Twenty Fourteen will arrive in just a few days…

Are you ready for the fresh start and opportunity she will bring?


Opportunity....A New Year's Quote ::The Week at a Glance 12/28 ::


The New Year is like a beautiful blank book…..

We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.
We are going to put words on them ourselves.
The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.
~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

What words are you hoping to write in your new book?

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~


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Humbled and Blessed

Yes…I love parties…especially the ones I can enjoy in my PJ’s.  [wink]
Each week I make the round of link parties hosted by various bloggers.  Many of the hosts will feature their favorites from the party sometime thereafter.  I’m grateful to the following bloggers for featuring some of my posts:   Mabe She Made It    ~    Carolyn’s Homework

This week I had the most views ever on a day and it was all due to my Christmas Sweater Stocking Tutorial being featured on this blog:   DIY Cozy Home

And then there was a spin off and these blogs followed suit:  Babamilie    ~    Love DIY

And then, I was blessed to have two more features here:  Simply Frugal    ~    Top Inspired
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On a Personal Note

It would be fabulous if you would help me grow the Facebook page for An Extraordinary Day.  If you haven’t “Liked” our page yet….would you please do that?  And…would you invite your friends to “Like” it too?   My dream is to grow the page to 1000 by New Year’s Day.   As of today…we need to add 175 more friends to reach our goal.  Thanks for anything you can do to help make it happen.

How was your Christmas?  Though this was not the Christmas we might have planned, it was every bit as special and memorable.  Maybe more so.  I enjoyed helping my friend plan the table decor and prepare a delicious ham dinner for her family.  It really was lovely and I had fun blessing my friend with the kitchen clean up so she could have extra time with her son who was here for just a brief time.  Though I made a few gifts, I did not expect to receive anything and so I was totally blown away when I opened up a box with a really amazing new version of my dying camera.  Yes…this not-very-emotional gal was a mess.    Who do you know who would spend her Christmas bonus on a friend?  A one-in-a million friend…that’s for sure!  Did I say I was blessed?  Beyond imagination.

So, just when I find out that the temporary job is unexpectedly over….God lavishes his love on us through the arms of our friends.

Did you have a pleasant surprise at Christmas?


Wishing you an Extraordinary weekend!


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  1. Mel says

    You have a one in a million friend. Hug her from all of us. She makes me teary and proud.

    I, too, was gifted with a huge camera…with a bazillion buttons and dials. I LOVE himself dearly…blew me away with the desire to bring me joy with more photos….and more adventures. But it’s going to be replaced with a smaller, upgraded version of what I’m familiar with to some degree. Bigger isn’t always better, and since the hearts desire is for more of what already is joyful to me, he readily agreed and was happy to down size. I’ll be wiggling in happy anticipation!!

    Yaknow…I resolve year round and each day is a new beginning for me, so the New Year’s Day isn’t significant to me in that way. It’s been a rather sombering time, as the eve is an anniversary of loss. Hence ‘I don’t celebrate New Years’ has been a life long thing.
    But I’ve begun a tradition of having the small child…and making it a happier time, filked with play and memories of messy food moments. LOL
    Perhaps that’s THE best ‘first page’ I could ever want for!
    Oh…and we’ll be building and painting a wooden train! 🙂 Wooowoo!!

  2. Happy New Year!

  3. Gwen says

    I’m so glad!!! For art through a camera is your passion and your gift to us and others. Thank you friend !


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