it on was not even in the bathroom – weird!), I’m really grateful for the easy operation of my shower here at home! 6) My friends & family who listen to me, encourage me and don’t get tired of me wrestling with the same old questions/concerns… 7) My new blog friends like you! Thank you for bringing JOY into my world 🙂 Hugs, Jennifer

    • Diane says

      Oh Jennifer, we do have soooo much for which to be thankful. 😀 There’s nothing like traveling outside our country to realize all the fabulous blessings we take so for granted. I love your “seven.” Really, if we stop to think about it, God’s goodness is overwhelming. I, for one, need to let in sink in and wash over me. Hugs to you too my friend!!

  5. I just love that God showered a sweet pumpkin blessing on you. Especially when you so willingly yielded to your financial limitations. Makes me wonder how many times I stopped a blessing by being discontent. Awesome read here.

    • Diane says

      “How many times have I stopped a blessing….” Pamela…as I look back….I have been truly guilty of that…taking charge when I should have let God have His place in my life and decision making. Thanks for that observation.
      May you experience God’s shower of blessing in your life this week….just when you need it.

  6. Thank you for sharing your joy with us. It put a smile on my face. Love your pictures.

    • Diane says

      Thank YOU for your kind words Charlotte.
      Hope your week is filled with Extraordinary blessings!

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