Simple Tip for a Sparkling Bath -


You might roll your eyes at this super easy tip.  It’s like, Duh!

Ah… but don’t be so quick.

I didn’t learn this tip until I’d been keeping house for close to ten years.

One day I was in the office and a volunteer popped in.  She said she was off to clean someone’s house.  It wasn’t something she usually did, but the pay was amazing and the job was easy.  She went on to say that the lady of the house evidently wiped down her bathroom sinks every day, so they were quick to clean.

I’m sure you wipe down your bathroom sinks every day.  Right?

Well, that wasn’t the case at my house.

My sinks got cleaned every week (hopefully) when I sprayed them with foaming bubbles because the bubbles did all the work so I didn’t have to, or something like that.

The volunteer left and I sat there in silence thinking about what she just said.

My mom was a career nurse.  My dad or I usually cleaned the bathroom.  She used her free time to read or create fun things for me to wear.  We never talked about how to keep the bathroom sink sparkling, or even how to clean a toilet. (I learned the later when I was on work/study in college… cleaning the bathrooms in my dorm’s lobby.  Yuck!)


BHG - bathroom sink with lily pad sink stopper


That night I went home and sprayed foaming bubbles all over my sink and towel dried it until it sparkled.

And that was the beginning.

The next morning after the two of us got ready in the bathroom, I splashed water around the sink and counter and over the toothbrushing spittle on the faucet and grabbed the face towel hanging there and gave everything a quick dry and polish.  The towel was hung to dry elsewhere and I went off to work.

It felt good to leave behind a sparkling sink.

It would be just as easy to do the same thing with paper toweling.  Keep a roll under the sink for just that purpose.  Whether you have a wipe-up towel in the bath, handy for sink polishing, or use a paper towel, teaching everyone in the family who uses the sink to wipe it down after they use it is a game changer.  Once everyone gets used to having the sink free of gunk and spittle, they’ll want to keep it that way.  Especially because it is so easy.

If you use a paper towel and are feeling ambitious, once you’ve wiped down the sink area, take that damp towel and wipe down the ledges in the tub area, and then the top of the tank and other surfaces around the toilet.

That whole process won’t take 3 minutes.  It’s amazing.

I like to keep a bottle of glass cleaner handy and spritz the mirror and then the sink area and move on from there.

It’s amazing how the bath can stay looking great in mere seconds.

Sometimes I feel so good about the clean feeling that I take the toweling and dust down the baseboards, etc.

If my week is super busy I can, on occasion, skip cleaning the bathroom other than the toilet and floor because I keep up every day.


BHG - pale blue bathroom


Maybe you already do this… but for me those few words spoken in passing were like the best tip ever.

Today I do okay at the housekeeping thing.  But, believe me, it just didn’t happen overnight.  I’m grateful my husband never seemed to be bothered by my herky jerky housekeeping habits.  I’m also very grateful that he will do whatever I ask him to do and we make a pretty good cleaning team.

My mom taught me how to do the laundry (I missed the stain removal session), how to make a pie crust, how to can peaches and tomatoes, and how to sew.  The rest of the stuff… I picked up along the way.  Whenever I went to my aunt’s home, I eagle-eyed everything she did.  I wanted to have a home that was perfect like hers.  Plus, I studied magazine photos and dreamed my home would look like those glossy images.

My dad gave me an etiquette book for my sixteenth birthday, but no one ever gave me a book on how to keep a house.


Bathroom vanity and mirror - turquoise and marble bath by Dona Rosene Interiors

Donna Rosen Interiors via House of Turquoise



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  1. logan wilhelm says

    Where did you get the wonderful little leaf and frog water stopper in your sink….so cute!!!

    • Diane says

      Logan, that isn’t my sink, I wish it was. It’s way too cute! (Though my husband says it would be a pain to keep up.) Click on the photo or the BHG link below the photo and I think you’ll be able to find resources for it.

      All the best for an extraordinary day!

  2. I used to have a fantastic cleaning plan that I followed religiously . . . and then I had 3 kids 🙂 The premise though was to do a little each day and wipe things immediately up after use to keep them generally clean longer. So, your method definitely works! I swing back and forth in how clean I can keep my home, but I love a nice sparkling sink too 🙂 Thanks for sharing the encouragement to keep at it!

    • Diane says

      Haha! Kiddos are great for derailing our best laid plans. And so worth it too!!! 🙂
      I have no idea what it is about a sparkling sink that makes everything feel clean… but my goal is also to have the kitchen sink sparkle in the morning and again at bedtime. It’s the best feeling, isn’t it! Keep up the good work, Melanie!! 🙂

  3. Rick S says

    I just found you from your builder grade comment on The Nesting Place.
    I have paper towels under sink in master bath for wipe ups. Tha chrome faucet shines and the sink looks clean without all the scrubbing.
    The kitchen sink and faucets get towel dried all the time too so water spots don’t dry on. The “big clean” is less urgent if you get busy.

    • Diane says

      I so wished I’d learned that tip a long time ago. 😉
      Funny how the littlest of things can be life-changing. It really was the key to having my whole house sparkle. 😉
      Thanks for popping by with your thoughts, Rick!
      All the best for an extraordinary weekend!

  4. I make sure the sink is wiped down at least once a day. I keep a stack of rags in a basket for wiping the sink down when there’s water all over from the kids. I also have a kid assigned to wiping the counter daily.

    • Diane says

      I love that you’re teaching the kiddos an easy task that makes our lives more beautiful. Such a little thing with big results. If only I had learned it growing up like your kids.

      All the best my friend!

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