There are always flowers for those who want to see them. ::


Camera in one hand and dog leash in the other, I went for a walk hoping to see some woodland flowers along the roadside.

At first all I saw were mats and mats of decomposing leaves.

After this past winter…that was no surprise.

But…remember I wanted very much to see some sweet woodland flowers proclaiming, “It’s spring!”


As we walked along, squinting into the sunshine, hope ran high in my heart.  

I was not disappointed.


Flower Quote :: There are always flowers for those who want to see them. -Henri Matisse ::

Click here to download this quote as 5×7 free printable.


I doubt that most people would see anything besides the twenty shades of brown, beneath the thirty tones of gray trees.

My heart needed to see those first woodland flowers of spring.


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

― Henri Matisse


Maybe that is it. I wanted to see them and so I could.   I sometimes think I can see flowers where others cannot.


Flowers on the woodland floor ::  “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”  ::


Years ago, we made a routine drive between two cities.  My husband would point out hawks to me.  Over time, I was able to join in spotting them and pointing them out to him, too.  And I was able to discern a hawk from a falcon as well.  It took training my eye.


Tiny Woodland Flowers ::


Over the years, I have learned to carefully scan the roadsides and the meadows and the woodlands, hoping to find flowers.  And maybe hawks.  Usually I get the prize!


Spring Wildflowers  :: There are always flowers for those who want to see them. ::


Sometimes they are hard to see at first.  But, I keep looking.  It’s as if my eyes start to focus in a whole new way.  And once they are focused on flowers, I start to see them in all kinds of spots.  It’s such a joyful discovery for me.


Wild Geraniums and Woodland Flowers :: A Henri Matisse Flower Quote ::


The majority of flowers I spied this time were from the geranium family.  In all shades of white, lavender, and pink.  And then there was the lone yellow buttercup which I featured above as a FREE Printable.


Wild Geranium :: Henri Matisse Quote on Flowers ::


What is spring without violets?


Violets :: Henri Matisse Flower Quote ::


May apples have exploded from their winter resting place, unfurling their leaves like little umbrellas, under which they are hiding tiny little green buds.  I’ll be watching for them to spring into bloom soon too.


May Apples :: There are always flowers for those who want to see them. ::


As I walked by water area, I thought maybe I would see some turtles sunning themselves.  But, to my surprise, I saw this!


Snake surprise along flower walk ::


That sleepy countryside where I was exploring was rumbled awake by the sound of farm machinery.  I turned from my spot below the road way and snapped a photo.


Farm equipment ::  Henry Matisse quote on Flowers ::


And another photo of  my borrowed walking companion for today…though he really is much more handsome than he appears here.


"Bear" ::  Henri Matisse Quote about flowers ::



Have you trained your eyes to see the hidden flowers and other beauties of nature?


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  1. Tim Miller says

    “Earth’s crammed with heaven,
    And every common bush afire with God,
    But only he who sees takes off his shoes;
    The rest sit round and pluck blackberries.”
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  2. Mel says

    Just last week I was whining “Where are all the flowers”. And then I got off my duff and went looking for them. There they were, hiding amidst the fallen. I’s just not bothered.
    The quotes the two of you shared helped me as much as getting off my rear to LOOK did. I limit myself and make the world a wee place sometimes….and it is a vast, treasure trove if I just but remember to keep me the small thing.

    You have amazing photos, and I adored the shot of the tractor. Well….I say that, but if it had been any colour other than green…..maybe notsomuch. LOL!
    Thank you for sharing the amazing treasures….and yes, that includes Mister Snake!

    • Diane says

      And what a delightful find to make their discovery!! Yes?
      Mel…I’ve been in that place where I close my world and make it very tight, not daring to even dream. Today I had to get a few supplies for a project and my husband commented on the way home that he hadn’t gotten “a word in edgewise” because I was non-stop talking. No…it was not a complaint…but that little experience ’caused a boatload of thoughts and ideas that I never allow myself to visit to spill out. I apologized and he said that he loved hearing me be me for a change. We limit ourselves in too many ways, don’t we?

      Thanks for your kind words about the photos. 😉 I love that tractor photo too. I got two shots…the other moving away…but this one just made my heart sing. Would red be a preferable color? I pick up up a rusty NH sign/label from alongside the road the other day. My walking partner said, “What do you want with that rusty ol thing?” I replied. I have no idea…but isn’t it interesting? Followed by telling him that I see cool junk in all kinds of vignettes, etc. and if I have a piece I just might have fun using it. The shoulders were shrugged, but he carried it for me so I had both hands for the camera. 😉 Lucky me!! Oh…isn’t Deer and Iowa firm?

  3. So lovely! Dropping by from The SITS Girls link up. I found some surprise flowers in my yard this week — rose bushes and irises! We just moved last year, so I didn’t know they were in my yard. Talk about a wonderful surprise! 🙂

    • Diane says

      And those are the nicest surprise, Aubrey!!
      Thanks for popping by….hope your weekend is Extraordinary!

  4. Glenda Kremer says

    thanks for your flowers and yes I regularly thank the Lord for His flowers every time I am out seeing more! One of my favorite things! the dog is cute too!
    have a blessed day today and SONDAY tomorrow!
    Glenda Kremer

    • Diane says

      I think that flowers were created simply for their joy. The joy they give us in seeing them and the joy they must have given God in creating them. I also think they give testimony of a glorious God.
      Happy Mother’s Day Glenda!!

  5. Betty Brown says

    Diane if you get a reply from me that isn’t finished don’t think I have lost it,lol,my finger hit something and now I can’t bring it I was trying to say how much I enjoy your blog.It makes me feel good just thinking about flowers and enjoying looking at them means simplicity and that’s what I want in my life.Thank you

  6. Diane says

    I know exactly what you’re going through….I have stuff like that happen to me all the time! LOL

    Betty….I am truly humbled that this little spot brings you joy. I so appreciate you sharing that with me. My heart is filled up. Thank you!!

    May your days be filled with beauty and simplicity. [hugs]

  7. Kim says

    Two weeks ago, we had pastures filled with yellow-flowered weeds. They were beautiful but not good at all for horses to eat! After spraying with weed killer, the blooms are gone. I commented about it Saturday as we enjoyed the evening sunset on the patio, and he hadn’t even noticed the blooms were gone. Yes, he missed them, too (now that I mentioned it), but it was good news in that the weed treatment worked. Diane, you impress me with your knowledge of the names of flowers. 🙂

    • Diane says

      Kim….I bet your pasture was beautiful. 🙂

      You’ll laugh….but I used to have a few garden books and a Wayside Garden catalog at my bedside. When we went to bed, we used to read for a while, I poured over the catalog the most. There I learned the names of plants…common and botanical. The catalog also contained very good culture information. Essentially…that was my floral education. When we embarked on a our ‘new’ journey I left my extensive first garden behind and grieved. I used to host garden parties at my house there. We had the house built and hand worked the land for grass and gardens…it was a joy.

      I did create another fairly large garden in NY. As we rented that house, I did not plan to create any gardens and just have some containers. But, I met a lady who enjoyed propagating her own flowers and also sold some at her large property as well as at the farmers’ market. She had a cottage in Canada and needed someone to tend to her greenhouse and tenderlings as well as weed and feed her extensive perennial garden. She couldn’t afford to pay me….so….plants were my payment. Really it was a God thing. I lived in that house for 11 years. And that garden was so therapeutic for us.

      Do you worry about your horses eating grass sprayed with weed killer? I know horses, though large in size, are super sensitive. A friend of mine almost lost hers to rhubarb leaves a neighbor threw over the fence, because he thought the horses would like eating them.

  8. What a sweet reminder to always see the good! Thank you for sharing with us!

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity at our Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party! Join us again on Saturday to show off your latest projects!

    ~ Ashley

    • Diane says

      Ashley….you are so kind. Thank you for your encouraging words!! [hugs]

  9. Diane , these photos are simply stunning and what a lovely printable! There is nothing quite like the simple beauty of a flower in bloom, is there? Thank you so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend – pinned! Hope you’re having a happy and wonderful week!

    • Diane says

      I’m so pleased that you like the pictures, Cindy. I get so giddy with excitement over my little finds that I sometimes wonder if anyone else will enjoy them too. 😉 Thank you!!

      • Tiffany says

        Diane, What does the quote “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” mean ????

        • Maybe this personal story will help shed a light on that quote. Years ago, I would ride down the highway with my husband and he would talk about see hawks and falcons and other birds of prey he was seeing and point them out to me. I never saw them until he pointed them out. But, with time, I trained my eye to notice them and I began to see the birds before my husband on many occasions. If we train our eyes to see flowers or the other beauties and intricacies of nature around us there is much to be seen. So though there may or may not be flowers blooming, I may see their beautiful dry carcass, or bleached leaves and stalks, and still find beauty in the shadow of their former beauty. Does this make sense?

  10. Great photo’s, aweseom quote. Sounds like you had a fabulous spring walk….. and great shot of that snake!! 🙂
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  11. This is such a lovely printable and a beautiful post, Diane. I am featuring it at my Friday Favorites post today. Thanks for joining Say G’Day Saturday!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  12. Such beautiful pictures and a sweet reminder to focus on the beautiful and that which brings us joy! I’ve never seen May apples in real life — will be looking for them now. One of my first jobs was landscape design — Wayside catalog is truly an awesome educational tool! 🙂

  13. Love your photos of flowers. I had never heard that quote before. It’s a keeper 🙂

    It’s amazing what you can see when you take the time to look, isn’t it? <3

    Stopping by from the Nancherrow link-up.


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