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When I was reading this verse in my Bible, the words seemed really familiar to me.

It seems that a pastor of a church I attended used to say something very similar when he prayed, just prior to preaching his sermon.

May the words from my mouth and the thoughts from my heart
be acceptable to you, O Lord, my rock and my defender.  Psalm 19:14 GW

Most of us have been taught to say only things that build people up and not run them down.  What’s the phrase?  “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

We’ve also been taught to think the best of people.

And some of us have spouses or siblings who remind us of these things.

I hope my words and thoughts please you.
Lord, you are my Rock, the one who saves me.   Psalm 19:14 NCV

As I was reading the verse, I thought, “Yes, I want to speak and think in such a way that God is pleased.”

Our lives are to honor and glorify God….so of course….we need to take every thought captive.  And there is that verse that speaks to our words representing what’s in our hearts.


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Yesterday, I was finishing up a project.  My husband asked me how I was doing….how my project was going, essentially.  I said, “Okay.”  And then I went on to tell him how I didn’t feel good about it.  It’s the same with everything I create, or project I work on, I second guess myself.  I try to do my best, but find that I am super critical of my work.

My friend asked me how my photos of the project came out and I responded in a stammering fashion….”They could be better.”

Do you see what’s going on here?  The true reality is that I am blessed with abilities to do those things within my graces and gifts fairly well.  Yet, when I declare something different from the truth, I am in effect, not pleasing the Lord.  Actually, what I am doing is quite the opposite.  I am dishonoring God.

 May the words that come out of my mouth and the musings of my heart
meet with Your gracious approval,
O Eternal, my Rock,
O Eternal, my Redeemer.  Psalm 19:14 The Voice

Generally when we read this verse we think about this in more of a context of prayer.   That God would approve.

Instead….I’m thinking that this verse could be one that we put in front of ourselves each day as we start our day.  A reminder to honor God with our thoughts and speech.  A reminder to start the day with our hearts in the right place….humbly before our God surrendering ourselves to him.

For me, this is an area that needs some attention.

How about you?


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It’s Joy Day!


The day when we look back over our past week and count.

Count the good and the not so good.   Just seven.

And we give thanks for it.  All of it.

I’ll start…

I’m grateful God for…

  • a roof over my head.
  • this blog.
  • the improved health of my little kitty.
  • a good forecast for our road trip.
  • all you have done in my friend’s life to help her be an overcomer.
  • giving me second, and third, and fourth….do-overs.
  • knowing that winter in the world and in my life is just a season and spring is coming.

Now it’s your turn!

Scroll down to the “Share your Extraordinary Thoughts” box below and tap in your ‘seven.’

When you do, you’ll find the corners of your mouth turn up and the joy meter in your spirit rise.

It’s a good thing.

If you want even more joy….you’ll want to take the Joy Dare here.

Thank you for stopping by today.
I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.



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  1. Renee says

    I so agree with you, we are the most critical of ourselves, and we do need to realize God has given us a gift to share, and our best is good enough in his eyes!!! I struggle with this as well.
    1. A wonderful week taking care of our granddaughter while her parents were on a Cruise.
    2. My back is healing and I am getting stronger each day.
    3. Beautiful flowers(store bought), in this bleak winter, that make me think Spring is only around the corner.
    4. Love of my special husband and his caregiving, even with two broken ribs himself.
    5. The possibility of a new home just around the corner, that we can afford.
    6. My new car,makes me smile and ever so grateful!
    7. A pedicure, and all that pampering.

    • Diane says

      Renee….your seven made me smile. I had a sense of God’s love engulfing you this past week. 🙂
      Rejoicing with you at his wonderful blessings!

  2. Debbi Saunders says

    This has been a bit of a challenging week for me but I am grateful that I can look back over the week and find 7 things to me grateful to God for:
    l. A beautiful full moon that lights up the landscape with a soft glow.
    2.A wonderful unplanned spirit led conversation with my SIL in Texas until 3AM!
    3. That one of my Dear friends and prayer partner’s surgical procedure went well.
    4. That the Lord used me to pray and minister to 2 young women who both lost their Loved ones on Valentines Day.
    5. For Valentines and Chocolates and flower from my lst graders.
    6.That I am able to minister and pray for others despite my own heavy burden at this time.
    7. For another mild Sun filled day to renew and uplift me.

    • Diane says

      Debbi…it’s grace. That is just like God to walk with you and help carry that burden so you can in turn do the same for others.
      I rejoice with you in your ‘seven.’ You are a rich woman….so blessed and blessing others.
      Praying for you, sweet friend and believing for the very best!

  3. Jean says

    I struggle with that as well. I think many others do as well. I think I’ve said before how much I love these Joy Day posts each week. Here are my seven after a rather rough week filled with sick kids:
    1. An amazing doctor’s office that returned my calls promptly as they always have since the boys were tiny.
    2. Antibiotics that don’t cost a fortune and modern medicine in general.
    3. Living close enough to the stores that an early a.m. run for pain medicine was not a big deal.
    4. A chance to get out of the house one night and visit with friends during the course of the week.
    5. The caring teachers I visited with during the teacher conferences at the boys’ schools
    6. A wonderful caring doctor (and her nurses) who didn’t require us to make 2 trips to the office within one week when my younger son ended up with an ear infection.
    7. A chance to work at the preschool I love (the one day when everyone was healthy)

    • Diane says

      Oh Jean, I love how you saw God’s hand in the not-so-fun times of caring for your boys. So often we see the struggle and miss those moments when God arranged things in a marvelous way. You are a wonderful mom, Jean!

      May your week be filled with joy!!

  4. I love your Joy Days. It’s helps me to focus and realize all the joy I’ve had the last week.
    1. That I was able to do a little sewing today
    2. Mr. C and I had such a very nice Valentines’ day together
    3. So grateful Mr. C drives me four times a week to my physical therapy
    4. I am getting better, and went for a walk today with Mr. C
    5. That I have my blog
    6. We can pay our bills even though we are retired
    7. that you are going to feature my Healthy Brownies.
    Have a very happy and joyful day!

    • Diane says

      Yay God!!!
      Thank you Cathy for choosing joy and for sharing your ‘seven’ here.
      May your joy cup overflow this week!

  5. I once had a terrible problem with this, not so much in my abilities, but in my person. I was not good enough, pretty enough, popular enough…blah, blah, blah. It was so bad that I couldn’t even take a compliment from my own husband. God began to show me (through my husband and close friends) what a wrong attitude it was. I still catch myself starting to speak negatively about myself sometimes when I receive a compliment, but I’m better than I used to be. A good friend just reminded me the other day to “just say thank you.” I think that’s what we need to say to God when we use the gifts he has given us…just say “thank you.” I think all of your projects are beautiful. As Rush Limbaugh likes to say, you have “talent on loan from God!”

    I’m grateful to God for”
    1. friends who are close enough to sometimes show me when I have a wrong attitude.
    2. my community of blogging friends who have blessed me with their kind friendship.
    3. three healthy, children who are so generous and kind to others.
    4. A home that never seems big enough because it teaches me to only keep what is important. (Still struggle with this one too!)
    5. A big box of candy store chocolate that my sweet hubby got me for Valentines!
    6. This long, cold winter that will make spring and summer all the sweeter when they come.
    7. The gifts and abilities that God gave me which bring me such enjoyment.

    • Diane says

      I love that Deborah, “Talent on loan from God.” And talent that we need to use too! (Remember the parable of the talents…which isn’t all about money – wink.) Thank you for your kind words about my projects. I fight comparison way more than I ever would like to admit. I guess that’s why we need cheerleaders in our lives…they help us see things straight. 😉

      Thanks for sharing your ‘seven.’ Isn’t it interesting when you go back and read what you’ve typed in, how rich and wonderful you realize your life is? Truly there is a blessing always waiting to be recognized.

      I was thinking about “a home that never seems big enough” and I was reminded of a headline in my inbox today….”Can abundance kill creativity?” I think we both know the answer to that one. Whether it’s trying to keep up a home/inspirational blog when you don’t live in your own home to making the most of a small space…creativity comes from the lack not the abundance. I’m so glad I see that with new eyes. It really is a blessing, isn’t it?

      May your week be filled with extraordinary joy moments!

  6. Gwen says

    Joy day.
    Yes, receiving our compliments may be harder to sink in than a word of criticism. So reread our positive comments and reread as a gift from God –He is using us in a written down tangible way to let you know how fun your log frame was, cutting snowflakes, recreating with some double sided hearts, sharing posts of the past that showcase a certain idea still relevant to try today–and your camera art with verses. We all enjoy your diversity. It’s a jump for joy to see your blog in the in box. Our faith grows bt your example of growing even in this long trial.
    1. For the first time in almost two years Curt and I went away for three days and even got to go to Santa Barbara. One of our favorite coastal towns. We were at a couples retreat but got to have time to explore other places closeby too.
    2. At the right moment, God revealed why I was to be there even though my brain and body had tired. It was after our murder mystery dinner to chat with an actor and ask if I could pray for him. He gladly said yes. With my arms around him and praying, his body shook with tears and afterwards, he said he could hardly get past that God revealed obstacles were overcome and I was there and for a very specific reason and that—to pray for him–was touching but what he really needed that day.
    3. I rested a lot today. Vision got slanted. Like the world was tipped. And no scolding
    4. Many prayed medicine would begin to work. It had been two weeks of fatigue and chills. I got new medicine.
    5. My grandson says heart now. Clear as can be!! Beginning to talk much more and make huge messes ( like his Mommy?!!)
    6. I got pretty clothes and my hair cut and colored–first time in almost two years. It made me feel of value
    7. Hard week. But God is so good in many ways.

    • Diane says

      Gwen, I thank God for you and your gift of encouragement. Your brain injury has not prevented you in anyway from praising God, loving others, praying for them, hearing God, and following the impulse of the Holy Spirit. Because you are available to him, God uses you in mighty ways. Thank you for taking the time to encourage and bless me today. 🙂
      I rejoice with you at this wonderful but hard week. God’s goodness has oozed all over you. It’s so exciting to see the ways he is at work using you and blessing you.
      Keeping you and Curt in my prayers and trusting for God to do amazing things to heal and restore both of you. [hugs]

  7. Doris Groves says

    The term “Joy Day” just brings a smile! My joys this past week include:
    1) My cousin’s kidneys are now functioning & she has been removed from dialysis!
    2) The weather & my health cooperated so I was able to atted church yesterday for the first time in 7 weeks.
    3) I’m enjoying TWO boxes of chocolates that my husband drove to the next town to buy for me 🙂
    4) As it’s snowing outside, I’ve read several special cards I’ve kept over the years–some from friends that are now in heaven.
    5) We have not had a power outage this winter!
    6) I get to “provoke” some friends at church to love & good works.
    7) Then there was the humorous moment when I discovered that the snow drift on my neighbor’s deck is actually a snow-covered grill.

    • Diane says

      I rejoice with you in God’s amazing goodness in your life and the lives of those you touched this past week Doris! Thanks for sharing your ‘seven.’
      May your week be filled with extraordinary JOY moments!

  8. Mel says

    Oh, we can be our worst critics and our biggest enemy…. Which is exactly why I need folks around me who’ll laugh at the silliness and tell me to ‘lighten up’. Yup–when I criticize me/you, I’m criticizing G-d’s handiwork. Eek! Something about that puts me to ‘right size’, very quickly.

    * That gorgeous full moon……brilliant!
    * Listening to the snow fall. (yep……more of the white stuff!)
    * Watching kiddos whiz down the hill on cardboard sleds — I was envious AND happy…..LOL
    * The baked veggie casserole himself concocted just for me……gosh it was yummy!
    * Purple flowers in the livingroom.
    * Making snowangels. 😀
    * Helping with the snow shoveling.

    • Diane says

      That was a gorgeous full moon! 🙂 Thanks for taking time to share your ‘seven.’
      Rejoicing with you at God’s goodness in you live and the eyes to see it all.
      May your week over flow with HIS joy and may it splash out on all you meet.

  9. Kim says

    Girl, I really needed this! (Every day, too, I need this reminder.) Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement to be careful and prayerful about what comes out of my mouth. I fail at this so often. Thankfully, we have a loving and forgiving Savior, and we can continue asking Him to fill us with Himself and to place his hand lovingly over our mouths. 🙂

    • Diane says

      You know, Kim, after I posted that I had the most trouble for a few days. Yikes! It’s been challenging. 😉
      I’m blessed that God would use this post to encourage your heart. I agree…he is so gracious to give us second chances and guide us and protect us from ourselves. 😉
      May your week be filled with JOY!!

  10. Michelle says

    My 8 are:

    1.I am grateful I am in a place that I can open my mouth and praise.

    2.I have family around me to love and support me.

    3.I have everything I could possible need and then some. God you cater for me more than I know.

    4.My job. God thank you for giving me this position that will stretch and grow me. Where I can learn what it means to be both a sheep and a shepherd.

    5. God thank you for being my shield. The one who comforts and protects me. When I think I am ok, well you know better. You’re always there.

    6. Thank you that I am not in a state of depression. That you motivate me. That you help me see the good in all things. Your wisdom surpasses everything I can see.

    7. Thank you for my mom and my gran. These two ladies have been such a blessing to me and without words can pass on so much just in their actions.

    8. Thank you for my dad. He’s not always easy to get on with but Lord you sure know best. I wouldn’t have anyone else over him in my life. In so many ways I see your hand move in his life. Even when he isn’t aware. He’s a real hero. Because he reminds me of you. My rock.

    • Diane says

      Michelle, I rejoice with you at God’s hand of goodness displayed in your life in so many wonderful ways and through your family.
      May your days overflow with HIS joy!

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