What is your personal fragrance?  Discover how to wear the fragrance of Christ.


Have you ever thought about your aroma?

Did you just tilt your nose down and take a whiff of your shirt?  I’m not talking about your perfume, toilet water, or cologne.  I’m not talking about whether you used deodorant after your shower, though that is probably a good idea.

There’s another kind of scent that I have in mind.

We have a spiritual fragrance.  It’s the essence of who we are.

You might know someone who has a wonderful essence.  So lovely that you wish that you could wear that same fragrance.

You also might know someone who has a less than wonderful essence.  You probably find yourself avoiding that one.

When my husband worked in an office with about thirty people in close proximity, he would often share observations about his co-workers and his brief interactions with them.  He might mention something about someone’s appearance, their vocabulary, their behavior, or even their character.  Whether they realize it or not, these co-workers were all giving off an aroma.  Some sweet.  Others a pungent odor.

Have you ever thought about your fragrance?

Have you ever thought about your choices and how they might impact your scent?


The heady fragrance of Crab Apple Blossoms reminds us to desire wearing the fragrance of Christ.


If I get to choose my scent, and I do, I want to be wearing the delightful fragrance of Christ.  I want to be a joy splashing, life-giving, encouraging aroma.

His sweet fragrance doesn’t permeate us on those days when we hop out of bed and jump into life without taking time to be quiet, read God’s word, and pray.  When we are all about our own business or ourselves, we diminish HIS scent.


If we're wearing the fragrance of Christ, we're probably living out Philippians 4:8.


Here’s something we can also do to give off a pleasing fragrance…

Finally, brothers and sisters,  fill your minds with beauty and truth.
Meditate on whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely, whatever is good, whatever is virtuous and praiseworthy.

Philippians 4:8 

Have you ever looked at a gorgeous rose, stooped down to breathe in its aroma, and pulled away disappointed by its lack of fragrance?  Roses are supposed to give off a heady aroma, as are lilacs or lily of the valley, which are blooming right now.  We look forward to their scents each spring. They refresh us with their beauty and their aroma.

What if we started our days by splashing on eau de love, or joy, or peace, or patience, or kindness, or goodness, or faithfulness, or gentleness, or self-control? (The Fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5:22-23) Would people look forward to having us pass by their office, their desk, or their check-out lane?


Discover how to have a joy-splashing personal fragrance.  Let's be caught wearing the fragrance of Christ.


What’s your fragrance? Do you smell like the stinky truck that just drove past or apple blossoms?  Neither scent may be immediately apparent.  But, if someone gets to spend a little bit of time around you… they’ll get a whiff of your aroma.

What scent are you wearing?

Our fragrance…who knew it was a daily (maybe even minute by minute) choice?

What do you need to do each day to so people will stop and ask the name of that delightful fragrance you’re wearing?


Wearing the Fragrance of Christ. Joy and gratitude are ingredients in that lovely fragrance.


It’s JoyDay!

Want to smell sweet and have others notice your lovely fragrance?  Want joy?
Giving thanks is a great way to put on a sweet scent and get joy.

Join me in looking back over the past week and counting ‘seven’ –
both the good and the not-so-good.  

I’ll start…

Thank you God for…

  1. a fun day “bumming” with my husband
  2. the heady aroma of crab apple blossoms
  3. your wonderful provision of a wardrobe allowance
  4. piles of pink blossoms filling the sidewalk
  5. hearing the bullfrog while lying in bed at night
  6. giving me fresh insights of your amazing love for me
  7. getting to celebrate two special dancers today

Now it’s YOUR turn!!

Join me in counting ‘seven.’
Scroll down to the comment section…Share Your Extraordinary Thoughts….and list your ‘seven.’
I dare you!

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave your sweet thoughts.

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  1. Debbi Saunders says

    Thank You God For…..
    1. For the Pelican that flew so low and slow over my head I could see it’s eye!!!
    2. The sticker on the back of a Church Bus van on the drive home reminding me that with you all things are possible!
    3. For a church sign that I pass every day where you reminded me to forgive!
    4. For a Several devotions that reminded me about Judging others!
    5. For walking me through a very emotionally charged week at work!
    6. For the delightful day I had On Thursday when I subbed for my lst grade class!!!
    7. For entering into a situation at work and resolving it!

  2. Gwen says

    1. That I read this verse in Phillippians right before opening this email and have had it on my mind all day
    2. A quiet day yet no noise around so I could rest and concentrate
    3. For a reasonable amount my bathroom is refreshed and happy looking!
    4. Nice talks with Mom
    5. Christin my youngest took Curt to church and grocery shopping. They laughed and chatted all the time. I’m glad.
    6. My daughter Jenna got a shot and medicine for her bee sting
    7. I heard birds today

  3. Kim says

    Thank you, Diane. You truly do bring joy to so many of us!
    I thank the Lord today for:
    1 – His revelation each day, a truth and promise to cling to,
    2 – Our pastor’s walk with the Lord and obedience to preach God’s Word, not flowery ear-tickler messages,
    3 – Faithful, prayerful friends,
    4 – Loving family,
    5 – The call from a friend to share horrible news, but a reminder that life is precious…love others,
    6 – The privilege of refinement through our trial,
    7 – Your promises that our family will be beautiful again someday, in Your timing.

  4. Oh this was a great post. So true. We all need reminding now and then. Especially me! I love the 7 list .
    Here’s mine…
    1. My husband had a 3 day weekend. We went shopping together. First time in almost a year!
    2. My grandson seeing doctors and hopefully gettiing some good treatment.
    3. My husbands new. Maybe I’ll get quit soon.
    4. I am grateful God provides even when we don’t expect
    5. I am thankful he forgives me.
    6. I am thankful for my sweet DIL she is beginning to be so sweet.
    7. Books to read. My Cowboy is going to the library for me. How sweet.

  5. 1. I finished a long-term writing project this week.
    2. I have had bad news from more than one source, yet did not get despondent, and rather, I am trusting in God.
    3. My mom helped out by taking my daughter shopping.
    4. My mom brought back berries and cherries to share.
    5. My husband is changing his availablitly at work, and will not have to work late nights and early days back-to-back anymore.
    6. I am getting 100 free photo prints from Shutterfly today. Coupon code: PERFECT SCORE, if anyone is interesting. Offer ends today.
    7. I did not get to attend a friend’s wedding, but saw him and his new wife a short time later, and they each gave me big hugs!

  6. anna says

    Nice post..True lines god gives very precious gift to us..


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