Day 24 | 31 Extraordinary Days {Day 24} L.M. Montgomery October quote


October is an Extraordinary month.

It’s the month when my world is aflame with color.  Mornings begin with fog and sometimes frost.  Many mornings the sun shines bright and warm and the frost melts into gazillions of water droplets.  Indian summer comes in the afternoon.  The sun sets by seven o’clock and the moon shines clear and bright.  As the night temperature drops, the fires burn bright in the hearth….resisting the chill in the air.

Lurking around the corner is the season of gray and white.  The dreaded frozen flakes may make an early surprise appearance in this glorious month of October.

The jays call, and the chickadees flit, and the feeder becomes a community of feathers flocking before winter.

There’s pumpkins, and cider, and woolens, and woolly bear caterpillars.

All this…crammed into one glorious, extraordinary month!

I want it to linger.  I want to savor its beauty and wonder.  I want to bask in every ray of the sun and dig in the dirt and toss fallen leaves and see every gilded branch and hunt for bittersweet and buckeyes.  I want October in all her extravagance to blaze on and on. But, the leaves will all fall and the skies will turn gray and the air will freeze and nature will stand stark and naked.

October.  October will always….be the warmest, brightest memory.

Yes.  October….the Extraordinary month on my calendar.

Is she yours too?


Why be Ordinary when You can be Extraordinary!


Thanks for sharing in my celebration of this most extraordinary month.

What is your favorite month?  What makes it extraordinary?




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  1. Beautiful post! Enjoy the remainder of October!

  2. Tim Miller says:

    October is one of my favorites too…it’s easily in the top ten…

  3. This month has been gloriously beautiful around here. We are so thankful and have tried to take a moment every day to notice the changes around us. I think the dry summer when everything died has made the “life” around us this month even more special!

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying such beautiful weather, Susan! After your hard summer I am sure that you are reveling in every single moment. 😀

  4. Sheila Skillingstead says:

    I also like October, but September usually is my favorite month. It’s when we finally get summer. Nice post.

  5. October here doesn’t have the colour and the events that you have but it is a sign of summer coming, which i love. I do like autumn though, it always makes me feel a bit nostalgic. Lovely, sparkling image.

  6. Fantastic picture!

  7. Top image with quote just stunning…I LOVE fall.

  8. I agree, October is a month that is bursting with colors, textures and activities before the quiet, sleepiness of winter! All those dew drops look like crystal pearls… Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #54!

    • And now as we close the month with the leaves falling off the trees almost overnight and a hurricane to boot I will savor these memories. See you again at Weekly Top Shot. It’s a fabulous link up of great sites. Thank you!!!

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