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I coined the phrase “Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary.” in 1992.   Every time I shared about Longaberger at a home show I also shared that phrase.  Hundreds of ladies heard the phrase and many of my friends today still might reference it on occasion.


Day 12 of #31Days :: Be Extraordinary :: Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary - Diane Miller quote :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


It seems that everyone wants to be extraordinary.  Just the other day my husband quoted an ad he saw while watching football game.  Evidently that college’s tagline is very close to mine.

Why is there all this interest in being extraordinary?  I sure don’t know.

But, one thing I know for sure…. extraordinary people have an extraordinary outlook on life.  They may or may not have success according to the world’s standards.  But, there is no doubt that they live life to the full.

Day 12 Challenge:  What are you doing to live an Extraordinary life?  Are you living life to the full?  If not, what’s in your way.  What would it take for you to change your ordinary into Extraordinary?

If this art print looks a bit familiar…you might have seen it here.

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Here’s a rundown of  this week’s posts…


It was another Extraordinary Week on the blog!

I’m really enjoying our #31Days series.  Though I must say the posts are more intensive.

Our weekly wrap up included a few extraordinary words and then on Sunday we talked about how to have true joy and contentment.  Then I served up a delicious cake and got everyone thinking about hospitality in a whole new way.  On Day 8 I shared my secret to contentment (and it’s not browsing at Michael’s). We all agree we need a bit of encouragement and I asked you to help me come up with 51 ways to be an encourager.  You know I love to set a pretty table, and my new cable knit sweater pumpkins were the centerpiece. And we wrapped up the week talking about how to be strong for the troubles that come our way.

On Day 9 I asked you to help me come up with
51 More Ways to Be Encouraging.
We have about 12 More Ways…on our way to 52!
Would you pop over to the post and leave a few of your suggestions?


Humbled and blessed.

There’s nothing like a little recognition to put a smile on my face.  What a lovely blessing to get featured at these lovely link parties:

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Another special treat was when Denise of Deliciously Inspired created a vignette featuring my Free Fall Printable.  When she went to the thrift shop to see what she could find for her vignette…  Well, you’ll just have to see what she found!  Pop over to read about it and see her vignette, too.  You can also download the free printable here.

Wishing you an Extraordinary weekend!


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  1. Gwen says

    I will share a couple things that were told me at appointments: I am an inspiration and encouragement. Because every single week adds a new challenge. I did not see myself as one. But I’d been praying off and on lately for a woman at PT who had shared a private request, a desire of her heart, so I’ve too been praying. It worked out that I was able to be alone with her briefly and she said, ” I’ve been wanting to talk to you. It may come through…the Lord’s timing. ” and I knew it was hard for her outwardly smiling face to keep patient now years. But she’d chosen me. I told all of them, but you guys have never known me normal! And thin! But its true. As my main neuro PT points out I am led all over California, they see my odd body’s injury results, but somehow I am able to witness. A verse. Coming out of a tearful exhausted session and I’m singing a hymn. My friend says this is such a different path than anyone she knows. I’m brain injured. I struggle. My injury makes sorrow my constant companion. I long to run and jump and play. I’m weary and tired and lonely. Reading my Bible and though I’m sad I think But I am loved by people and by God. That is most awesome. I want to just go out. But I’m very tired. So ill close. Joy must not be feeling. I’m not sure who I am for I’m not like I was. But God must have allowed this for a reason. I pray I’m not too much of a downer!!

    • Diane says

      You are not a downer Gwen. You are exactly as described…inspiring and encouraging. I guess it’s not for us to understand the whys…but to surrender to HIM. And trust HIM to work out HIS WAY in us. You are a truly beautiful person, Gwen. Even though you see the world through what was as well as what it is…you have a way of splashing joy, regardless of the feeling. What a blessing to be able to share with this PT. There is no doubt that you are planting and watering seeds all over your state. To God be the glory. [hugs]

    • Mel says

      ((( Gwen )))
      Thinking of you, sending prayers and positive thoughts.

  2. Mel says

    Of course the thing getting in my way is ME. I seem to do that on a regular basis. Am I extraordinary? Ohh…some days I wear that with a resounding YES!!!….some days I say “sure….but….” Mostly days when I’m not at peace with my “doings”. But I ‘m very clear, like Gwen, I could not BE here…and by some sources shouldn’t be here. So, obviously, G-d aint done with me ( or Gwen) yet.
    But I’m reminded that G-d doesn’t expect my perfection, He simply wants my heart….and applauds the things I do with great love.

    • Diane says

      Haha!!! Oh aren’t we our biggest obstacles!!! My husband reminds me of it often. Good thing too.
      Oh Mel…I’ll selfishly say…He’s using YOU to bless and encourage me.
      You are an amazing woman. No doubt about it. Oh how He loves YOU.


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