Joy Day!


This past week began for many with fear and trepidation.

For some of us touched by Hurricane Sandy, the forecast was fierce compared to the wind, rain, and snow that actually pelted our homes.  For others of us, the toll was unimaginable.   My heart goes out to all those affected.  I cannot imagine being without electricity, water, or heat for a week, or being displaced from my home and facing the ordeal of clean up and renovation or demolition and rebuilding. | Psalm 31:4 | Be strong & courageous all you who put your hope in the Lord | Sunset Photo


Together, let’s pray hard for continued protection, provision, strength, wisdom, and joy for those needing relief, in the days and weeks ahead.  And for those ministering that relief as well.

Many of us are not in the position to lend a hand, physically, in the relief efforts.  However, if you are able to free up funds, The Longaberger Company is happy to take donations to the American Red Cross for you and Longaberger will match your donation! You can make a donation through my online shop: Longaberger Lifestyle  if placing an order (just enter the amount you wish to donate at check out), at any Longaberger at home® showroom, by calling Customer Care at 740-322-7800 or by sending a check made payable to the American Red Cross and mailed to The Longaberger Company, Attn: Customer Care, P.O. Box 3400, Newark Ohio, 43058-3400.

As many struggled in the aftermath of Sandy, I continued to spend time cozying up my home with some fresh paint, rearranging furniture, giving things a thorough cleaning, and feathering my nest.  While I enjoyed almost every moment (my arms were so tired I think they hung to the floor), there was a sadness in my heart as I prayerfully considered those whose lives were severely disrupted in inconceivable ways.  Life is not fair.  My week was full of so much goodness.  Many times I might have recognized the good…but the weight of all the goodness was felt so much more this week.  I have walked through difficult days in the past.  Maybe my experience, coupled with an acute awareness of such great loss, helped me to appreciate the goodness in my week.  And that somehow, inexplicably, produces joy.


Do times like this get you thinking about the goodness of so much that we take for granted every day?



How can I not be filled with gratitude?

You too?


Will you join me in counting just seven, from the many gifts of this past week?
I’ll start….

  1. The brightness & invisibility of  new white woodwork.
  2. A warm dry house.
  3. The satisfaction that comes from hard work.
  4. Thoughtful sharing by someone who hardly knows me.
  5. Silly Spidery fun!
  6. The laughter of friends around the table.
  7. To be in community – led in humble worship.

Now, it’s your turn!  Please scroll down the “Share Your Thoughts” below and share your seven.

Joy will come.


Truly grateful,


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 Thanks so much for reading!
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  1. Mel says

    By chance I just took stock of my great joys this week…….and yes, they come in the midst of great devastation for many (whom I continue to pray for). Events like this past week always give me ’cause to pause’ and be humbled by how graced I truly am.

    Seven joys:

    ….the ten foot Dracula I was able to secure to the flagpole. LOL Yes, I know this sounds odd, but it did bring me great joy!
    ….the canned and boxed goods the ‘get and give’ event raised for our local food pantry.
    ….bitty bowl that a kind soul sent on to me last year….that transformed a little event into such an awesome thing.
    ….the pumpkins that were spared carvings–that are now transformed with gourds and feathers for decorations to warm the house. (the result of the pumpkin envy I experienced from your sharing, no less!)
    ….the opportunity to give to another and ‘blame’ it on a birthday present for Bill. (another online source who asks for random acts of kindness for his birthday) I bought a coffee and donut for the fella in front of me at the local convenience store. How funny is it that it was one of the local law enforcement folks?! And how cool that he, in turn, felt moved to pay for the gal who was behind me. 😉
    ….the wee 3 year old who spent 2.5 hours on the road so she could trick or treat with Nana. OHmygosh she was just too cute!
    ….the random act of kindness that was extended to me by a 14 year old–who saw a pretty scarf at a garage sale, thought of me and snatched it up for a quarter! And this was a 14 year old who used to run the other way when she saw me coming……

    G-d is good!

    • Diane says

      Oh Mel!! You have some fabulous, EXTRAORDINARY joys to celebrate this week. God IS good. All the time!!

  2. You have such a sweet heart!

    • Diane says

      Susan…May you be overwhelmed with God’s most extraordinary blessings this week.

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