Bless the Lord ::  :: Tapestry of green on the forest floor.


Everyday, as I walk, I am amazed by the tapestry along the roadside.

Today I noticed leaf shapes.

Each leaf was the same tone of green.  Yet, from plant to plant and bush to bush, each had its own exquisite shape.

Together they created the most beautiful tapestry in green.


Does my reflection bless the Lord? ::


A few days ago we took the rowboat out on the lake just before sunset.

In the stillness the lily pads and other water plants reflected the setting sun’s brilliant light.

We were in awe of another tapestry at the water’s edge.

A mirror formed across the face of the water.  It captured the woods at waters edge, the water lilies, the sky and the clouds and sun.

Every. single. bit. proclaims the beauty of the Lord.


Psalm 145:10  All that you have made... :: Am I a Reflection? ::


All that you have made gives thanks to you, Lord;
    all your faithful ones bless you!

Psalm 145:10

As we walked early this morning, we heard beautiful birdsong emanating from the woods.

We became silent so we could listen more intently to their song.

Their song was more than a mating call.  I’m certain they were singing to their creator…praising him… and blessing him.

Let’s do that too.

Let’s join with all creation and bless the Lord!

What have you discovered to be the most meaningful way to bless the Lord?

Joy Day! Giving thanks and blessing God ::

Today is Joy Day!


One way to bless the Lord is to thank him for he has done.  

Here at An Extraordinary Day we set aside time each week to look back over our week and count gifts, blessings, and give thanks for both the good and the not-so-good.  And we get to do it together.

There’s a side benefit to counting, too.  We get joy!  🙂

Please join me in looking back over the past week and counting ‘seven.’

I’ll start…

Thank you God for…

  1. big giant juicy, sweet, fresh from the bush, blueberries.
  2. a productive week.  It feels sooo good.
  3. a day spend with my dear friend.  Oh the fun we had!
  4. the phone that finally arrived but didn’t work and another week of waiting for a new sim card.
  5. the weariness of waiting.
  6. your faithfulness.  Your goodness.  Your mercy.  New…fresh…and abundant every day.
  7. another flush of wildflowers and being able to pick a handful to arrange to bless my friend.

Now it’s YOUR turn!!

Join me in counting ‘seven.’
Scroll down to the comment section…Share Your Extraordinary Thoughts….and list your ‘seven.’
I dare you!

Want even more joy?  Take the Joy Dare here.

Thank you for stopping by today.
I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.



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  1. Debbi Saunders says

    Good Morning! It is a Beautiful day! I so look forward to Sunday’s and Joy Day…but I will admit I have been struggling greatly this last week…
    God I am so grateful:
    1. that you have led me to all manner of scriptures and inspirations for Hope, encouragement, enlightenment from all manner of places.
    2. that you make your presence known to me when the loneliness seems unbearable.
    3. that you continue to expand my ministries daily to bring hope and encouragement to others each morning even when I myself struggle.
    4. that you can make a way when there seems no way even when the future of my Home looks very Bleek!
    5. that you see my weakness and struggles with Faith and doubt and love me anyway!
    6. for understanding that I am having a very hard time being Joyful right now, I am weary!
    7. for God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, because without them I would have nothing…

  2. Joanne Viola says

    I think this is my first time visiting your site & I so enjoyed being here! God, I am grateful:
    1. you gave me my husband who loves & cares not only for me but for so many.
    2. that you make Your Word new to me each time I open it.
    3. for Your love
    4. that You give me joy
    5. for those you bring into my life
    6. for today, another day of life
    7. You open doors & make a way.

    I visited this morning from Motivation Monday & this was a beautiful way to start my week! Blessings!!!

  3. Sharon Clements says

    Thank you God for:
    1. A beautiful world that cannot compare with the wonder and beauty of heaven
    2. For your word that promises that you will never leave nor forsake us
    3. For a new friend at church and for many friends there that are not so new
    4. For giving me a wonderful family
    5. For being with me when my finances were not so good and helping me get to a more secure place
    6. For your Son who came to show us the way to everlasting life
    7. For your love and your word to guide us

  4. Mel says

    What have you discovered to be the most meaningful way to bless the Lord?
    Singing praise. I don’t know why–but I can talk to Him and tell Him what I’m awe-filled about, but singing somehow makes me feel like He’s happy I’m happy. (if that makes any sense…)

    * I have a doctor who cares that I get fixed.
    * Himself got a new train for the train layout–he’s like a kid with a new toy!
    * I got my work done in an efficient and timely manner–given it’s tedious work and based on other folks getting their job done in a timely manner….score for me and for them!
    * The small but mighty buddleiahs have bloomed……finally…..
    * I have a glow in the dark bracelet made with great love by the 5 year old (and worn proudly, I might add!)
    * Tassles on the corn–woohoo….
    * Corn on the cob….I know it’s coming soon!
    * I have an abundance of blessings…..anytime I want to count them I have no difficulty doing it. Isn’t that amazing…..

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