Day 25


It’s hard to believe.  25 days in a row.  Writing.  Blogging.  Doing my best to inspire myself and you to live an extraordinary life.

These 25 days have required a lot of discipline on my part.  With just 6 more days to go…I am truly glad that I made the commitment and have stuck to the challenge. {Day 25} 31 Extraordinary Days | Commitment


If you’ve been following along for a while, you might remember that I had two laptops that crashed. Despite that, I went ahead with 31 Extraordinary Days.  I’ve been writing and editing photos on my husband’s laptop in the evenings and his day off.  It has been inconvenient for him, to say the least, yet he has been very gracious and encouraging.  (Thanks sweetie!)  That means I often have stayed up very late at night.  We won’t say how late…okay? {Day 25} 31 Extraordinary Days | Commitment | Setting sun illuminating golden maples


You may be wondering about my laptops.  Are they being repaired?  I’m blessed to have a good friend who is an expert in the field of computers.    He discovered that my slow-as-molasses-in-January 8-year-old laptop only needed a part to restore the screen.   Yay!  That means all my photos are there.  Yippee!  Unfortunately using it is torture.   What about the newer laptop?  My computer hero phoned me last night.  He has run every kind of diagnostic on it available to computer geeks.  But, as you know, every heroic action is not able to save lives, and he was unable to restore any of my files or photos.   He said the “map” is there, but when you visit the location, it’s like a town that was blown up.  A whole year’s worth of files and photos, and tutorials I created prior to launching my blog….poof! {Day 25} 31 Extraordinary Days | Commitments| Winding Road Caution Sign


Sometimes things don’t go as we hope or plan…..yet we press on.  I could have thrown my hands up in the air and said, “Que sera, sera.”   But, is that being extraordinary?  I don’t think so.  This closing in on 31 days has been a real adventure for me.  It’s helped me to be committed to this blog…to this relationship I have with you…to this calling I believe I have of inspiring others.  It may not be something I understand, but like any journey, the longer we’re on it, the more we discover about ourselves and the path we travel.    During the past 24 days I have met and been encouraged by wonderful women like you.  My blog has grown in views and subscribers and it’s been featured here, and here, and here, and here.   I’m learning to lean on God and to trust him to help me be authentic to the world with all my imperfection.  This is risky business.  For me.  I want to live fully every moment.  To be thankful for the good and the not so good.  And to do it all with grace and beauty.  Obviously….I cannot do that in my own strength.  None of us can. {Day 25} 31 Extraordinary Day | Setting sun illuminating a fluffy grass head


Thank you for joining me on this journey, this adventure, these 31 Extraordinary Days.  Thank you for reading my words, for subscribing to read more words, and for your wonderful words of encouragement.  I am grateful. {Day 25} 31 Extraordinary Days | Flaming Orange Maple Tree


There is one more part to the laptop story.  The newer laptop only needs a new hard drive.  I don’t need to purchase a new laptop.  Thank you God!  That is something I should be able to scrape up the money to purchase.  And for that I am over-the-top grateful.  I may not have all my old files, but in a way, this is a new start.  And maybe, just maybe, that’s a bit of what this 31 days is about for me, and maybe for you.  Do-overs are a part of God’s plan.  And though I’m no longer involved in professional ministry at a church, I am still involved in the Kingdom, only now with words and pictures.  It’s pretty exciting isn’t it?


So, what kind of do-overs have you had?

Do you have an opportunity to make a fresh new start, but maybe you’re putting it off?

Maybe it’s time to dive in.  Deep.  To trust God and hang on for the ride of your life.  Maybe.  Just maybe.

If you do.  I want to hear all about it.

If there is something standing in your way…there is a community of friends developing here at An Extraordinary Day…encouragement is on its way.



Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary.




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