Today is a special day for An Extraordinary Day!


To begin… let’s go back a few years.  After losing my job in 2009, I suddenly had more free time than I was accustomed to having.  So as I was preparing to host a fall open house for my Longaberger business, I decided to go online and do a little exploring for fall decorating ideas. Spending time online was not new to me, quite the contrary.  Usually I spent my time online researching things for children’s ministry, or nutrition.  Important stuff. [wink] I had never even thought about exploring the interwebs for home decor ideas.  That bright fall day I entered “fall decorating” in my browser and guess who came up at the top?  The Inspired Room.  If you are familiar with Melissa Michaels you aren’t a bit surprised.  She’s been singing the praises of fall and all that makes fall her favorite time of year for what seems like forever.  After all… she is a pioneer in blogging about the home.


Enter to win #LovetheHomeYouHave by Melissa Michaels


Before I knew it. That perfect fall afternoon became evening and Melissa helped birthed my love for home decor blogs and I subscribed to The Inspired Room.  In the months that followed, I even sponsored a post and advertised on The Inspired Room. It was a great experience as Melissa was incredibly kind and gracious and just like she seems on the blog.

As I continued to read Melissa’s blog and discover many more wonderful bloggers, I decided that I might very well enjoy blogging, too.  I had been writing, creating, and editing newsletters for my church, a gardening newsletter for the county extension, and of course, a monthly one for my Longaberger business.  It couldn’t be that much different, I thought.  And for the most part, I would say it is much easier, especially compared to the days when I would “paste” type and photographs on a layout page with hot wax and burnish rub-off letters for headlines.  Gratefully, desktop publishing shortly came on the scene.


Three Year Blogiversary and Giveaway Celebrations

Thanks to Melissa’s inspiration… I fell in love with blogging.  And so today, as I celebrate the third anniversary of An Extraordinary Day, I want to celebrate with a giveaway of her brand new book, “Love the Home You Have.”

If you’ve been a regular reader of The Inspired Room,Love the Home You Have” is a wonderful extension of the blog.  The beauty is that we get to hold all the inspiration in our hands and, if you’re like me, underline all the parts we want to remember.

Love the Home You Have” isn’t a “regular” home decorating book.  Melissa takes us through her all her homes and gives us the back story to each one and how each experience has led her to this place of contentment she experiences today.  It’s that same contentment she wants each of us to have with our homes… whatever its current style or condition.


Love the Home You Have - Celebration and Giveaway


The book is filled with countless nuggets.  The golden nugget for me is to write with a purpose statement for my home.  You and I both know that it’s important to have a mission or purpose statement for our businesses, our families, and ourselves if we want to achieve any level of success.  Interestingly, Melissa encourages us to have a purpose statement for our homes.  I have considered what I want my home to be for family and guests.  Yet, I’ve never set those thoughts on paper, nor have I prayed and asked God what his desire would be for my home.  As we soon begin the process of finding a new home, I want to be sure to have that thought out so that our new home can be a very special place where we do what we do… with purpose.


#LoveTheHomeYouHave - Blogiversary Giveaway


The Inspired Room blog is filled with photos of a sparkling, well-organized home.  In her book, Melissa gives many helpful tips on keeping a home along with her own personal struggles, funny/embarrassing stories, and successes for keeping a home open and ready for an unexpected knock on the door.

Melissa is a genius.  Remember how I said this is not your usual home decor book?  Melissa filled her book with fabulous hand-drawn graphics of inspiration and created what I would call a workbook, designed to help each of us find success in loving and creating a beautiful home.  There are “worksheets” at the end of every chapter and at the end of the book you’ll find a “31 Day Love Your Home Challenge” filled with practical inspiration and a daily challenge.


Love the Home You Have - Book Giveaway


I know you’re going to want your own copy of “Love the Home You Have.” I wish that I could give each one of you a copy to celebrate my third blogiversary.  Since I can’t do that… I am giving you a link for purchasing a copy of the book yourself… and many chances to win a copy.

To enter to the GIVEAWAY for a copy of “Love the Home You Have” choose to do one or more or all of the following.  Whatever works for you. 

  1. Leave a comment below.  (Tell me when you started reading An Extraordinary Day.  Or… a memory of a particular post.  Or… your favorite topic category you most look forward to reading.  Or… whatever is on your heart.)
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  3. Share this post on your favorite social media using the buttons below… and leave a comment letting me know.
  4. Purchase Love the Home You Have… HERE …and let me know in the comments.
  5. Visit Home Love Stories a place Melissa created for you to share your home love story (no blog required) and read others… and let me know you did.

Note: you must be 18 or older to participate in the giveaway.
The giveaway will close on Tuesday, May 7, at 11:59 PM EDT.
One winner will be selected and contacted via email.
No purchase is required.
  US residents only… sorry. 


Let me close with some blogiversary fun facts.

Upon my first blog anniversary I had a huge celebration and Melissa kindly wrote a post to help me celebrate.  You can read that here.

Last spring, Melissa hosted a DaySpring giveaway on her blog and I actually was one of the winners.  Lucky me! Because it was a generous prize, I elected to find out if I could work with DaySpring to giveaway some of my winnings.  And because they, too are wonderful people… several of you received some lovely DaySpring Daily Grace products.


An Extraordinary Day has amazingly continued to grow each year… and for that I thank you.  Sure, it takes me to keep snapping photos, and tapping on the keyboard so that there is fresh content to read each week.  But… growth comes because you choose to use those little sharing buttons below and let your friends in your favorite social media hangouts know that you love An Extraordinary Day.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that love.

It’s been a joy getting to know so many of you.  This is a wonderfully loving and encouraging community.  And I love seeing how you encourage one another here too.  Regularly I read about bloggers who feel beat up for any number of reasons.  I want to thank you for being different… for extending grace and warmth to me and others.

Tomorrow I will embark on the first day of my fourth year in this incredible journey.  I look forward to the very best year yet!

Thanks for helping me celebrate this milestone.

I love you!!!

Wishing you... An Extraordinary Day!

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  1. Teresa Baker says

    What a great giveaway! I haven’t read the book yet but heard about it, again, at a ladies meeting I was at this past weekend. The session I attended was about decorating..the speaker shared many things, but one thing that really peaked my interest was the 31-day challenge to love the home you have. That is something I would really get a lot from. Thanks for the opportunity to win my own copy of the book!

    • Diane says

      The book is filled with lots of helpful tips. You’ll want one for sure, Teresa. 🙂
      All the best for an extraordinary day!

  2. Anne Astromsky says

    Dear Friend,

    I have been inspired by your thoughtful posts. I appreciate you sharing your faith.

    • Diane says

      Anne… that is so nice of you to say that. Thank you!! And thanks for being a part of our little community here. [hugs]

  3. cookie says

    inspiration…do you still blog for your Longaberger business?

  4. Patty says

    I am so glad that I recently found your blog. Thank you for your daily inspirational words, awesome how-to’s, peaceful pictures, and sharing your love of the Lord. Congratulations on your blogiversary and wishing you many more!

    • Diane says

      And I’m so glad you did, too! Thank for your kind words and encouragement, Patty.
      Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day!

  5. I love reading your blog and your love for Longaberger. You were so gracious to share your photos for my blog when I was struggling. Please enter me in your drawing, I love them!

  6. I just now found you and I really enjoyed reading your post. I’ll be back-reading to get a real feeling of your blog. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • Diane says

      Thanks for coming by Jo!! Hope you can stay around for a cup of tea, too. Okay… virtually… but it would be fun… yes?

  7. Sylvia Marie says

    I would be so honored to receive a copy of your book.Thank you for such a generoua giveaway…….

  8. Betty Brown says

    Diane,I am so glad I found you at an extrodinary day I think last year.The one thing that stands out to me is how you remember me.I feel when I have posted some not so extrodinary things that you have prayed for me and most of all you remembered me!!

    • Diane says

      I have prayed often for you Betty. 🙂 You are such a sweet spirit… how could I forget you? [[hugs]]

  9. I actually just came across your blog today. I’m going to settle in and explore!
    Happy Blogiversary!


    • Diane says

      I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here Colletta. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself.
      Wishing you a bright and beautiful day.

  10. I’m now following you through facebook!


  11. Angie O'Keefe says

    I’ve been reading for about 6 months. Always enjoy your posts!

    • Diane says

      Awww… thanks so much Angie!! It’s great to have you here. Please offer your thoughts from time to time so I can get to know you a little bit too!

  12. Mrs.T says

    I enjoy all of your posts, Diane. The inspirational ones most of all, perhaps, but I also enjoy the how-tos, especially the information about vignettes and the series you did on Christmas decorating.

    • Diane says

      You are such a sweet friend, Mrs. T. 🙂 Thank you for letting me know what you look most forward to seeing here at AED. It helps me to hopefully deliver more of what you like seeing. 🙂

  13. Mrs.T says

    I also follow a number of your Pinterest boards. You have some lovely things pinned!

    • Diane says

      Thank you!! I did see you were following some of my faves there. 🙂

  14. Mrs.T says

    I have subscribed to your blog via email for quite awhile now, and so enjoy getting your posts in my inbox.

    Just started following you on Twitter also.

    • Diane says

      Awww… that means so much!!
      Hope your day has been truly extraordinary!

  15. This is actually my first time here. I found you through Thrifty Thursdays.

    • Diane says

      Welcome Laura!! I’m so glad to make your acquaintance and hope you’ll be back again. [[hugs]]

  16. Susie McClister says

    You have a beautiful blog, I especially appreciate the way you express yourself! Fabulous! Would love a copy of this book, thank you for the chance!

    • Diane says

      What a kind and encouraging thing to say, Susie. Thank you! 🙂
      Be blessed!

  17. Tonya G says

    “Love the Home you Have”…is not an easy thing for me to do since the “Home” my
    husband and I live in is not our home. We rent and you have no idea how much we wish we
    had our own place. Renting never feels safe, it doesn’t feel good. Nothing is yours and you have
    control over nothing, you are constantly told what to do and you have no freedom.
    We are working very hard to get our own place, but until then where we are
    just isn’t “Home”.

    • Diane says

      Tonya… your management company or landlords sound very restrictive. That’s hard. 🙁 I’m so sorry.
      Having said that, I have lived in less than perfect circumstances… in dorms, apartments and rentals… yet I always managed to create my own little sanctuary somehow. The Nester (have you read the blog “Nesting Place”?) always says, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” She reminds us that our limitations can be lovely limitations and encourages us to use those limitations to make beauty in the midst. I’ll pray for you to see possibilities were you have only seen limitations until you are able to make your move. [[hugs]]

      • Tonya G says

        Yes I agree, I have also lived a horrible life and know the hardships of that.
        When my father re-married after my parents divorce when I was 6 he married the devil re-born who abused me every day of my life for 11+ years.
        Many times I would come home to an empty house and have to sleep outside, for 2 weeks at a time they would go “on holiday” with out a word, and yes this happened in the winter when we get -35 deg cel outside and I had to sleep in the shed in the neighbours backyard. Sweet sentiments do not help when you are 8 years old and sleeping in the snow and in the dog house to stay warm.
        I know the life of having no home all to well. Trust me I have dealt with and continue to deal with more issues then most people. I was just giving a background on the life of a renter, thats all.

        • Diane says

          Oh Tonya, I am so sorry for the abuse you received from the people you expected to have cherished and cared for you. Your experience is unimaginable. I can see how your “own” home is so important to you. Your very own haven. Praying you’re able to move into your “own” home much earlier than you ever dreamed possible. [[hugs]]

  18. Debbie says

    Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary!! You have a great blog, Diane 🙂

  19. Oh, my dear; HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! So great to get to know you and see all your beautiful ideas. You may hail Melissa, but you are a GREAT DECORATOR in your own right, spirited, spiritual, and more often than not ‘just right/spot on’. I recall that perfect, 100% perfect I mean mantel that you made. Remember? I commented and might even have featured it on FineCraftGuild. I started visiting your blog when you joined my linky party. Yes, that’s how it goes. You reach out and the world reaches back to you! Hope the next decade of blogging is going to be a wonderful future for you! ~ Rose

    • Diane says

      Thank you Rose!!
      You are the best cheerleader anyone could have. Thank you for being a constant encourager and always seeing possibility and potential. It’s a blessing to have “met” you Rose and to be able to call you friend.
      Thanks so much for the good wishes, too! [[hugs]]

  20. I think I met you at the Vintage Inspiration party. I know I put your blog on my favs list to visit you often and I follow you on Pinterest. I would love to have this book. It’s so important to make our homes beautiful! Thank you ! Sweet hugs, Diane

    • Diane says

      I’m blessed to have you pop by! You are right… we do need to make our home places of beauty and I might add, peace…. sanctuaries from the hub bub of life. 😉

      All the best for a sunny day! [hugs]

  21. Vici Carpenter says

    I love your blog. So encouraging! I especially loved today’s post about JOY! Thank you. I shared it on my fb page and I visited the stories link on the home link and shared it with my young daughters who are learning to decorate their own homes.

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement Vici! It means so much!
      Hope your week is off to an extraordinary start! 🙂

  22. Rachel says

    This book/blog/general idea speaks deeply to my heart as a newlywed who has found a new passion to change a lot about what used to be a home I lived in alone. I want my husband to feel cherished and refreshed by everything from my presence in the home to what we choose to hang on the walls. I want a fresh take on our indoor life and for friends and family to feel like they are welcome and can learn about us and from us when visiting. Choosing to honor God with our space is the best way to do that and honestly, I’ve given very little thought to that process. I’m excited to include the One who knows me best while establishing a newlywed love nest. 🙂

    • Diane says

      I love hearing to how you want honor God and your husband in the creation of your “newlywed love nest,” Rachel. What a wonderful purpose it gives to all your decorating decisions.
      Thanks for popping over and for sharing your story.

      All the best for an extraordinary day!


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