The Lord’s love never ends;
his mercies never stop.
They are new every morning;
Lord, your loyalty is great.

Lamentations 3:22-23

If there is one truth that we can and should remember every single day it’s this….

God’s love never ends. 

This intimate personal love He has for each of us never stops.  So much so that every morning when we awake… God has more love to greet us in the new day.

When my husband speaks to children, there is ONE thing he always wants to be sure they know.  “God loves you.”  He repeats it often.  When he was growing up his family sat at the front of the church… nearly filling an entire pew…. but he never heard that God loved him.  He did hear that God loved the world.  A sort of blanket love.  Not a personal love.  When he was 16… someone in an adjacent booth at a boat show, helped him to know that God’s love was for him.  It was a life-changing moment.


You'll Get Joy When You Turn Truth into Worship - This simple concept can change your devotional time and even corporate worship time. | Scripture Image - The Lord's love never ends: His mercies never stop.... From Lamentations 3 |


The Lord’s love never ends;

We need to know and understand this truth to our very core.

It helps us know more about God… and it helps us to know how valuable we are to Him.

This concept can be challenging for our finite minds to grasp… yet it provides for us a wonderful boundary of freedom and security.


Get Joy When You Turn Truth into Worship -


Usually, in these meditations, I will walk through the verse step by step.  This time, we’re going to jump over this portion of scripture… his mercies never stop. They are new every morning; to get to my light bulb moment.


You’ll Get Joy When You Turn Truth into Worship


The writer of the Book of Lamentations wrote

The Lord’s love never ends;
his mercies never stop.
They are new every morning;
Lord, your loyalty is great.

Did you notice that he went from speaking truth about God to worship?

He tells us of God’s love… His mercies… how they are new every morning… and thenBAM!

Lord, your loyalty is great.

He gives God his praise and worship.


Words of Worship to God from Lamentations 3 Lord, your loyalty is great. -


Often in church, we sing about God… His goodness… His mercies… His love… and more.  It’s wonderful because we need to be reminded of Who God IS… His character… and just how mighty and glorious and powerful He is.  Singing these truths about God helps us to cement them in our minds and our hearts.

Sometimes I’ve had enough singing about God and I want to sing to Him… to praise and worship Him in song.  It’s then I find myself changing the pronouns in the songs as we sing.  I sing You instead of He.  That simple change helps my heart connect more intimately with God and my soul overflow with joy.  When I do that I feel I’m doing exactly what I was designed to do.

That simple change helps my heart connect more intimately with God and my soul overflow with joy.  When I do that I feel I’m doing exactly what I was designed to do.


The writers go from truth telling… to worship and praise. -


Lately, as I’ve been reading God’s word, I noticed some of the writers go from telling about to speaking to God. From truth telling… to worship and praise.

It helped me realize that as important as speaking to each other about God and hearing about Him… is our speaking or singing to God.  After speaking the truth to others out loud… we must praise God for those truths we’ve spoken and heard.  It’s brings everything full circle.  This element of worship added to the truth telling fulfills us and honors and blesses God. And this is what brings joy to our hearts.

The next time you read scripture or another text that helps you to know more about God… pray it back to God… just like the writer of Lamentations did here in this verse.

The Lord’s love never ends;
his mercies never stop.
They are new every morning;
Lord, your loyalty is great.

Tell God what you know or learned about Him and turn those truths about God into praise of our loving, merciful, and faithful Lord.

Though worship and praise are not about us…. but entirely about God… our hearts fill up with joy as we focus on Him and Who He IS.

Maybe this will help you, too, turn your reading and hearing of God’s truths into joyful worship.


Turn Truth into Worship - It's JoyDay!


It’s Joy Day!

Today is the day we take some time to look back over our past week and count the gifts and blessings from the past week.

I’m reminded that some gifts aren’t exactly pleasant.  Yet, in all things we are to give thanks.  

Our giving thanks is a form of worship and in it JOY will fill your heart.

Please join me in counting just ‘seven’ from the past week.

I’ll start…

God, I’m so thankful for…

  1. Your love… that never ends.
  2. a 25-degree warm-up and all the glorious sunshine.
  3. the release from my despair and mourning.
  4. watching you paint the sky at sunset with my husband.
  5. a wonderful, though temporary, answer to our prayer.
  6. Your loving provision.
  7. Your goodness and the promise that You fight for us.

Now it’s YOUR turn!!

Scroll down to the comment section…Share Your Extraordinary Thoughts….and list your ‘seven.’ I dare you!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet thoughts.

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  1. Debbi Saunders says

    Thank You God for….
    1. A letter inviting me back for the next school year in my current positions….
    2. beautiful weather…
    3. a successful interview for my Son…..
    4. for your provision, peace and grace for each day…
    5. for answered prayer for a Dear Friend…
    6. for the many ways you choose to speak to me….
    7. for an unexpected day off from school on Friday….

    • So many wonderful answers to prayer, here, Debbi! God is doing amazing things. I can’t wait to see how He brings everything together for you. {[hugs}}

  2. Gwen says

    Joy Day. Without sense of time it feels like I just did this!! Yet that it was months ago!!!
    1. A bird is singing out my window so beautifully I can hardly contain myself ( and it stopped as I wrote–shy thing!!!)
    2. The bird sang again as I typed 2!!! Giggling in nature
    3. Curt’s not better but he acts more himself this eve. Praying a resolution to heart condition
    4. We did not get to go but Mom really enjoyed the party with her grandkids from Seattle and meeting her grandson’s bride. She’s so lovely. And my daughter and husband used phone so I could be a little part of it. Hard for Curt cried. He loves my nephew sooo much and wanted to be there
    5. Difficult times Curt came to me and realized that it’s drawing him closer and closer to relying on God not self as he’s always done before
    6. My sisters surgery went very well. She will be in the hospital a week but she’s quite strong
    7. My youngest misses her time with Curt now that he drove himself last week to church. He is loved. But today he was too tired to go
    I got to see a friend and another friend. Head pushing out. Oh. Bible study w gals back up✝

    • Gwen… what is it about birdsong that makes our spirits soar? I love how the bird sang as you typed. It made me giggle, too. 😉
      We will continue to pray for Curt to have a resolution to his heart condition. How good it is that he is leaning hard on God in a new fresh way through the challenge. Romans 8:28 is certainly at work here.
      I love your heart of joy, Gwen. May your new week overflow with God’s presence and His joy!

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