I want it.  You want it.

More than anything in this world…

We. Want. To. Be. Loved.



We are loved.

You are loved.  I am loved.

We are loved by the God of the universe.

Each of us individually.

We are his creation.

We are his treasure.

Oh… How He Loves Us.

Art.  Beautifully created by Chrissie Grace.

It’s my prayer today.

"Flood my being with your love" - Chrissie Grace

{Chrissie Grace}


Will you make it yours?



Want to feel and know love?

My heart was moved by this.

Please listen…..

Kim Walker – How He loves us – YouTube.

What does it look like to be flooded with HIS love?



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  1. Susan says

    That is my prayer for today. Thanks!

  2. I asked our pastor what was the most difficult concept in the bible to
    study/understand in school…he said the fact that Jesus emptied himself
    of his holiness to be able to take on our sins.
    I guess that is where emptying ourselves comes in…our seeking to be like Him
    (even though in a small way)

    • Diane says

      Auntie Bliss….
      Yes. Our big “self” gets in the way of hearing, seeing, and following Jesus. And doesn’t it seem like it should be easy to “empty” our selves? Wish it was. Let’s keep trying.

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