Love.  On this Fourth Sunday in Advent we Light the Candle of Love. The first week, we lit the candle of Hope.  The second week, we lit the candle of Peace.  And last week we lit the candle of JOY. My heart is full of gratitude.  I cannot even begin to comprehend this love the Father has for us. To think that he so much wanted us to "get it" that he orchestrated an amazing turn of events to not only demonstrate this love he has for you and me, but to make a way to be a part of his forever family.     At Christmas we imagine a sweet bucolic scene of a mother tending to her newborn … [Read more...]

Today, on this third Sunday of Advent, we light the candle of JOY. The first week, we lit the candle of Hope.  The second week, we lit the candle of Peace. Today, we rejoice with Mary at this amazing thing God has done. Oh JOY!     Though we know that Mary was a very young woman about 13 years old, she had an amazing understanding of scripture and the times in which she lived.  She was carrying the Messiah, the one who to bring freedom to the captives.  No doubt she was a little scared.  Yet, she was filled with great joy. I enjoy reading a translation of the Bible called The Voice. … [Read more...]

  Do you feel like you are already on the quickly spinning hamster wheel? For many of us, the holidays are so busy we hardly have time to breathe. I don't think that is how Thanksgiving and Christmas are supposed to be.  Do you?   Hespe   Have you ever thought about observing Advent? I'm not talking about the little calendar where you open the door each day in December as you countdown to Christmas. or even the very fun games and gifts and random acts of kindness that families can do together for Advent. No, I'm thinking about observing Advent in a more quiet … [Read more...]