Be inspired today with these fun and creative patriotic holiday decorating ideas…

Holidays give me a great reason to have people over.

We love spending time with friends in an informal way.

There’s something about a holiday that puts everyone in a more celebratory mood.

Plus… it gives me a theme for table decor and more.


A bouquet of American flags :: Patriotic Holiday Decorating Ideas

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With that in mind… Memorial Day is almost here and it’s the perfect reason to open the cupboards and drawers and pull out all things red, white, and blue.

Since Memorial Day is about remembrance and appreciation, it’s a great teaching opportunity for the little ones in our lives too. Hanging the flag on the front of the house, going to the parade, and maybe even joining the gathering in the park where the veterans are honored are good ways to start the day.  They are also great jumping off points for talking about the reason for the long weekend holiday.  And then… back home to get things ready for greeting friends and family.


Outdoor Patriotic Holiday Decorating Ideas :: Hang the American Flag


Because I am a little bit of a flag waver, whenever there’s a patriotic holiday, I always have a handful or two of American flags on sticks to decorate my garden, home, and tables.  American flags come in all sizes.  I usually stick a few in my porch pots and in the basket that hangs on the front of my house.


American Flags in a Flower Wall Basket :: Patriotic Holiday Decorating Ideas


I love patriotic holidays and all things red, white, and blue.

And though Memorial Day is a day of remembrance more than celebration, most of us do get together with family and friends for a cookout.  Instead of making it just like every other summer cookout, why not add a little red, white, and blue to the tables?


Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Tablescape :: Patriotic Holiday Decorating Ideas :: Colorful and Easy Memorial Day Decor


The simplest and easiest and most colorful addition to patriotic themed decor is a handful of small American flags. You will want to shop your home as well for red, white, and blue items. Think outside the box.  Patriotic decor can be a mixture of whatever you have on hand.  Here I used dollar store place mats and lovely transferware dishes. Feel free to mix and match or even use a combination of paper plates and napkins.  Do as little or as much as feels right for you. Keep in mind, this is not a Pinterest competition. Sometimes I think we forget that celebrations are times to gather and celebrate and express our creativity and gifts of hospitality, not keep up with Better Homes and Gardens.


Red white and blue place setting :: patriotic decorating ideas :: mix and match tableware


This tablescape is one I created a few years ago using what I had on hand.  I did not run to the store for anything. Now, I realize that it’s helpful to already have red, white, and blue tableware.  I purposely have those colors because I can dress my table for almost any holiday with red and white dishes and have accent dishes or accessories in blues, or greens. My dinnerware color choices were made thinking about the holidays.


Memorial Day or Fourth of July Tablescape :: Patriotic Holiday Decorating Ideas


I also keep my eyes open for cloth napkins at good prices.  Over the years, I have collected a variety of reds, whites, and blues, and combinations of those colors that allow me to offer cloth napkins to my guests, even if I have a large gathering.  These table settings were photographed indoors, but I wouldn’t hesitate to take them outside.  The beauty is that if I use “real” dinnerware and cloth napkins, my guests are more comfortable.  No worrying about a paper plate folding or leaking, and cloth napkins don’t go flying into another guest’s face when an unexpected breeze comes by.   It’s these little things that make our family and guests more at ease.  Loading the dishwasher or washing machine is a few extra steps beyond disposable… but not much.  This wee bit of work takes an ordinary event and makes it extraordinary.


Shop the house and decorate with what you have :: Patriotic holiday decorating ideas


When it comes to decorating inside my house, I really enjoy creating vignettes and my sideboard is a fun spot for playing around with color and texture for the holidays.


Patriotic Holiday Decorating Ideas :: Memorial Day :: Fourth of July :: Red, White, and Blue Home Decor


You may remember my vintage window.  Here it is all decked out for the patriotic holidays of summer.  Usually I will do a little patriotic decorating for Memorial Day and keep the same things up until our Independence Day celebrations are over.  After the Fourth, I’ll usually switch things up to an even simpler floral or beach theme.

When it comes to decorating for our red, white, and blue holidays… keep it casual… keep it fun… and enjoy the celebration.  But most of all, keep the focus on family and friends and those treasured relationships.

I could go on and on, sharing patriotic decorating ideas.  It’s just so fun!

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If you’re totally overwhelmed and want a no-fail

patriotic holiday decorating idea… here it is.

Put a flag on it!  Seriously… purchase small, medium, and large sized American flags on sticks and place them in the ground, in pots, in vases, wherever you can stick a stick and you will be flying high with your red, white, and blue! How fun and easy is that?

What’s your favorite way to add patriotic decor to your garden, home, or table?

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This post was first published on May 21, 2015


  1. Gwen says

    What good ideas! I used to go all out. I’d create a new craft . I’d get flags. I’d make a door wreath. I’ve lost my enthusiasm lately for anything. But your upbeat post makes me realize if I don’t do something now, there is Flag day soon and while I went all out last year and the years before, I donated it all. So I shall take your tips and add just a little. I have flag placemats. I will start there! I have red and white roses. And blue salvia. I have a few pewter things.

    • Thanks so much Gwen!! It really doesn’t take a lot to have a little red, white, and blue decorating fun! Hope you’re able to find your things and have a good play! 😉

  2. So many beautiful and wonderful ideas, Diane! I put my big flag out on Friday and today two of my boys laid out the mulch for me which made the yard look so much neater so I grabbed some flags I bought at the Dollar Tree and put those in my flower beds. xo

    • I bet that looked fabulous Mary Beth! It’s amazing what a little will do to give our homes that patriotic pop that makes our hearts swell!


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