My mouth and my new mind-set. | Thoughts on the power of what we speak.


While on Facebook, of all places, I was prodded to change my outlook.

I read a phrase that stuck with me.

Forget talking about your troubles.

Talking about our troubles is a bad habit for most of us.  It’s what we do.

So if we can’t talk about our troubles…what do we do?

Celebrate our joys!


My mouth and my new mind-set - Forget talking about our troubles, let's celebrate our joys!


I have a good friend that I chat with irregularly via email.  At this time in our lives it’s the best form of communication.  It’s efficient.  When we get the chance to talk on the phone….it’s a looooong talk.  And we usually don’t have time to do that very often.

Today I did something I don’t usually do.  I emailed her something that had encouraged me, because I knew it would make her happy to learn of this wonderful word I received.

Because my friend and I have been long-term prayer partners and have gone through big challenges together, what I often find myself doing is sending her a quick email asking her to pray for something.  And sometimes I might even whine a little about a certain predicament.  But, not today.

After I shared the words that encouraged me, I asked, “Tell me the good things that happened in your week.”

Later her response to me contained new plans for a little family getaway. The last time we spoke they weren’t going to make any plans or do anything special for their time off from work.  I felt led to pray about that, for God to work something out for them.  So when she shared her plans I was so blessed to learn God answered my prayer for my friend.  Yay God!

She went on to share several more good things that happened or encouraged her heart this week.

And my heart was rejoicing along with hers!

This may not seem like a big thing.  But, it’s these little things we can do that change the trajectory of our days, our weeks, our life.


My mouth and my new mind-set - Our Mouths are Powerful


Since day one here, I have been asking you to join me in counting ‘seven’ each Sunday.  JoyDay! has become like an institution on the blog.  Each week we count seven things from the past week….the good and maybe not-so-good things and give thanks.  For many of us counting gifts has become a regular discipline and sharing them in community here has been a blessing.


Something really big happens when we speak.  

Our mouths are powerful.  They can be a weapon or a blessing.  

I vote for blessing.

They can even prophecy the future.  (I recently learned of a man in jail, who was told growing up that he would never amount to anything and would spend time in jail.)

So why not use our mouths and our electronic communications to tell the good things, to celebrate joys.

Why not!

As I was praying, asking God to direct me to scripture for this post, he showed me this….

I am faithful to you, and you can trust me.
    I will sing and play music for you, my God.
I feel wide awake! I will wake up my harp and wake up the sun.
I will praise you, Lord, for everyone to hear,
    and I will sing hymns to you in every nation.
Your love reaches higher than the heavens;
    your loyalty extends beyond the clouds.

May you, my God, be honored above the heavens;
    may your glory be seen everywhere on earth.

Psalm 57:7-11


Just reading these words, my heart sings!

Don’t they make you want to start singing of God’s goodness and greatness?


My mouth and my new mind-set | Psalm 57 - I will praise you Lord for everyone to hear!


This verse jumped out at me…

I will praise you, Lord, for everyone to hear,


What a difference it makes to celebrate our joys.  When we share them out loud, we are singing God’s praises.  And God is blessed when we sing his praises beyond the doors of our homes.

When we do this, we bless each other, we bless God, and we encourage each other to think and speak in ways that not only please God, but are truly life-changing.

So let’s forget about talking about our troubles when we see each other.  Instead, let’s ask and tell each other about the good things in our lives.  


My Mouth and My New Mind-set :: Thanks to Facebook I've got a new Mind-set.


I’m thinking there will be some real benefits to this such as…

  • Better sleep
  • Better relationships
  • Deeper conversations
  • More praying
  • More answers to prayers
  • Impacting our world…

If you think of more…share them.

Are you ready to praise the Lord for everyone to hear?


My Mouth and My New Mind-set  ::  JoyDay! Celebration


It’s JoyDay!

Thanks for popping over today.  Please join us in community and count ‘seven.’  We take a minute to breathe in grace when we look back over the past week and count the gifts and blessings from the week.  I hope you take the challenge.  Some gifts aren’t exactly pleasant (don’t I know).  Yet, in all things we are to give thanks.

Please join me in counting just ‘seven’ from the past week.

I’ll start…

God, I am grateful for…

  1. free Starbucks drinks to share with a friend and our heart-to-heart time together
  2. seeing the very large and old great blue heron fly low across the lake
  3. being able to pray big prayers because you honor big prayers
  4. my laptop that keeps going, despite the frustration of a barely functional touch pad and letters skipping all over the screen as I type
  5. the amazing colors and beauties you create for us to enjoy
  6. my dear friends whose love and compassion are beyond measure
  7. forgiveness and do-overs and Your amazing grace I so badly needed

Now it’s YOUR turn!!

Join me in counting ‘seven.’
Scroll down to the comment section…Share Your Extraordinary Thoughts….and list your ‘seven.’
I dare you!

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave your sweet thoughts.

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  1. Susie Burrows says

    My family
    My home
    The wonderful opportunities opening up for my son Jack.
    My husbands possibility of a much higher paying job.
    Our health
    Our church and our pastor, My earnings at my booth at the antique mall, my new friend Monique and all of my other long time friends.

    • Diane says

      Thank you for taking time to share your ‘seven’ Susie. Thanking God with you for his goodness.
      May your week overflow with HIS JOY!

  2. 1. Time spent with family and friends yesterday at our Memorial Day cookout
    2. My children who have given me amazing grandchildren
    3. The beautiful weather so far this holiday weekend
    4. My best friends, Angela T., Amanda H. and Angela A.
    5. An answered prayer on Thursday
    6. The poem that God gave me the words for this past week, “So Much More Than That”
    7. The ability to look beyond the drab and discouraging in order to see all the beauty God has given us

    • Diane says

      Ruth, my heart rejoices with yours at the transforming power of gratitude and God’s goodness and grace displayed in our lives. May your week overflow with JOY! [hugs]

  3. judianni says

    God, I am grateful for at least these 7 things:
    My children living near me.
    My good health.
    My son finding & attending a church he loves.
    Godly and caring neighbors.
    My home on the bay.
    The blooming spring flowers.
    My wonderful Bible preaching pastor.

    • Diane says

      Praising God with you for these gifts that bring so much JOY!
      Thanks for popping over Judianni. May God overwhelm you this week with his love.

  4. Debbi Saunders says

    I am so grateful to God…
    For Health!
    For Prayer Partners!
    For Answered prayers for people that I have prayed with and for!
    For Church signs, bumper stickers and messages shared on FB and through Blogs!
    For my Son….
    For Forgiveness…
    For the Beauty of Nature in my back yard….

    • Diane says

      I praise God for your grateful heart and your faithful prayers and friendship.
      Debbi…May you experience God’s love and faithfulness in new and fresh ways this week. [hugs]

  5. Gwen says

    Your loyalty extends the clouds…just five years ago, even three, no one was talking about storing it in or on the cloud. So doesn’t your choice of verse have even more power I thought?
    1. God You love me higher than not just clouds but heavens! Thank you God. I love You too.
    2. Your loyalty extends beyond any cloud or clouds that form here or on planets or spots on the sun. I need loyalty next door to me and more and you are there. Never even batting an eye over my humanness.
    3. Curt got medicine which made his headaches a bit more bearable
    4. I got to play Bunco and be around friends and giggle
    5. The Lord let me share Christ with a non believer who is Gods Chosen people who need to accept their Messiah. I pray the scales on her eyes are lifted.
    6. My missionary friends little girl went from near death to no malaria at all in one week and prayers around the world plus it is the kind that does not recur throughout her life
    7. My youngest Christin took Curt to church and then to get a few items. Then his other friend took him to get groceries too. This is our praise.
    Please do pray Curt’s tiny trickle of blood through a teeny vein makes its path to the optic nerve so he can see and the darkness of his eye go away. I sometimes forget and he bumps walls and I’m proud of all he does while vision impaired. We do three blessings a night and that really helps. His brain is so tired but he works on. We sang This Is my Fathers House after a frightening week. And the words are so good.

    • Diane says

      Gwen… thank you so much for that insight. I never even thought about the “storage’ cloud. Yes!!! What a great insight.
      Tim and I just finished praying for Curt and for the life-giving blood to flow to the optic nerve bringing health and healing and full vision to Curt’s eye in the Name of Jesus.
      Thanks for stopping by Gwen. I look forward to your ‘seven’ and praise God with you for his acts of grace and kindness on your behalf. [hugs]

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