One of my favorite baskets is the Longaberger Picnic Basket.

I ordered mine way back in 1992.  I know because the weaver signed and dated the bottom of the basket.


Let me be right up front with you.

I’m going to tell you all the reasons I’m in love with this basket.  And the reason I’m doing it, because it’s a retired basket and not in the regular Longaberger line.  However, it is being offered as an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE from Noon EDT to Midnight – Wednesday, September 5th.  Also, I am not planning to be all selly on this blog.  occasionally I will let you know about something Longaberger that I just can’t keep to myself.  Some of you might click away.  I get that.  Others of you might discover something that will make your lives extraordinary.  And that is what this blog is all about.  Inspiring you (and me) to live joyful extraordinary lives.


Handwoven Autumn Wood Large Picnic Set by Longaberger |

 Longaberger Picnic Basket


How do I love thee dear Picnic Basket?

You are so well designed.  You don’t tip over and you won’t pop your sweet leather hinges.  Before Longaberger I had some not-so-good experiences with picnic baskets.  But…not any more with Longaberger!  You dear Picnic Basket are the very best ever!!


Here are just some of the many ways I’ve made this workhorse of a basket work for me:

Right now my Picnic Basket is sitting next to my husband’s chair.  He is always reading.  There are books and magazines and more that would just stack up and look messy.  So we stash the reading material in the Picnic Basket.  When I can’t close the lid….it’s time to take the books to Red Barn Books or Second Chapter and get new ones.

I like having a use for the basket until I have a picnic, potluck, or just need the basket for toting food or a craft project.  In the past I’ve used the basket to store my 8.5 X 11 cardstock for cardmaking, at other times I’ve used it as a portable filing cabinet…the perfect size for file folders, it’s been handy as an overnight tote as well.

Of course when it comes to all things food, I love taking it when I travel.   With the top I have a handy table, too.  There’s a wooden toggle with a leather clasp that works great keeping the lid in place, just in case.  It comes with a Plastic Protector so I never have to worry if I spill food.  Plus, I can just throw in any dirty dishes from the picnic of potluck and never worry.  Once home it’s easy to just wipe out.   It has served me well for holding water bottles or sodas on ice….love that protector too!

Some folks like to use it to store their bread or snacks in the kitchen.   Little girls find it perfect for carrying their dolls and all the clothes and furniture, too. I’ve even used mine to take my cat to the vet – without the protector for circulation.

I love that it also comes with a footed wood riser.  That way I can place my table service on the bottom of the Picnic Basket and then place my dish to pass, or everything else needed for my picnic on top of the riser.

And just for the record, I use my Longaberger Woven Traditions Pottery for picnics.  Yes I do.  I do whole picnics with Woven Traditions Pottery.  Thank goodness my husband carries the Picnic Basket.  I love that it makes for a classy event.  Especially when attending an outdoor concert, like Concert on the Prairie at Conner Prairie, back when we lived in Indiana.  Or that time we had a birthday celebration at the Michigan State Botanical Garden.   Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary!!!  That’s my motto.

Plus, I love how it makes the perfect gift.  I like to sign the bottom of the basket with a skinny Sharpie pen when I give it as a wedding gift.  If you choose to give it as a teacher gift or retirement gift, have the kids or the team, sign their names on each little weave.  So fun and memorable.  It also will make a great gift for employee recognition or employee Christmas gift.  Whether it’s birthdays or graduation or just because…everyone who gets a Longaberger Picnic Basket will think they got something fabulous…because they did!!

Oh….and don’t forget…you need one too!!  I know you want one now!!! TeeHee!

You may place your order at my online shop

Longaberger Handwoven Autumn Wood Large Picnic Set | Handwoven Autumn Wood Large Picnic Set by Longaberger |

 to order

Shhhhhh….if you’re reading this past Wednesday the 5th.  I’m pretty sure that you can pop over to my online shop and click on “Specials” and still find it on Thursday and maybe Friday.   If not and you’d like one or two…contact me via e-mail and I should be able to help you out.

Thanks for reading!!!!

Wishing you Baskets of Blessings!




  1. Anna says

    I really do love the colors in this basket. I also think you have one of the most organized and prettiest blogs on the internet.

    • Diane says

      Anna, that is the sweetest thing to say. Thank you!!
      Hope your weekend is extraordinary!!!

  2. Gail says

    Just discovered your blog via BNOP.
    I, too, am a Christian who adores and uses my well made Longaberger baskets.
    I look forward to viewing your future posts.

    • Diane says

      Welcome Gail! Yay for our common interests! I look forward to getting to know you too! Be sure to leave your thoughts when you stop by for a visit!!
      Merry Christmas!

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