Today I was reading Emily Freeman’s email, Let’s Share What We Learned in March, where she briefly mentioned how valuable it is to her to look back at the end of the day and ask questions like, where did I see God today?  It really got me thinking.  Until last fall, I had a daily practice of writing down 10 things for which I was grateful at the end of each day.  A big change in my routine caused me to abandon that practice.  I regret it a bit.  Maybe that’s why asking the question, “Where did I see God today?” caught my attention.


What if we finished the day asking, "Where did I see God today?"


Do you evaluate your day before you turn in for the night?

I think it’s common to look back over the day and consider how we lived, what we said, and how we treated others, in light of pleasing God.  If you find yourself with a heart of thanksgiving or listing out your gratitude in prayer at the end of the day, I think you’re close to answering this question.  Yet, it seems a bit deeper and broader than that.


What if we finished the day asking this question... Where did I see God today? It's an interesting question and one that could frame our day in a fresh way. Plus get the FREE printable to frame to serve as your reminder.


If we ask ourselves the question, “Where did I see God today?” we might have seen Him in places like this.   Or maybe we saw God in a kindness expressed to us….  in scripture…. in nature… through our hands–serving someone.

Do you look at your world and your life through this filter? If you do… you are exceptional.

Most of us have a certain awareness of God’s interaction in our lives… but often we just rush through our days grateful things didn’t blow up or there were no emergencies.

I wonder… if you were to ask this question at the end of your day… do you think that you would be more inclined to see God throughout your day?

This month I’m going to challenge you to end your day with this question…

“Where did I see God today?”


To make it easy for you…
I created this lovely FREE 5×7 printable for you.

Where did I see God today FREE Printable from

and then print and frame it as a reminder.


Every evening I post a pretty bedroom and a scripture to close the day on Facebook.  Maybe as a reminder I should ask the question on Facebook.  What do you think?

If you made this question a part of your end-of-the-day routine… how do you think it would change you or your day or night?


What if we finished the day with this question


For those of you with kids around the table at mealtimes, “Where did I see God today?” would be a great question to ask.  The answers might surprise you.  It might just be the beginning of a new way of walking through our days.

I wonder what would happen if we were to pray these words at the start of our day?
“Lord, today help me to see YOU throughout my day.”


What if we finished the day with this question... PLUS... it's JoyDay!


It’s JoyDay!


JoyDay! is a weekly practice here at An Extraordinary Day! where we take time to look back over the past week and count seven things in gratitude.  We count the good and the not-so-good… in community…. please join us…

I’ll start…

Thank you God for…

  1. your goodness and unexpected provision in our lives.
  2. safety and stamina for Tim.
  3. half-price Easter flowers in a good mix of colors for my project.
  4. the glorious sunshine we enjoyed before all the heavy rain and snow.
  5. being our Hope and our Joy.
  6. painful hands that rob my energy and yet make me aware of how blessed I’ve been and more sensitive to others’ pain.
  7. answers to prayer we have not yet seen and for fighting for us.

It’s YOUR turn! Scroll down to the comment section and add in your “seven.”

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave your sweet thoughts.

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Thank you to Angie Makes for the beautiful watercolor background used in today’s FREE printable, Where did I see God today?


  1. Debbi Saunders says

    Thank You God for…..
    1. for Easter Break!
    2. for out of town visit to 2 very old and Dear friends for 2 days…
    3. for renewing my spirit…
    4. 2 small unexpected gifts…
    5. For answered prayer I have not yet seen! It was so perfect for my current situation Diane, that I had to borrow it from you!
    6. that I have been able in just these last few weeks to really see God in things, people,and situations through out the day….
    7. that when I feel the need and reach out to Him He meets and talks with me in so many different places and ways in the midst of the trials and joyful times!!

    • Diane says

      I love your joyful heart in the midst of trials, Debbi! Re: #5…. oh this one is a work in progress. 😉
      Hope your week is extraordinary as you keep your eyes open to see God each day. {hugs}

  2. Tim says

    I saw God in the large and the small, the wind and the waves. I saw God in your smile and your thoughtfulness.
    I heard God in the music and the stillness.

  3. Judy says

    Good thoughts, Diane. Thank you!

    • Bless you my friend! Thanks for your words of encouragement. [[hugs]]
      Have a blessed and joy-filled week!

  4. Gwen says

    That is a new thought. I’ve seen God in a switch of a sour attitude quickly changing and asking God for help. I saw God in a program of math in our universe and even in every single sunflower that never diverts from a pattern. God is so orderly!!! How could one explain the sunflower by sheer chance let alone all the other always the same patterns found in our world and universe?!!! It was so exciting!!!
    1. You Lord help friends Her Mom in this time of sorrow and I could maybe be of a bit of help. Lifetime friends are wonderful
    2. Just so glad Curt has NO cancer. Just a shadow. And his internal bleeding has stopped. Give him strength and health. His chest over his heart is swollen again and painful. Lord give him strength.
    3. You know the feeling of abandonment I’ve been feeling. Thank younLord for putting Your Treasure in me. Entrusting me with your treasure. Help me to shine for you.
    4. I was there for Mom via telephone. Help Mom regain sight and hearing. In faith I believe
    5. Help Diane Lord be able to afford Emu oil cream and may it relieve the arthritis pain as she applies it four times a day. It was $15.99 doubled in price. Help her be able to find it for much less.
    6. For quick answered prayer against evil the prayer was answered so quickly
    7. For helpers that do help out. Thank you Lord.

  5. What a good question to ask at the end of each day instead of going right to my nighttime reading.
    Joy Day:
    1. Thankful for a change of attitude in spite of not knowing answers to big questions.
    2. Thankful for a church that makes me feel like I’ve come home.
    3. Thankful for my husband’s week off this past week and time spent together puttering in the yard.
    4. Thankful for perfect weather!
    5. Thankful for adult daughters who consider me their best friend.
    6. Thankful for a group of ladies I have found here in SC, all from different churches and backgrounds, who have somehow bonded into a very special group of friends.
    7. Thankful for a movie date with these ladies later this week. Fellowship is sweet 🙂
    Thank YOU Diane for being so extraordinary 🙂

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