Last year I went hunting for acorns.  I walked for what seemed like miles through the woods that rimmed the cornfield, eyes to the ground, carefully searching for those little nuts with cute hats.  After expending all that effort in the hunt, I walked home with a small handful.  That’s all!

This year I had success and found all the acorns I ever wanted!


Acorns are falling. Now is the time to gather a bunch and make a lovely acorn photo frame. It's great for gift-giving and makes the perfect accent for fall home decor. Click through for the easy tutorial by

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You know how you hear that there will be a bad winter when there are lots of acorns?

Last winter was the worst I’ve known, and there were hardly any acorns in my neck of the woods.

With all the acorns this year, I did a lot of deep knee bends and came home with bags full.

Of course, I had no idea what I was going to do with my pretties….Hmmm…what shall I make?

Here’s an idea!!


Acorn Photo Frame Tutorial


Acorn Photo Frame Supplies ~ Tutorial



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  • Since my photo frame was bright gold, I chose to spray paint it black so the gold wouldn’t show behind the acorns. (Because my frame was so inexpensive I couldn’t remove the glass and had to shield it with paper for spraying.)
  • In sections, lay out your acorn caps and acorns on your frame in a pleasing manner.
  • I started with the top.  Once I liked the layout, I glued the acorns/caps in place.
  • Next, I did the same for the bottom of the frame.
  • And finally, fill in the sides with caps and acorns.


Tutorial~Acorn Photo Frame


  • Originally I had planned to use just the acorn caps, but as I arranged the caps, I discovered that the addition of a few whole acorns really made for an attractive arrangement.  As I was collecting them, I found a few with the caps still attached to the stems.  Those were added to the frame as well…though it’s difficult to see in the completed project.
  • When the acorn photo frame was completed, I didn’t have any fall photos that I wanted to frame, so I added a book page (surprise!) to the frame and a small oak leaf.  It’s simple and sweet and says, “Fall” so nicely.  In fact, it could be left up all year long.


Embellish a Photo an Inexpensive Frame with Acorns


I brought it with me when I went to visit my friend.  She was thrilled to receive it and will use it to decorate the room where her grandsons sleep when they often visit.  I love the sweet simplicity of the black and white decor in the bedroom and my DIY acorn photo frame is the perfect addition.


Acorn Photo Frame in the Boys Room


Another acorn project is in the works, too.  Be watching for it!

I’ve really enjoyed creating home decor with the oaks’ bounties.  Though I must say, one tree provides more than enough material for endless creativity.   Just think of all the great Christmas gifts you can make?  Who wouldn’t love to receive your DIY acorn photo frame complete with a fall family photo?


How have you used acorns or other parts of the oak tree in creating home decor?


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  1. Betty Brown says

    This is such a great idea and very creative.:)

  2. Glenda Kremer says

    cute idea but with our needing to downsize I am needing to get framed things in books and off walls and shelves. sad thing is so many of mine have been in frames so long I cannot get them out–stuck to the glass!

  3. Shirlene says

    I love it! My neighbor has a yard full of those acorns!!!

  4. Do you bakt the acorns before? I love this

    • Diane says

      Thanks Cookie!!
      I did bake the acrons…and I will have a post up regarding those details later today. 🙂

  5. Mel says

    I just love to scatter tgem around my gourds and on my serving tray. Nothing the least bit crafty/creative like this! And leave it to you to already have found it a happy home. How pleased she must have been!

    • Diane says

      Haha! I love scattered acorns. It may not be crafty…but it IS creative! 🙂

  6. What a pretty fall focal point. 🙂

  7. What a fun and unique idea! Totally adore your acorn frame!

  8. Kim says

    What a coincidence, Diane. I went hunting for acorns this morning and found only teeny tiny ones – and only a handful. Our trees were damaged so badly by a tornado in 2011, maybe it stunted the acorn production. I’ve heard we’re due for a hard winter again. Your acorns are nice, big, healthy ones. I love this frame you made. I’m dreaming of finding bigger acorns in the future to make a frame like yours!

    • Diane says

      Kim…you can have fun with the tiny one’s too. Glue them to fine ribbon and attach them to napkin rings or other decor. I’m so sorry that your trees were so badly damaged. 🙁 As far as the hard winter thoughts. I can’t bear to think of that again. Ugh.

  9. Adorable! I love acorns and and the mini pine cones but I don’t ever see them around here 🙁

    • Diane says

      Thanks Ann Marie!
      When I lived in the Buffalo area there were always tiny pine cones that could be scored. But, I never looked for acorns. Stop by your county park…you might find treasures there. 😉

  10. These are adorable.. last year my granddaughter and I painted the caps and left the acorn natural and scatter them with painted pine cones for decoration. Be sure to post how you bake them. Is there a reason you bake them instead of use them “raw”?
    Thanks for an awesome idea!!

  11. Tania says

    So cute, I love it!


  12. Karen says

    I thought you might like to know…oak trees produce and shed acorns every other year. I love the project and thanks for the tip on cleaning and baking!

  13. What a gorgeous project! I love it. I’m definitely pinning this to DIY Inspiration board! Now to get my hands on some acorns… Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Just found your blog through today’s #SITSBlogging link-up. Glad that I did. Have a wonderful rest of the week. 🙂

  14. Like this whole new productive use for all those acorns. Hoping over from SITS.

    • Diane says

      We’ll have to make a lot of frames to used up just a fraction of all those acorns! Heehee!
      Thanks for popping by Sarah!

  15. This is again absolutely adorable. I so love how your work has been developing!

    • Diane says

      Thanks Rose! Desperate to use what is at hand without spending any money causes me to ‘work’ harder. It’s a good thing. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

  16. Kathy says

    This looks awesome, Diane! I will be featuring your post in this week’s Home and Garden Thursday,

  17. What a great frame idea. So cute! Thanks for sharing it on the Tuesday Garden Party!

    • Diane says

      Thanks so much Shelly!! I had fun putting it together. When I started I had an idea in mind…but it flowed into something even better. I like happy outcomes like that.
      Best wishes for an extraordinary day!

  18. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    I love acorns. I’m always coming home with my pockets full! The frame is so cute. It would look great on a Thanksgiving table! Happy to feature you at our party this morning. And I know animals eat acorns of course, but I never though of people eating them! Have you tried them?

    • Diane says

      Awww…thanks Sharon!! I hadn’t thought about using the frame in that way. Hmmm… wouldn’t it be fun to make smaller ones to place around the table, too? You’ve got my “wheels” turning now! 🙂
      I have never tried eating acorns or grinding them into flour. I guess they’re pretty good. I’m just not that brave! Heehee!

  19. Judy says

    What a clever project. It came out really pretty. I will be featuring this tonight at my Fall into Fall link party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks.

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much Judy!! I had an idea when I started, but it was more fun and creative than I had ever imagined it would be.

  20. Monie says

    Love this idea! Anxious for the next one.

  21. Noreen says

    Hi Diane
    I love the acorn frame. I have picked a lot of acorns and pine cones but haven’t done anything with them yet. The acorns in the picture are so nice and shiny. Did you spray them or anything?

  22. Pamela Garfield says

    Hi. The instructions don’t say when to use the clearcoat… Do you spray the clear coat over the glued acorns as the final step?

    Thank you.

    • Pamela, I sprayed it when the project was completed. Thanks for pointing out that I missed adding that step.
      Happy Crafting!


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