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I’m loving this daffodils quote:

If one daffodil is worth a thousand pleasures, than one is too few.
William Wordsworth


Are daffodils popping up all around your neck of the woods?
Almost overnight they are everywhere along my walking path.
I snapped these photos in the late evening as the sun was low in the sky illuminating this patch in my neighbor’s garden.

From a distance, I get to enjoy this patch of sunshine from my window.   Lucky me.


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It’s been an another Extraordinary week on the blog.

This week’s Joy Day! post focusing on trusting God was straight from my heart and followed a sweet visit of some dear friends.  It’s amazing what a relationship will do to lift one’s spirits.  And then I just had to do a little bit of fluffing in the house.  The sun room has been my focus lately and I had this wild inspiration to hang one of my favorite wreaths on the front of a cabinet.  I think, in a quite extraordinary spot.  High on a cabinet…often done.  But, on a bottom cabinet….well….that’s me!   So…if that is something you have done.  I think you’re pretty extraordinary.

On an even more personal note….my week began with a job interview.  Finally!  The following day I got an offer for the job and the next day I started training.  First off…I am grateful.  Tremendously.  However, my legs felt like lead sausages as I walked home after the first day of standing in a small area for five hours straight at just eight dollars an hour.   This will be hard-earned money.    Regardless…I do intend to bless my co-workers and the guests and God.   I worked on a few posts, but I didn’t get any finished.  Sorry about that.  Now you know the reason for the quiet this week.

There is one more thing….you will notice that I am recognizing eighteen….uh huh…eighteen wonderful bloggers who liked my book page flowering branches enough to feature them on their blogs this week.  Holy cow!  I sure was blessed with a lot of love.

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And last…but certainly not least…I want to talk about YOU.  You who leave me the sweetest and most encouraging comments.  You who pray for me…oh how I love and appreciate you!   Truly, I am so very blessed.

Wishing you an Extraordinary weekend!


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  1. Jane B says

    So happy for you – congrats on the job! I’m “just a reader” and not a blogger but I so enjoy your posts. You inspire me and give me positive thoughts when I need them the most ;0) Maybe this isn’t your dream job, but who knows where this will lead you and who knows the people that will cross your path that may possibly change your life for the better (better than it already is of course)!
    Jane B

    • Diane says

      Thank you sooo much Jane!! You are not ‘just a reader’….you are a VIP to me! I am so blessed to know that you are enjoying the posts and get inspiration too. To God be the Glory! You have encouraged me greatly today. Yay!
      I just need to keep in mind each day the joy that will result from intentionally blessing others. Now if I can just keep my eyes others focused.

  2. Mel says

    Oh Diane!!! I’m pleased as punch for your lead sausage legs! LOL Enough that I’m still happily wiggling in my chair doing a happy dance (yeahyeah….sitting down, but STILL dancin’!!). YEAH!!! Now, no one aspires for lead sausage legs, I know–and it’ll be EARNED money, no doubt. But YEAH!!!
    I wondered, I hoped–and I prayed and hoped some more. YEAH!!!! An opened door–how wonderful for that. Even if it’s just a stepping stone, it’s a step, yes?
    Excellent! I’m pleased for you.
    And I’m pleased for me–cuz I got pretty daffodils this morning.
    Yeah…..ummmmm….notsomuch any place other than HERE. (we have a white lawn….again..oy….) Oh, but they ARE beautiful with that light splashing on them. Well spotted! And how nice they planted them there JUST for you to photograph JUST for me! :-/

    And how wonderful to be linked to so many awesome places and people. Of COURSE it was the book flower branch. It IS amazing. So much so I have he-who-thinks-I’m-nutz keeping his eye out for a fallen branch of appropriate size. IF he can’t locate one, I’ve plans to hand him the saw while he’s clearing out the gutters…..when it stops snowing…if it stops snowing…..
    When! WHEN!!! It will stop snowing, right? LOLOL

    • Diane says

      Oh Mel! I bet you are so cute ‘dancing’ in your chair!
      God is good. 🙂
      I’m so pleased that you are enjoying those sweet sunny daffies. And I’m not pleased that you have snow again. Ugh! We are barely in the 40’s today after having a few really nice days where everything is starting to pop! The magnolias are coming out, the forsythia is in full regale, and my weeping cherry is beginning to blossom. I do hope that we don’t get a hard freeze and lose all this “beautiousness.”
      Thank you for celebrating my blessings with me. Two more came by after the post was up. I know…pinch me.
      I hope you find the perfect branch. Then again…it doesn’t have to be perfect as your flowers will make the homeliest one lovely.
      Hope your weekend is wonderful and maybe that sweet ladybug of yours will call or give hugs.

  3. Gail says

    I am sure you will be a blessing to your lead sausage leg co-workers who are going through same thing you are.
    I am praising God with you that you’ve got a job and a visit from friiends

    • Diane says

      Haha! I think it will get easier with time. Funny thing. I’m a walker not a stander. Who knew it would be such a big adjustment. Thanks for your kind wishes, Gail. And thanks too for rejoicing along side of me.

  4. Robyn says

    Such pretty yellow daffodils and lovely quote. No flowers or trees are blooming or blossoming here. We are getting ready for a winter storm to hit us; the second this week.

    • Diane says

      Enough of those winter storms!! Stay safe and warm and dream of pretty daffodils.
      Thanks for stopping by Robyn!

  5. Love the daffodil saying. I miss seeing the daffodils coming up and blooming. It is this time of year that I especially miss the spring bulbs. I hope spring is getting closer up north.
    Have a great weekend,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

    • Diane says

      Today we had a beautiful walk, noticing so many trees budding. The Forsythia is completely in full regale. Stunning. There are some advantages to living northward…spring is one of them. At least on those years when we don’t go from winter to summer in a matter of days! 😉
      Hope your weekend is Extraordinary!

  6. JaneEllen says

    So happy for you to get a job, sausage legs or not, it’s still a job. Now days that’s not that easy to get. Just never know what one opportunity will open another door. Prayers for your legs to hold out.
    Oh how I envy you the gorgeous daffodils. We need to plant some bulbs next year we can have some. I miss our daffs from our yard in KY. We had daffs, tulips, forsythia bushes, hostas and more. We do have some beautiful purple narcissus sprouting again which makes me so happy. In the Fall we have bushes that bloom where the narcissus are now and a rose bush that blooms.
    Your blog has opened my mind more to how I feel about God. Thank you for that. Wishing you much luck in your new job.

    • Diane says

      Oh JaneEllen, I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful, it’s been more than 20 years since I’ve worked for such a low wage and it’s humbling. Thank you for your prayers for my legs. Each day it gets better.
      Mark your fall calendar now for bulb planting. I know how easy it is to get busy and the bulbs are gone and it’s too late to plant. There is nothing like those cheerful faces greeting us on a cool spring day, is there?
      Praise God that He has used these keyboard taps to touch your heart. 🙂
      May your week be Extraordinary in every way!

  7. Donna says

    It is almost like our lives are sharing the same path this week! I too went for a job interview which will pay the same as yours and has the same working requirement:-) With us seven months in to a two year military separation, I thought that getting a job would help make the time go by more quickly, not to mention, keep my mind off all the uncertainty that is going on in the world now…..lots and lots and lots of prayers needed for peace!
    This job will bring in some extra money for us which is always a good thing. The prospect of meeting new friends is definately an added bonus! Wishing you and your legs much happiness in your new position!

    • Diane says

      Awwww…Donna…you are sooo sweet! 😉 Thank you for your encouragement.
      I pray you will love your new job, make many friends, and bless the socks off all you work with and touch.
      I join you in praying for peace, too.

  8. Hi,
    I am doing the Joy Dare as well. I post on Mondays and this week I added a linky. If you would like to link this post that would be great. Can I Joy Dare you?

    • Diane says

      Thank Janis!!
      I’m on my way over to link up this week’s Joy Day! post!

  9. Beautiful photography of daffodils ~ yep have some at bottom of driveway ~ so blessed to have some Spring ^_^

    • Diane says

      So that means you have daffy’s greeting you when you come home. How wonderful to enjoy their cheery faces.
      Thanks for your kind words Carol! 😉

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