Today I turned over the page on the calendar.  A day late.

The funny thing is that my life is like that lately.  A bit behind. | It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas.  Or Not. | Cat napping on the windowsill by the Christmas Tree


Do you remember my Christmas Decorating Inspiration post last week?  I’m here to report….though it was very inspiring…I was having trouble pulling off the decor in the sun room with the vintage blue Ball jars.  I love. love. love. those things.  They just plain make me happy.  But, my sun room is a very small room and lining the jars up on the window sill just didn’t seem to work.  Yes, they stood there like good little soldiers.  Let’s just say my ideas weren’t coming together.   Um. Yeah.

The major downside to all of that is that I was fixated on that space.  And virtually paralyzed in decorating anything in the house. - a place of joy and inspiration | It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas.  Or Not.  - Kitty napping by the Christmas tree


There is some good news to report.  My stringer of cranberries did an excellent job, only stabbing himself with the needle once.  The tree in my great room is beautifully festooned with a beautiful red garland of cranberries.

You’ll also be glad to know that I got the front of the house decorated on Saturday when the weather was perfect.  On the other hand, I set my camera to close up, forgetting to change the setting, and most of the pictures aren’t very good.  Hopefully it won’t rain in the next few days and I will be able to get some decent photos to share with you, along with some fun details. - It's Getting to Look Like Christmas.  Or Not.  | Windowsill napping cat. | Christmas decor inspiration


On another note.  My whole decorating budget was spent this weekend on two cans of Krylon.  I learned that brilliant silver spray paint does not look anything like the lid, which the can suggests.  I was afraid that I would turn my spheres laden with nuts into chrome accessories with which to “pimp my ride.”  Why do I worry about such things?  The silver spray was more like a pale gray…just a few steps from white with something of a slight metallic cast.  Surely, no one will steal those off my table to use for a hood ornament.  I’d love to find a spray paint that really makes things look silver.  If you know of one, please save the day!!! - It Beginning to Look Like Christmas.  Or Not.  - Sleeping Tabby Cat | Christmas Inspiration


Moving on to Plan B.  The new color scheme is red with shades of white (or maybe it’s shades of white with red?), some pinecones and a bits of metallic bling for interest.     What do you think?

If you want a glimpse of my latest inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards.  Especially the Merry Christmas, Paper Crafting, and Inspired by Nature Boards.  I love Pinterest.  Usually there are all kinds of ideas floating around in my head and this helps me sort it all out and come up with a plan.  I’m pretty excited about Plan B.  And, since I have a dinner party on the 9th…I’ve got one whole week to pull it all off.  Good thing I work well under pressure.

So how was your weekend?
I’m pretty sure that you have this decorating thing all done and now you’re on to wrapping gifts and making cookies and planning parties and touching people with all the goodness of the season.  Yes?

The sleeping tabby in the photos is Poppy.  She’s our itty bitty kitty…a 13 year old kitten.  I could tell stories.  But, it isn’t nice to talk about folks when they’re sleeping.  We’ll wait until she awakes.  (Whispering) Now if she’ll just quit jumping into boxes of vintage ornaments, chewing on ribbon, and decorating freshly dusted furniture with brownish gray fur we’ll be all set.  When cats fly.


Keeping it all in perspective….
and remembering Who we are celebrating.



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  1. Glenda Kremer says

    Yep I love that my house is all decorated in it’s usual traditional way but hey all 50 plus of my nativities are out all over the house -even 2 in the guest bath! Had a wonderful weekend as my sis and her hubby visited from North Carolina but there is a very sad side to the visit as our mom is going down fast –we are afraid we will again be dealing with alzheimers as we did with Mom’s husband–our Poppie! It is a very sad disease and we will be asking for many prayers for her protection and wisdom for us to help her! Her name is Iva.

    • Diane says

      Sending prayers up for Iva. Glad you were able to get away and enjoy some special time together. When you move to a smaller home there is no usual way to decorate. But, I’m not complaining. 😀 Enjoy your nativities and the Reason for the season. 😀

    • Mel says

      Awwwww……hard times. I’ll say prayers for Iva–and for all of you.

  2. Mel says

    *laughing* Good luck with that pretty kitty! Pretty sure that one has a mind of his own! (he’s lookin’ pretty content there in that nicely redone window!)

    In the meantime, decorating is….in process! He’s put out enough lights to overload the circuits and I’ve added the 8′ penguin to the mix! We’ll tie the inside and outside together in stages this week–it will NOT be a masterpiece or anything even close to the wonderful photos I’ve been able to glimpse here! But it’ll work.
    We haven’t quite moved into wrapping–but the prezzies are pulled from one closet and piled in the guestroom. And there’s a stack of ‘stuff’ gathered for baking purposes!
    In other words we ain’t EVEN close! 😉
    Wow are some really cool ideas I saw in your links! Maybe I could try one of those paper stars!
    Uh oh…..I’m thinking! LOL

    • Diane says

      Must husband LOVES penguins!!! How fun!! And I must say, I LOVE lots of lights!! I guess we’re in good company then. 😀
      It sounds like you two are having tooo much fun. And taking a bit of time to dream as well.

  3. Oh your Christmas cat is so pretty! Makes me feel so cheery and festive.

    May the peace and joy of the season be yours.

    • Diane says

      You are so sweet Laura! Our kitty is a very busy little girl and challenges my decorating. But, I love her anyway!!
      Wishing you the extraordinary peace that Christmas is all about.

  4. Barbara (WA) says

    All done, oh yeah, sure ~ I just put Autumn away yesterday! I love red, white and some sparkly for my decorating theme so I vote “yes”. I’ve been eyeing mercury glass candle holders and trees and hope to find some on the cheap someday. Poppy is gorgeous!

    • Diane says

      Oh yes, Poppy is lovely….and loves to lick and chew Christmas ribbons. No ribbon in my decor! Haha! 😀
      I think when we have such nice fall weather it’s hard to get into the spirit of Christmas sometimes. Mercury Glass is such a nice bit of sparkle for a room. Barbara, I hope you have much success in finding something just perfect!

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