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This is the first in a very long time that my house hasn’t been pretty much decorated for Christmas a week after Thanksgiving.

Is your house decorated?

My husband brought up one of our trees, so we do have a bit of a start.  We plugged in the lights, which fortunately are still on the tree from last year, only to discover that half a string did not light.  Phooey.  Fortunately, after removing the string, the bad light was discovered and we’re back in business.  Except I have to re-string them on the tree.  Don’t you wish you could just wave your wand and magically the lights would be perfectly placed on the tree?  A girl can dream.

As I’ve been learning contentment, I’ve discovered that I am so much more about living in the moment than ever before.  You might remember I enjoyed summer so much I didn’t want to move into fall.  And then, after moving into fall and relishing every bit of beauty and crisp air, I’m now dragging my feet into the Christmas season.  It seems like there is a fine line here that I need to step over.  Once I find it.  Haha.

The perfect solution in my world, would be to do a little Christmas cruising and get my creative juices flowing.   Would you like to travel along with me and pick up a little bit of inspiration too?

Hop in our imaginary carriage as we take our own little Christmas tour.


Our first stop is Simple Thoughts.  Isn’t this vignette at Paige’s home lovely?  I have some vintage aqua glass balls like these.  Hmmmm. | Christmas Decorating Inspiration | paige knudsen - Simple Thoughts - vignette with aqua glass balls


Paige‘s bowl of vintage Christmas balls has me inspired to do something fun with my little collection.
Are you a fan of vintage ornaments too? Christmas decorating inspiration | Simple Thoughts | Bowl of Vintage Glass Balls


Do you remember when I shared about my vintage blue glass jars?  My stash is rather sizable, so I’m thinking that I need to include them in my Christmas decor with the vintage aqua Christmas balls.  It will certainly be something new for me. - vintage Christmas decor ideas & inspiration - christmas outdoor decorations blue glass jars and ornaments


With my newly painted white trim in the great room and sun room this Connecticut farmhouse dining room is inspiring me to hang some wreaths in my windows.   Notice the paperwhites?  I’ve already planted some of those.  What do you like here? Christmas decorating ideas |Country Living Connecticut Farmhouse 12-09 | Christmas Dining Room | Christmas Wreaths


Pinecone trees.  What a fun and easy idea.  In the fall I played around a little bit with an idea like this.  Do have a pinecone collection?  Mine goes all the way back to the first house we built.  Since our yard was bordered with tall Scotch Pines, it was easy to amass a box of pinecones.  We just might have fun with this.  Hmmmm.  What to use for their little stands?  Time to go digging. | Decorating with Pinecones |Pinecone Christmas Trees in Tablescaping | Christmas decorating indeas

source unavailable


Miss Mustard Seed is one of my favorite bloggers.  So down to earth and such an artist in the way.  Marian is very inspiring in the way she paints furniture and makes little vignettes.  Isn’t this a sweet winter/Christmas vignette?  Do you have a stack of green books?  Time for me to raid the bookshelves in the den.

Miss Mustard | green stacks of books, pinecones, silver trophy pot to hold greenery - Christmas decor ideas


Don’t you think that the addition of a “Noel” banner is a wonderful addition to the wreath?   Jennifer Rizzo has her’s in the kitchen and it’s certainly a fresh wreath.  I confess to having several artificial wreaths.  Hmmmm….where shall I put one with a little paper banner?  Are you inspired to make one for your wreath too? Christmas Decoration ideas and inspiration | Jennifer - holiday house walk - noel wreath


Okay….I confess…I’m totally smitten with paper banners.  This one from Ella Claireis so festive.  Do you like it too?  I’m not sure where I would hang one, but the creative wheels are turning. - Vintage Christmas sheet music banner - joyeus noel banner - christmas decor ideas


Let’s see now….what are the things for which I need to shop my stash?

  • Vintage aqua Christmas balls
  • An assortment of vintage Christmas balls
  • Vintage blue glass mason jars
  • Faux evergreen wreaths
  • Stack of green-covered books
  • Silver containers
  • Pinecones
  • Music sheets

That’s a pretty good start! Are coming up with a list too?

Did our little excursion around the internet help you come up with a decorating plan too?  Be sure to leave your thoughts below.  I can’t wait to hear what you’re up to.




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  1. Lots of fun creative ideas here! Love to see the different ways people decorate. We are pretty classic with the reds/greens but I like the reds to be more burgundy and the greens to be more “pine-y” in color.
    I’m not even close to decorating either…hoping to get a real tree sometime soon, a small one to fit our little cottage space. Thanks for the glimpses of Christmas, it does help to stir my imagination…blessings!

    • Diane says

      Yay! Mission accomplished! I like my reds in the cranberry family, too. 😀 Looking forward to seeing a few glimpses of Christmas at your house in the upcoming weeks! Have fun! It sounds like you are off to a lovely start!

  2. wow – gorgeous! So much work!

    • Diane says

      Thanks!! 😀

      • YEs, I did create my December Journal – you should try it this year – it is so wonderful to look back on the old books!

        • Diane says

          Wow…it looks fabulous. Thanks for the encouragement…I just might make my own too.

  3. Glenda Kremer says

    Vintage???? ummm! guessing the little wooden ornaments I bought and painted in 1967 as our first married Christmas happened and we had no $$$$! they hang on my tree every year as well as the glass balls from our first tree 45 years ago! My tree went up the day after Thanksgiving and it took a couple of days to get out the over 50 nativities I have–about 10 are ornaments! so I have no space for anything else but it is fun to see all your ideas–I am so traditional and look the same every year but I love it! Have a very

    • Diane says

      Vintage is a loose term. Yes? 😀
      I love that you are already decorated and keep the focus on Jesus! 😀
      May your season of Christmas be extraordinarily blessed.

  4. Mel says

    Wow–there are a whole lot of nifty ideas here! I’m excited to see what you do with that newly painted room–how could you not love the wreaths in every window? And that very simple tree in it…looks like cards hung from the tree, which is just a cuter than cute idea.

    I came home to discover more lights up the other day! *laughing* He’s getting in the mood–I can tell!

    • Diane says

      Awww thanks Mel!!
      And now, it’s probably time to take down those lights. We’ll need to have a big melt here first!!

  5. These pictures are very inspiring, Diane. I love them all especially the pinecone idea on the table. Thanks for sharing…Christine

    • Diane says

      Yay! Mission Accomplished!! I hoped that some of what I was crushing on would be helpful to someone else. 😀
      May your weekend be Extraordinary, Christine!!

  6. wow!!!! thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.xo


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