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“In the waiting, we become” –Jeff Goins  


What is it we become?

Maybe Jeff tells us in his new book.



When I read this at the bottom of the Nester’s post, it got me thinking.


We, my husband and I, are in the waiting.

We know when we will be moving.

We don’t yet know where.

God knows.  We don’t.

So in all this waiting, I am becoming.


Becoming :: In the waiting we are becoming :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


What is it that I am becoming?

The other day I mentioned that I think I am becoming more patient.

Today, I realized that I am becoming more engaged in this moment and less so about the next.

Or as much as one can be when plans still need to be made.


I can’t live my life entirely by the seat of my pants. [grin]

Really?  What does that even mean?


I guess living more in the moment means exactly that.

Since I have no idea what my life is going to look like in 24 days it’s hard for me to look into the future very far.

I’m wondering if this is how we are supposed to live, even if we can plan our lives 3 months, 6 months, a year ahead.

All we have is this moment.

We don’t have any idea, no matter how much we plan or think about tomorrow or next year, what those times will bring, or even if we’ll be here.


Waiting :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


So what am I doing in this moment?

I guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Just like me. [smile]

Yeah, I’ll probably blog about some of it.

Like the picture I painted today.

With paint, not words, that hangs on my wall.



Oh…back to the original statement.

“In the waiting, we become.”

[Thanks Jeff for the this mental journey!]

Are you waiting for something?

Are you becoming something in your wait?



I’d love to hear about it so we can cheer each other on.

Waiting and becoming…


P.S. It occurred to me that you might suggest that the goal of our becoming should be….to become like Christ.  And I agree.  However, if you have ever been in the furnace or crucible, you will undoubtedly prefer to not have all your character lacks exposed to the flame at one time.  Just saying.  Purification is not a pleasant experience, no matter how wonderful the outcome.

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  1. Judi says

    As you know I am waiting too, however, I don’t have a date or destination, I just know I am working toward a goal that is open-ended ~ As I sort through and give away more than I want to keep, i feel less burdened, not surrounded, smothered. I actually took a small break myself today for painting ~ I just had to do something creative … Your outlook is admirable …

    • Diane says

      Yes Judi….I am actually a little bit envious of your position. (Is that okay?) There is something sweet to charting your own adventure….and strategizing for that next step in life. Often I think about having a sale and sorting more. I actually did that before moving here. But, there is so much possibility with what I have…and since I have no idea…I just don’t think about it much…it really can be paralyzing. And besides….it doesn’t seem that there are garage sales in my area, except once a year and that was in May sometime, and somehow I missed that.
      Judi, I recognize all the thinking involved for you as you plan ahead…it is sometimes too much, too.
      Thanks for you sweet thoughts…you bless me. 🙂

  2. Dona says

    How ’bout you’re becoming a better photographer, hmmmm? : ) Dona

  3. Linda says

    You are an inspiration! And your photographs Are wonderful. Each post I read there is a nugget I meed to hear and think on and pray about. Thank you

    • Diane says

      To God be the glory!!
      Thank you Linda for taking time to tap out your sweet words here. You bless my heart in ways you’ll never know.
      Big hugs!

  4. Every time I see your links in my party, or visit your blog I say a prayer for you and your husband. You’re faith is so inspiring, and I know God will provide and take care of you, just as he has our family. May he pour out blessings until your cup runneth over…Hugs!

    • Diane says

      Oh my friend…I so very much appreciate your prayers and your blessing. [hugs]
      God is faithful. 🙂

  5. Mel says

    *laughing* I think it’s good that I ended up being on this post today.
    In the wait…..what AM I ‘becoming’? Wow–there’s something to inventory. Even if I’m pretty sure I won’t like WHAT it says, it does speak, doesn’t it. Kind of an exclamation mark on a point well made.
    The good news is, I know none of that speaks to my ‘worth and value’–nor does it deter Him from loving me like crazy. It simply tells me where I’m at and I can decide if ‘remaining’ in that attitude/position is something I truly want to do.
    I don’t do the ‘wait’ stuff well. And I tend to invent the details when they’re not known to me–and then, go figure, I begin reacting and being a tad witchy. LOL NOT all bad if it’s the Halloween season…however, bit early to be doing the witchy stuff. The good news is, it’s not at other people. The bad news is, it’s still not kindly or loving or a demonstration of all that I AM.
    ‘Cept it IS a piece of the whole package……obviously.
    I do pray for you and others. And I do thank Him over and over for the awesome gifts I get handed day in day out. I also grumble and whine and fret a LOT lately (well, a lot for ME…)
    I ought not let fear shape me. It never looks OR feels good when I do.

    • Diane says

      Hmmmm. Fear. Sometimes we just need to squish that ugly head with the heels of our shoes. If not…oh boy…it gets all puffed up and starts ruling our lives. And the bigger we let it get…the harder to squish. Don’t I know.
      Sorry if that took you down an aisle to inventory that you weren’t wanting to go. Then again…you said it was good to have landed here today…so okay.
      Sometimes we do just need to pay attention to Whose we are and how wonderfully we’ve been created. There really is something to being uniquely you….even with the sometimes not so lovely accessories. But…they are accessories…so we can change them out. And that encourages me. As do your prayers. Our games are different…but we’ll overcome. Yes?

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