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O taste and see that the Lord is good.
How happy is the man who trusts in Him! 
Psalm 34:8 NLV


What a crazy journey we are on.  

I would never have thought that when the movers came and loaded up all our worldly possessions into that 18 wheeler nearly 18 months ago that I would be sitting here today, writing this blog, nor would I have ever expected that we would be among the throngs of the unemployed.  Who would guess that we would make such a big move only to find ourselves in this tenuous position?  Not me.

Our world which seemed to have been righted was flipped upside down in an instant.

Here we are…miles and states away from our dearest friends.  Yet, God proves he cares about relationships.  He made a way in this desert time to go back to our “second home’ and participate in a special baptism service and spend time with a few friends.  Then he allowed us to entertain another dear family in our home just this weekend.  And he made a way for us to continue local friendships while being without a church home.


O taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8a


As we seek God and employment I can truly say God is good.

“Lord…Give us this day our daily bread”….I pray.
He provides…not just fresh farm eggs.  But, fun blue and green colored eggs too.

“Lord…my husband needs the encouragement of a good friend”…I pray.
And a friend sends him a Facebook message saying he realized that they will be driving near our home as they travel home on spring break and would we be able to get together.  What a blessing!

“Lord…where do you want me to look next for a job?”…I pray.
The phone rings and the caller asks if I am still available for a position and can I come for an interview (Monday).  Yes.  Yes!

A reader prays….”Lord, Diane takes lovely photos but she doesn’t have a DSLR camera…will you make a way?”
He does!

And each day…not that He needs too…He proves that He is indeed worthy of my trust.  Yours too!


How happy is the man (woman – me!) who trusts in Him! Psalm 34:8b


I am learning.  Daily.  To trust God.

Learning that things do not have to make sense.  That things do not need to happen the way our culture thinks things should happen.  Learning to believe.  To put feet to those beliefs.  I wish I had taken to heart 10 and 20 years ago what I am now learning.  Maybe I’m a slow learner.  Regardless, God has been patient with me.  And when I abandon myself  and give up my own striving, He does amazing things.

And though I have said it countless times on Sunday mornings in the past….  I can trust God no matter what.  I am now able to answer the question the Holy Spirit posed to me 4 years ago…  “Yes.”  Step by step.  Sometimes hour by hour.

My answer then to his question…”Can you really?” was…”I hope so.”   That was my very honest response.  We really don’t know until we are pressed down.  Forsaken.  Abandoned.

Each day I have a choice.  And each day I am purposefully choosing to trust Him.  One step at a time.  There have been a few days that I took on the struggle myself…allowing pride to well up and foolishly think that I can do something to change my circumstances.  But, on the days that I give up the struggle, humble myself, and trust….what a difference.

Happy am I who trusts in God!



Taste and See that the Lord is Good :: Yellow Crocus - Joy Day!  ::  AnExtraordinaryDay.net


It’s Joy Day!


Joy Day! is the day when we take a few moments to count just ‘seven’ from our week.
Seven things…good and not so good…for which to be grateful.

We do this because God asks us to give thanks in all things.
We do this because we trust Him.
We do this because He loves us.
We do this because it changes our hearts in so doing.


Do you need a happy heart?  

Do you need joy?  

Join me in counting just seven gifts from the week.
I’ll start…

My heart is grateful for…

  1. Jesus’ resurrection & singing “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” in community
  2. thoughtless remarks of acquaintances
  3. bills to be paid
  4. long distance friends to chat with over the phone
  5. unexpected gifts
  6. seeing friends we haven’t seen for 6  years
  7. walking the town and taking pictures with kindred spirits

My heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude today.  Please join me by scrolling down to ‘share your thoughts’ and leave your ‘seven.’  Guaranteed….something will happen.  Taste and See that God is Good!


Thank you for stopping by today.  I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.
May your day be filled with God’s goodness and grace in extraordinary measure.



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  1. Gail says

    Takes forever to get real friends in a new area… 18 months not enough time ..and now job woes and no support system to share it with. But like the song says ” through it all, (you’ve) learned to trust in Jesus, you’ve learned to trust in God”. I firmly believe one of the many reasons God is blessing you is because you choose to see His hand in your life and are grateful to Him.
    I am listing you and your blog as 1 of my 7 things to be trhankful to God for this week.

    • Diane says

      Awww…Gail….you just made my day!
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I remember that song. So true.
      He IS so worthy of our trust. Glory to God!

  2. Susan Roquet says

    I’m new to your blog. So sorry to read of your current circumstances. Yet, you are so encouraging, your faith is strong and you are a comfort to others. Our faith is being tested everyday, in different ways. For me, it’s grieving and loneliness. Our granddaughter went to Heaven on October 16, 2012. She is the only daughter of my only daughter. She had a genetic condition called Trisomy 18. She lived 23 months and 1 day. Her name is Delainey Belle (middle name). Delainey was PURE JOY from beginning through Eternity. I cared for her 3 days a week because my daughter had to work, as did her husband. When you care for a special needs baby, it brings you so close. I miss her terrible even though I know she’s in Heaven with no more Trisomy 18; she doesn’t hurt, or cry. She can walk, run, talk, play; everything she couldn’t do here on earth. So I’m grateful every day of the rest of my life for Delainey and the time God gave us with her. Grateful for Christian friends through Facebook, email and blogs. Simple living. Good husband. Precious daughter and son-in-law.

    • Diane says

      Oh Susan, my heart hearts with yours. What a precious time you were blessed with in caring for Delainey. I’m so sorry that it was so brief. Isn’t it wonderful to know that there is a heaven and it’s real and that she is with Jesus? May you know God’s goodness and grace as your heart mends. Blessings!!

    • Gwen says

      I was a young teen who had a special little friend who at five went to Jesus after three years of ups and downs. Her life impacted mine. It will be a sorrowful hurt but I asked this little girls Mom my teen Bible study leader at the time. Did it ever stop hurting? She said yes, in many ways for she is well with Jesus. God heals the raw hurt over time as we trust in Him and she continued in her ministry to us teens (this was 40 years ago). I believe I love my little friend for always–but though I may she’d a tear at times, I really learned so much from her that makes me glad she was a part of my life. Continue going to Bible study. Going to church. Reading Gods Word and singing when your heart is breaking. Take a breath and take a walk. Count seven things to praise God for. I’m now injured in the area of emotion control so grief and sorrow are my daily ‘friend’. But cry out to Jesus. Read uplifting blogs. Cry to Jesus and thank him for your precious grandchild. Comfort your daughter calmly when she and where she is. Know I’ve already prayed for you.

  3. Gwen says

    Thank you for your blog. Wear your best lipstick and a confident God strengthened joy as you interview. I’ve prayed already. Loved the photos today !

    • Diane says

      Your prayers mean everything to me Gwen! Thank you for being an extraordinary blessing today. God is always my strength and my shield.
      I’m delighted that you love today’s photos. 🙂 God is such an amazing Creator…what a joy to capture His handiwork.

  4. Donna says

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers for a successful job interview!

    • Diane says

      Awww…what a blessing you are Donna!
      Thank you soo much!

  5. Mel says

    Oh, I do hope the interview went well–if nothing else for your own validation of what a magnificent child of G-d that you are. Things happen as they are suppose to happen–and isn’t it awesome that you can SEE this and wear it like a warm blanket. I’m so glad for you and for him. Sounds like you were both so very well taken care of in the past week…makes my heart glad. You can count that as one of my joys. My heart soared reading what you shared. Our G-d is such an awesome G-d.
    And what awesome photos….ohmygosh….amazing colours and great treasures! I’ll have my turn at ’em, I’m sure. Until then….I’ll feed my soul with yours. VERY nicely captured, ma’am. AND is this with the new camera?! Wow..in either case….awesome photos.

    Ahhh..and JOY!
    * G-d taking such good care of His kiddos
    * getting the green light to go back to physical therapy (light PT…but forward movement just the same!)
    * a planned shopping trip for replacement of the cast-eaten skirts…oy…umm…..YIPPEE….LOLOL
    * “we want to move closer so The Bug gets more Nana time”……oh how my heart smiled at those words!
    * the package from the sis with wee pinwheels to make!
    * Mr. Cardinal singing just for me (he’s hungry, dontchaknow…LOL)
    * the ‘drug out on the patio so you can sit in the sun’ lawn chair
    * sunshine, warmth and NO MORE ice piles in the yard!!!!! Wooooooohoooooooo!!!!

    • Diane says

      You are such a blessing Mel! God really knows how to love His children. 😉
      I can’t wait until you can enjoy walking paths with your camera. Trusting with you for God’s healing touch….and quickly too….it’s been a long hard road. But…you bless me with your upbeat, expectant, make the best of things attitude! I think your joy-cup overflowth!! You counted eight!! 😉
      {big hugs}

  6. Jane says

    Diane, I love your heart in this post. What strikes me most is how you’re intentionally choosing joy and searching through disappointments to find His blessings. Yours is a testimony we all need to hear! May God be praised. Thank you for linking up on my site this week! I hope you’ll come back next Monday!

    • Diane says

      Your words have again blessed me, Jane. 🙂 It does take intention to stay on track….you know it. Thank you for you acceptance and encouragement.

  7. Hi Diane! Thanks for sharing your current trust journey. I pray you will find meaningful employment.
    Seven joy moments for today? 1. A friend safely delivered to a residential treatment center 2. This friend was accepting the decision 3. Another friend making the best of a bad situation by sharing God’s grace with others 4. forsythia in bright yellow bloom 5. female cardinal pays a visit 6. gifted authors share spiritual insights 7. a cool breeze on a warm day.
    Have a blessed day!

    • Diane says

      Oh Nancy…I so appreciate your prayers.
      Thank you for taking time to share your ‘seven’! Isn’t it amazing how God works in the big and small? I’m so grateful for you and for the joys of the day.

  8. Michael R. says

    I really like this piece, and will forward it to my wife 😉

  9. Hopped over from Sheltering Tree and so pleased Pam encourages us to do that!
    Who knows what we’ll find at those wee links listed 🙂
    I will pin your pix to my Inspy board as they are sure to inspirit more than just me 🙂

    A great joy to read your journey knowing the purpose of creating His image in His children takes much process…
    Rich blessings as you walk the path He has ordained for you !

    • Diane says

      Awwww…thanks for popping over and sharing your sweet words!
      May you have An Extraordinary Day!

  10. Your faith shines brightly in this post! God bless!

    • Diane says

      Awww…Esther Joy…you just blessed me big time! [hugs]

  11. Laura says

    Learning daily to trust God…yes. I hear this, Diane. Bless you in this endeavor. Your images and words always bless me, friend. Much love to you.

    • Diane says

      He is so worthy….I don’t know why it is such a challenge. :-/
      Thanks for your encouraging words, Laura! [hugs]

  12. In my quiet time the past few days I have been reminded this. We too, have had a move and major change in employment and our budget cut 3 times less. I occured one health problem after the next….but I trust in Him. I know He is there and the outcome of these things will bring HIM the Glory. He is soooo Good.

    • Diane says

      He is….all the time, Chrissy. May he continue to bless you and sustain you and your family.
      Joy to you!

  13. “And when I abandon myself and give up my own striving, He does amazing things.” This is truly where we need to live, in a place of abandonment. He works best through a surrendered soul.

    I belong to a private Facebook group for wives of unemployed husbands. If you ever feel like you need support in that area, I’d be happy to get you into the group. It’s been a God-send for me.

    Today, I am thankful for the ability to discern and desire to walk in his ways.


    • Diane says

      Thank you Barbie! I appreciate your encouragement so much.
      I think the ability to discern is a gift to seek. What a blessing to ‘enjoy’ it.
      May your weekend be filled with joy!

  14. What an encouraging post! I love your trust in our Heavenly Father.

    • Diane says

      Oh Pamela, it makes my heart sing to know that you found encouragement in those words on the screen today. [hugs]

  15. Shonda says

    I am jouful for these words of encouragement.
    I am joyful and thankful that Jesus died for my sins and shows grace and mercy in my life.
    I am joyful for my family who all loves me and prays for me and we pray for each other.
    I am thankful that despite I sometimes feel down, lonely because I am 40+and not married, that God caresand wants whats best for me.
    I am thankful for friends and laughter, and all the little blessings that we take for granted.
    I am joyful for my career even though I want out of it, it has provided and blessed my daughter and I.
    And I am joyful because I serve the Living God, the Creator who is always present and all knowing, and he loves me!


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