Do you ever wonder what someone sees when they look at you?


This verse from the Bible tells us what God sees.


1 Samuel 16:7

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But, I really wonder what people see?


Today I was volunteering at my church and I was introduced to a man from Sierra Leone.  His name was Harry.  I chatted briefly with Harry, enjoying his accent and graceful manner.  And then he said to me, “You have a godly smile.”  I hope I said, “Thank you.”  But, really, I have no idea what I replied.  It was such an unusual compliment to receive.

A few days ago, Ann Voskamp wrote about her experience in the airport at the luggage carousel.  A gentleman complimented her dress, he suggested it was spiritual.

The Bible verse above suggests that God doesn’t look at our shoes, or earrings, or our hair cut.  He looks at our heart.


I’m beginning to think that people can see our hearts.


If someone sees your heart….what do you think they see?




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