One late fall, my aunt and uncle invited us to their home in Flint, Michigan.  They insisted that we go with them to the quaint town of Frankenmuth for a German chicken dinner and a stroll through the world’s largest Christmas store, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. 


Decorating with Nativities :: 12 Days of Christmas ::


Bronner’s truly had more Christmas decorations in one place than I could have imagined.  But, what most amazed me were all the different nativities and sizes, some but an inch tall to larger than life.  And of course, I came home with a small piece, the holy family and a star and an angel, to begin my tradition of decorating with nativities for Christmas.


Decorating with Nativities :: Longaberger basket becomes nativity stable ::


I had no idea what I was going to do with those three pieces. But, one year I arranged them in one of my Longaberger baskets and loved it.

The angel was wired to the edge of the basket which became the rooftop of the “stable,” and the holy family was placed inside the basket/stable, surrounded by some golden threads of ribbon.  The star became a fixture on another nativity.


Decorating with Nativities :: 12 Days of Christmas :: Piano Top Vignette ::


Last year, I placed the nativity basket on my piano with a few other things.

Since that trip, I have gone back to Bronner’s on a few occasions, and each time I came home with a nativity.  Decorating with nativities can be a time to express your creativity.  Just like the darning or button baskets sheltering the holy family, I’ve used baskets to display my nativities in fun and unusual ways.

I love decorating for Christmas.  Even more, I love including things in my decor that remind me why I’m decorating.   Yes, the reason for the season.

Decorating with nativities each Christmas has a way of helping me to pause….and ponder.

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. ~ Luke 2:19


Yesterday I shared a FREE 5×7 Printable of this verse alongside a shot of the nativity.  If you wish, download it here.

May your heart be filled with the joy of the season,


Disclosure…I shared about Bronner’s because it is a unique place to visit and I love decorating with nativities each Christmas, especially the unusual ones I purchased there.  I received NO compensation for this post or my thoughts.  The Longaberger link is to my consultant website (Diane Miller) and I will receive a commission for any sales placed there. (The darning or button baskets are retired.)  Thank you!

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  1. ColleenB. says

    Beautiful nativity.
    I have collected nativity sets for several years now and am finding that I am running out of room when it comes time to display them but I still enjoy them and I try to get a new one each year. The smallest set I have is a pewter set and the pieces are only about 1/2-1 in. tall.
    Thank you for the free printable

    • Diane says

      Colleen…I love that you are still collecting nativities. 🙂 Wow! Just 1/2 inch tall!!! Amazing. What a treasure.
      Thanks for popping by and sharing your thoughts.
      May you and yours have the most JOYous Christmas ever!!

  2. Love your Nativity and I love to have mine out at Christmas too.
    Be a sweetie,Shelia 🙂

    • Diane says

      Awwww…thanks Sheila!!! Each one is a special treasure. 🙂

      Wishing you a blessed and happy Christmas Day!

  3. Glenda Kremer says

    I have over 50 nativities–have posted most on facebook. my favorite thing to put out at Christmas–in fact a few never get put away and I see them all year!
    Have a blessed Christ-centered Christmas!
    Glenda Kremer

    • Diane says

      I love that you leave some of your nativities out all year long, Glenda!! What a great idea!

      May you and yours have a blessed and joyous CHRISTmas!!

  4. Ruth says

    I have gotten Bronner’s catalog a few times and they do have beautiful ornaments! I also display my nativities too.
    I have one set that has scriptures etched in them and another that is heavy glass. This year I bought 3 wise men
    on camels. On my mantel I have the 3 wise men on camels heading toward the manger (with my above mentioned nativity) then the word J O Y spelled out with Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus inside the letters, then onto
    the porcelain donkey carrying Mary and Jesus with Joseph leading them (called flight to Egypt). So it tells a story.
    My mom also made me a plastic canvas picture of the Nativity one year for my Christmas present. It is approx
    16 x 20., and I love it!! I keep it up all year in my hallway! Merry Christmas and God bless!!

    • Diane says

      Ruth….I love how you set up your figurines to tell the Christmas story. I bet your mantel is absolutely stunning.
      Thanks for taking the time to pop by and share about your nativities.

      Wishing you and yours the most joyous Christmas!

  5. Mel says

    What a clever idea for containing the pieces to create a scene. And it turned out wonderfully (go figure). We’re a culturally diversed household–and we do have a wee nativity scene that has a special spot for the small child to adore and handle. Perhaps we’ll find a basket and let her create the scene as she tells us about the baby Jesus.

    • Diane says

      After your little bug had the blessing of cradling/rocking baby Jesus in her school musical, I’m certain she would love to create her own scene. And I bet it matters to her that they are “exactly” placed. 😉


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