Mason or Ball Jars are a quintessential summer favorite of mine.

As I was cruising this week’s Monday Funday Link Party, I noticed there were several terrific jar ideas.

Here is a round up…

Mason Jars 7 Ways!


Mason Jar Round-up :: Mason Jars 7 Ways :: Week at a Glance 6-8 :: AnExtraordinaryDay

Starting at the top left and going counter clockwise here’s our fabulous line-up:

Posed Perfection: Patriotic Fruit Ice Cubes

Shaken Together Life: {create this} mason jar BBQ sauce ~ Fathers’ Day gift

Joy is at Home: DIY Travel Mason Jar Tutorial {5 minutes start to finish}!

Clean and Scentsible:  Cherry Lemonade Raspberry Slushie

Love Grows Wild: How to Make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Petite Raisin: DIY Mason Jar Hanging Lanterns

Good Girl Gone Green: Berries and Vanilla Cream

If you would like more inspiration than Mason Jars 7 Ways,
you’ll want to pop over to my Pinterest Board: Magnificent Mason Jar Makeovers.

If you’re a fan of the old fashioned blue Ball jars, you can pick up a case of Ball Jar Heritage Collection Pint Jars, at a very reason price, from my Amazon shop here.

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Catch up on all that’s Extraordinary…

this week at An Extraordinary Day:


6-8 :: The week at a Glance ::

Here are this week’s posts…

  1. The Passwords of Praise :: Joy Day!
  2. Love Quote by Browning ::  Monday Funday Link Party!
  3. Found Clam turned Glam with Gold :: June {ditto} DIY Challenge


It was another Extraordinary Week on the blog!

Our week together began with Joy Day! where I shared a scripture verse that helped my heart find calm and solace along with some photos taken at Niagara Falls when I lived there.  Then I was back on Sunday evening with an 8×10 printable of a vignette of sweet pink peonies and quote from Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Tuesday, I managed to actually do a DIY project and write it up and post it.  I’d love to know what you think of this rather glamorous vignette.


Humbled and blessed.

You know how I have enjoying participating in link parties.  Last week, I was blown away by the number of times one of my posts had been featured.  It’s an honor and a blessing and something I do not take lightly.  These days, that little bit of recognition encourages my heart more than most would ever know.  I am so grateful for the recognition at these wonderful places this past week:

52 Mantels    ~    Cozy Little House    ~    My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Tater Tots & Jello    ~    Dreamsicle Sisters    ~    The Dedicated House

Silver Pennies    ~    DIY Showoff    ~    Tutus & Tea Parties    ~    Sew-licious

i heart nap time    ~    Kathe with an e    ~    Cupcakes & Crinoline

You’ll want to take a minute to stop by these extraordinary blogs for even more inspiration.


On a personal note.  The blog went quiet after Tuesday.  I had a rough few days.  I’m trying hard to remember this verse:  Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.  Hebrews 11:1.   Also, a fellow blogger from Italy reached out to me and asked me to place a PayPal donation button on my sidebar.  She asked her readers to donate or purchase from my site.   This was an amazingly kind thing for her to do.  No one has given a monetary gift, nor made a Longaberger purchase, but there have been a few Amazon purchases.  Maybe you can relate, her encouragement touched me deeply.  Thank you Rose from Fine Craft Guild!

You all bless me immensely.  To those of you who pray….please continue.  I am confident that something wonderful is near.

If you enjoy this or any other post here at An Extraordinary Day, would you please leave a comment, or at the least share it on Facebook or Twitter with one of the sharing buttons below or to the side?

Wishing you an Extraordinary weekend!


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  1. Mel says

    I love mason jars. And I love that Rose offered up a suggestion and brought that to her web log as well. I know you know that there’s all sorts of struggles out ‘here’. I’m always, ALWAYS wow-ed by the honesty and path that you chase in dealing with yours. I needed that little (HUGE) verse you wrote–I sometimes forget faith, much like trust, is a choice. I wanna make it an ‘earned’ thing and a ‘feeling’ thing. When I make the choice to rest in faith/trust–‘feelings’ change and life wears differently. It’s that simple for me. I don’t flounder in the middle of the ocean and refuse the life preserver offered cuz I don’t TRUST the fella offering it to me–or I lack the FAITH in his motivation.
    *sigh* Remind me of that two hours from now. (yes, I know….very human of me….) I so WISH I could do this deal ‘perfectly’.

    *HUGE hugs*

  2. Diane says

    Yay for mason jars!!
    Oh my, thank you. You have no idea how much this private person wrestles. But, I end up falling down on being authentic. This isn’t a magazine…this blog is a relationship with you. With each reader. And…I’ve come to realize that if I posture in anyway, I rob us all. Boy do I know about the need to ‘work’ or ‘earn’ our way. I hail from a Dutch heritage on my mother’s side and our community was influenced by those ‘ethics’ as well. It’s all fine when it comes to a general work ethic…but we so easily take it on into our spiritual lives as well. And for me…the downfall is that it’s about me and not about HIM. I’m blessed that verse was for you today. He’s good like that. I like how you put it, “life wears differently.” For me it means that I actually ‘live.’ Oh there is freedom and lightness there. Let’s keep our eyes on Him like the water-walking disciple. When we look away…we sink. And do I ever sink. Thanks for processing this with me and for being ‘real’ too, Mel. [hugs]

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