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Have you ever been invited to someone’s home for “the big game” and once it was game time, the blinds came down and the curtains were drawn so that everyone could see the TV without glare?   My good friends did that very thing.  Their room started to feel closed in and cave-like. It was like being in another world.  Quickly I had no idea what the day was like outside the windows, it felt like night inside, just so we could watch the game.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those gals who prefers not to have anything at her windows if possible.  Sure, we need privacy from the street or our neighbors at various times during the day or night.  But, for the most part, I like to be able to look outside.

Usually I think of my window treatments as being accessories to my room, just as scarf or pretty vest notches up my outfit.

Sometimes we need to be more practical than pretty.  That being said, in my world, I want my outfit as well as my home to be both.  Yes, I think we can have it both ways.

In order to have it both ways, we need to discover our options.

I love the pretty bamboo shades that Shelley added to her breakfast room and the architectural interest they provide.


Woven Blinds


The transformation of these bedroom windows was amazing.  What a great look for a bedroom where you want privacy.


Plantation Blinds


Both are fabulous window treatments for giving a room depth and creating architectural interest, as well as blocking the sun for a brief time, or even hiding the ugly air conditioner unit just outside the window.

If you’re like me and love being able to see outside and get relief from the sun’s glare there are some new shades on the block... solar screens.


solar blind


Almost daily I struggle with the reflective quality of the screen on my laptop.  I’m continually trying to position myself so that I don’t get glare from the window and can still look outside and enjoy the view. The idea of solar screens for my windows is really appealing, even though it won’t provide complete privacy at night.  Plus, when friends come over to view “the big game” on TV, everyone should be able see, both inside and out.  I like that.

I also like the idea that I could layer bamboo shades and solar screens for beauty and practicality.  That way I really can have it both ways.


How about you?  Are you always fighting sun glare on your TV and computer screens?

Do you think solar screens would work in your house?


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  1. bobbi duncan says

    I’m with you, Diane. I love to look out my windows. Our last home was on acreage and we never really needed to close the shutters, but now we have neighbors so I find I have to keep some rooms at least partially covered,

  2. Mel says

    Oh, I never pull the curtains in the livingroom for the very reasons you had.
    The bedroom is a different story. Come to think of it, redoing those window treatments would be a good project!!

  3. Greg says

    I like the texture of the bamboo shades but in my house we went with blackout shades, they are great for movie nights they pretty much make our living room into a home theater

  4. Blogs are very good way of exchanging the information advantages disadvantages of window blinds and I love to read post and sometime some blogs give me so much of knowledge and this is one kind of those blogs.

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