Day 21


This morning I got up early.  Living with a mountain to my East it’s darker in the morning than anywhere I’ve previously lived.  As I looked off in the distance I saw just a glimmer of light where the mountain dips a bit.  Then, I turned away and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  Just a bit later I returned to look out the window.  The clouds were pink and violet as the sun was beginning to rise above the mountain.  It was glorious.  I grabbed my camera and hurried back to the window…. {Day 21} 31 Extraordinary Days |Glory All Around Us | Sunrise


In just those few seconds that it took me to crank open the window, change the camera settings, and hold the cats back from the open window, the sunrise changed dramatically.  The first rays are more dramatic in color and intensity as if we are momentarily getting glimpses of the glory of God.

Glory.  Isn’t that what we are so smitten with in the Fall?  Autumn leaves are so stunning. Even today my friend described the colors of the trees by her home in New York.  Every color imaginable from green to yellow to peach to orange to crimson to brown.  And she described each shade in between.  God’s glory is seen in the colors of the trees.  It’s as if he’s getting our attention.  “See….that beauty?”  “It’s a Glimpse of ME!”

We sometimes sing this song at church…

“Let it Rise” by Paul Baloche.

Let the glory of the Lord, rise among us,
let the glory of the Lord, rise among us.
Let the praises of the King rise among us,
Let it rise.

Let the songs of the Lord, rise among us,
let the songs of the Lord, rise among us.
Let the joy of the King, rise among us,
Let it rise.


“Let the joy of the King, rise among us…”  Yes.  Yes!  YES!!

How do we do that?  Maybe by receiving the gifts he gives us every day with praise and thanksgiving.   When we do that…we bring JOY to the King of Glory!

And the most extraordinary thing….we too are filled with joy in return.



It’s Joy Day!


Won’t you join me in giving thanks to the King of Glory?
I’ll start with just seven from this week….

  1. Incredible, crazy, humbling recognition from Nihaoyall’s Sunday Snapshot AND Celebrating Everyday Life.
  2. Another week of writing, photogging, and editing – all seven days!
  3. Walking with my husband and savoring God’s glorious creation.
  4. The gift of a friend’s time.
  5. A clean house.
  6. The gift of squash to make yummy Squash Soup.
  7. God’s gifts of mini pumpkins and bittersweet.

It’s your turn!  Won’t you count seven, too?
Please share yours in the “Share Your Thoughts” section below. | 31 Extraordinary Days {Day 21} Joy Day! ...Glory All Around Us | Psalm 24:10


 Why be Ordinary when You can be Extraordinary!

 “Let the joy of the King, rise among us.”
Count, celebrate, thank HIM for his gloriousness….and all his wonderful gifts.



 Will you join me each day in October for… | 31 Extraordinary Days | October 2012

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  1. Great sunrise photo but I especially love your Psalm quote photo!! It’s beautiful and inspirational – you know how I love that combo 🙂 Great post – as always!!! Hugs, Jennifer

    • Diane says

      You are so sweet Jennifer!!
      I was out for a walk and noticed a blazing maple tree. I snapped a few shots of it and then turned back to look towards the setting sun and noticed all those lovely grass heads. They were begging me to take a picture of their graceful nodding fluffiness. I snapped quite a few pics…they might make another appearance on the blog without words covering them up. Teehee!
      P.S. Today’s blog post has your lovely fall tablesetting featured….:D

  2. Laura says

    Diane, you certainly captured the glory! Yes, this is why we are smitten with fall. Such a beautiful time of year. So glad you shared this extra-ordinary with us, and thanks for linking up to Playdates with God!

    • Diane says

      All praise to Him!! I’m so grateful that he’s given me the eyes to see it and the heart to savor it.
      Wishing you An Extraordinary Fall!


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