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Here we are… the night before the BIG election.
Are you excited, fearful, or just can’t wait to be done with it all?

Although I am fairly opinioned regarding all things political (thank you 9th grade Civics), I’m not here to tell you how to vote.  However, if you’ve been struggling with whom you should cast your vote, maybe this simple list will help you…
4 Criteria to Consider
Character ~ Conviction ~ Competence ~ Culture

Sunday, our pastor did not even hint at who to vote for, but he did help us to consider the above through the filter of being a Christ-follower in choosing our candidates.  If you’d like to hear him explain the 4 Criteria, here’s link to that spot in the message (approx 16:28).  This was part of a series on “Kingdom Politics.”  I really appreciated the biblical and historical background as well as the reminders of the big picture.  In the end, it’s no surprise to God whom we elect. And… never doubt, God IS at work in our nation and our world.

I came across this quote from the great American, Noah Webster.

Noah Webster QUOTE about God's command for voting. AnExtraordinaryDay.net

May we choose “just men who will rule in the fear of God.”
However you choose to vote… live in love.   

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  1. jemma says

    Thank you for sharing these Biblical tips on voting. I voted early and incorporated these same Biblical guidelines.
    Continuing to pray for those that have not yet voted.

    • Sorry to be so late in responding, Jemma.
      I’m glad you were able to incorporate biblical guidelines in your election choices.
      My heart is so sad to see all the negativity, pain, and angst following the election. It’s like nothing I could have ever imagined. Oh, how our country and leaders need our prayers.
      Always good to have you party with us. Hope your week is off to an extraordinary start. 🙂

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