One of my favorite times of the day is first light.

There’s something magical about seeing the darkness being overtaken by the light each morning.

What a spectacular beginning to the day.


In the morning I pray and wait. Psalm 5:3


There’s an anticipation that fills my spirit.

I look for interesting changes in the light.

Color in the sky.

And this time of year…I can’t wait to see the first rays of the sun illuminate the colorful leaves gilding the trees.


In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly. Psalm 5:3

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;
    in the morning I lay my requests before you
    and wait expectantly.

Psalm 5:3 NIV


That same kind anticipation I have for seeing the day break, I have for talking with God.

I know he has my ear each morning and so I freely let my thoughts and anxieties spill out on him.  Every. One.

Because I know all things are possible for HIM, I immediately become expectant.

Filled with a renewed sense of hope, I look forward to seeing what God is going to do to… for me, in me, and through me.


How about you?  

Do you take time to tell God what’s on your heart?

There’s something special about walking through the day with expectation.


On the outside chance that busyness gets the best of your morning…


Wait expectantly for God.

The Lord is waiting to be kind to you.
    He rises to have compassion on you.
    The Lord is a God of justice.
        Blessed are all those who wait for him.

Isaiah 30:18 GW

Keep in mind…

God is waiting for you.

He has a blessing for all who wait for him.



Joy Day! Wait Expectantly


Joy Day!

In addition to praying and waiting expectantly for God to work in our lives, we can’t forget to give thanks.  Joy comes when we count our blessings and give thanks in all things.

Won’t you join me in counting just seven from the past week?

Your joy meter will rise.  Guaranteed!

I’ll start…

Thank you, God for…

  1. Your word that tells me your mercies are new every morning.
  2. the glorious beauty that awaits me as the sun rises each new day.
  3. helping me find inexpensive booties.
  4. helping me enjoy my Saturday alone.
  5. Tim’s last day at the paint store and for new beginnings.
  6. being my healer.
  7. the lovely gals who blog hopped with me for 12 Days.

Now it’s your turn!

List your ‘seven’ in the share your extraordinary thoughts section below.

You’ll be glad you did… I dare you!

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  1. Minnie says

    Happy Joy Day!
    Morning is not my time of day.
    I am and always have been a night owl. Even with the tiredness of the day, night is my time to shine.
    My mind becomes a surge of energy and ideas. Almost all of my projects have been conceived, planned and started late at night. My poor confused husband. He has never understood me since he is a morning person.
    Now that the kids are grown and husband is retired I am able to do things my way…at night.
    From so many years of early to bed early to rise with husband and kids I do find it hard to sleep in so I make myself stay in bed until 8. Sometimes I even fall back asleep.
    Lord I thank you for,
    1. Hallway project done and I love it!
    2. The ability you gave me to see the potential in things that no one else does AND the ability to make use of these things. Wood that someone is done with can be turned into sooo many things. A fireplace surround, wainscoting in my hallway, old fashioned pull toys for the kids. Oh the ideas you give me!
    3. Grandson stayed the weekend and Uncle came over and took him out to lunch got haircuts and got trick or treat costume.
    4. Son and daughter in law picked name for baby. He will be named after my father.
    5. The event that is happening on Friday.
    6. I know you hear me. Thank you
    7. For the people in my life, even when they make me just a little crazy(er)
    Have a beautiful week my friend
    Blessings to you!

    • Minnie… At one time I was a morning person and a night owl. Non-stop all day and night… going to be WELL after midnight… especially before Christmas when I was decorating and crafting gifts and working full-time and running a business. I was forced to come to my senses. 😉 No one can live like that all the time. 🙁
      You are sooo creative!! I wish I could see all the wonderful transformations you’ve been up to.
      Praise God for all his blessing and goodness you’ve experienced. May this week overflow with an abundance of all your heart desires. xoxo

  2. Gwen says

    Did you take these photos this week? They are breathtaking! I see a few yellow leaves on my pomegranate bush tree I grow on my western window but that’s about all so far. It’s a beautiful week of weather.
    Is this another set back for you two? I will pray right now.
    Invite company to dinner are the words that tumbled out as I began to pray. Set a beautiful table and take your time to make it festive. Make the meal easy. Yet yummy. Use leaves as decor!
    Thank God for friends.
    1. Thank you Lord that I could go to my reunion and that it was a time of much joy!
    2. Thank you Lord that Curt’s testing shows he is healthy for yet another surgery
    3. Thank you Lord for a day to relax
    4. Thank you for a home that looks neat again. And the women who helped me.
    5. Thank you for arranging so that I could see dear friends!!! It was totally arranged by You perfectly!
    6. Thank you for opportunities to be a witness for You!!!
    7. A word of wisdom from a friend. So true and what I needed to hear.
    May you find healing too. I am a night owl but I like to awaken before the sun is up to read my Bible. I do go back to sleep now. I used to have places to go but not anymore. So I give myself these hours to rest

    • Thank you Gwen!! I did take these photos and take ALL the photos you see on my blog. Doesn’t God create the most magnificent displays?
      Thank you, too for your wonderful encouragement. You do know how we love to extend hospitality. We certainly need to do it more. Funny how this little apartment can be an obstacle.
      You are so wise to enjoy those early moments with the Lord and return to your bed later for your extra rest.

  3. Minnie says

    Hello again,
    This is an official thank you from my dad.
    As you know Diane he is very sick and has been for about 8 years.
    I was talking with him this morning and I told him I pray for him several times everyday and not only that but I have THE ON LINE FRIENDS, (as he calls anything to do with the internet) praying for him as well.
    He asked me to tell anyone and everyone that has ever prayed for him THANK YOU!
    And of course thank you from me!
    I just wanted and needed to pass that on.
    Blessings to you!

    • My dear sweet friend… it’s a privilege to pray healing over your dad. How is he doing today?

  4. Monie Rowland says

    1. Thank you Lord for the love you showered me with through friends and family this week.
    2. Thank you Lord for the sunshine and cool temperatures today.
    3. Thank you Lord for the hundreds of tree swallows that have circled the house this morning and for a perfect photo opportunity to see one still and up close in the morning sun.
    4. Thank you for the friend who took me to lunch. She loves you too!
    5. Thank you for the creatures now lying at my feet peacefully who give me unbridled joy when I come home.
    6. Thank you for my husband who sits nearby contently watching his show on TV, and will lovingly pause his show to listen to anything I have to say.
    7. Thank you Lord for the peace in this home that covers us all.

    • Monie, you, my friend, are a joy! And my heart was touched as I read your ‘seven.’
      May your week overflow with JOY and peace!! xo

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