Day 22


The other day I was scrolling down my Facebook feed with an attitude.  If you’re a Facebook regular, especially if you have a fan/biz page, you may be experiencing a number of Facebook unpleasantries lately.  I confess, I was irritated.  And then I scrolled past a post with this quote by Adele Basheer:  “What you think, you create.  What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you become.” | {Day 22}  31 Extraordinary Days ~ Who are we becoming | Adele Basheer quote


Who am I becoming?

The last thing I want is my curmudgeonly thoughts to produce negativity in my interactions, creativity, and who I become.   It’s amazing how quickly I can let myself go down that road when just a wee bit of discomfort comes my way.  I’m embarrassed to admit it.  {Day 22}  31 Extraordinary Days ~ Who are we becoming  Gold & White Longhair Cat


How about you?  Are you good at staying on the high road, or do you find it easy to slide down the slippery slope and into the muck?



So what do we do when we catch ourselves sliding?

Think about these things….

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble,
whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
Philippians 4:8

 I know I’ve shared this before.  It helps me.  Still, this “taking”every thought captive” is a hard thing.  {Day 22} 31 Extraordinary Days ~ Who are we becoming | Photo of Gold & White Fluffy Cat on Longaberger Picnic Basket


How do you handle your thoughts?


Why be Ordinary when You can be Extraordinary!


Let’s make a pact together.

Let’s decide to purposefully, intentionally…

  • Look for beauty and goodness in others and all around us.
  • Choose to train our minds to think good thoughts (Philippians 4:8).
  • Fix our eyes on the person we want to become.
Are you in? {Day 22} 31 Extraordinary Days ~ Who are we becoming  | Fluffy Gold & White Cat


What kind of extraordinary person do you want to become?

I’d love to hear about that beautiful person you are imagining….she’s on her way to being extraordinary….I just know it!



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  1. Jean says

    Isn’t it amazing the effort it takes to stay positive? I always strive (although admittedly, I do not alway succeed) to look for the best in others especially when they are saying or doing things that annoy me.

    • Diane says

      Oh Jean….I really need daily reminders. Good thing we are works in process 😀 There’s always hope! Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!! {hugs}

  2. Nancy says

    I think so much of it has to do with the times we live in and others’ failures in being thankful.

    Great post and I love your kitty. xo

    • Diane says

      Your recent photo of your kitty inspired me. My Taylor decided to be king of the mountain on the picnic basket. I loved how the sun was making his fur glow. Later that same day I went to write my post and his expressive face seemed just made for the post. 😀
      Thanks Nancy!! Hope your week is extraordinarily blessed!

  3. Cheryl says

    Social media sites have escalated the negativity, especially during this difficult election year. I had to start tuning it out because it was making me a bit more crazy than usual ~ and not in any sort of good way.

    Thanks for sharing with YSB this week.

    • Diane says

      Yes…we want a good kind of crazy in our lives. 😀
      Wishing you an Extraordinary week, Cheryl!

  4. Pat says

    Beautiful shots of the cat!

    • Diane says

      Thanks Pat! We think he’s quite handsome, too.

  5. Marvelous and adorable photos ~ Priceless ~ (A Creative Harbor)


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