Do you ever feel overwhelmed in choosing lighting for your home? Don't miss these tips for choosing affordable farmhouse style lighting for your home.

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Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the interior
of your favorite farmhouse style home.

Doesn’t it feel warm and homey?

As you picture in your mind your ideal farmhouse style home, you are likely seeing a bright open space, filled with things you love in your favorite colors.  Though you are aware of the brightness and charm, you may not necessarily be seeing light fixtures.  That’s because when a room or home is well lit with natural light from windows and beautiful artificial lighting, we don’t give much thought to the actual lights.  Instead we are more aware of how the space feels.

That’s why it is so important to give plenty of thought to our homes’ lighting.


Medium Size 6 Lights Candelabra Pendant Light with Latitude & Longitude Design

Latitude & Longitude Design Pendant Light


Whether you live on a farm in the country or have a roof-top garden in the city, farmhouse style lighting can be the key component to giving your home that casual, timeless feel.

Farmhouse style has been a favorite of mine as long as I can remember.  Even as a child I was drawn to bright open kitchens that had a certain charm.  I’ve always been attracted to porches and cozy rooms with a collected, timeless feel.

I love rooms that tell a story with art and photos and furniture and dishes that has been handed down. And I LOVE hearing the stories behind it all.

There’s probably another reason I’m so smitten with the style.  I’m a traditional gal in many ways… but when it comes to decor… I’m a little bit eclectic. And in my mind farmhouse style is an eclectic style.

Lighting that is reminiscent of the advent of the industrial age and gives a sense of history and a design edginess is an excellent choice for kitchens.  Wall sconces can be used over the kitchen sink, on either side of kitchen windows, a gallery wall, or even over the pantry door for style and to brighten a typically dark spot.  And I am totally smitten with this scalloped and pleated shade.


Farmhouse Style Lighting - Black Pleated Iron Plate-like Shade Wall Sconce

Pleated Iron Shade Farmhouse Style Lighting


Pendant lights can be used solo, or as a trio to provide fabulous light over a kitchen island.  They may also be a fun way to add a pop of color to a room. Can you imagine several red stools at the counter where a trio of red pendant lights is hanging?


Farmhouse Style Lighting Industrial Style Pendant Light with UFO Iron Shade

Pendant Farmhouse Style Lighting


Entry ways need to be well illuminated.  A simple wrought iron chandelier like this would be wonderful in the entry, and would also shed a lot of light over a kitchen island, or even a mud room.


Farmhouse 4 Lights Vintage Industrial Style Rusty Wrought Iron Glass Pendant Light

Rustic Industrial Style Glass Pendant


If the ceiling is too low for a chandelier or pendant light… I prefer to use a wall sconce.  With the guarded bulb, this one fits the ticket where jackets and scarfs and sports equipment might be “flying.”


Vintage Industrial Style Double-layer Iron Wall Sconce from Parrot Uncle

Vintage Iron Wall Sconce


The ‘working’ areas of our homes, decorated in a farmhouse style, can always look more dramatic with vintage or industrial period lighting.


Vintage Industrial Iron Chandelier with Vertical Rectangular Frame Design

Rectangular Vintage Iron Chandelier


Lighting can be very expensive. I was pleased to discover that Parrot Uncle is very affordable.  Being able to purchase discount lighting when refreshing our home decor or doing extensive makeovers makes a huge difference in our budgets.  Yes?

When I can choose a look I like for a great price, then I can have a whole bank of lights like this.  Can you see these lights lined up on the wall over a baking center, or craft counter, over the mirror in a bathroom, over book cases in the family room, or in the laundry room? At less than $40 for this wall sconce and free shipping I can have fun with farmhouse style lighting.


Farmhouse Style Adjustable Green Iron Shade Wall

Adjustable Green Iron Shade Wall Sconce


There is a softer side to farmhouse style lighting as wel

We can feel free to dress up our rooms with cloth lampshades and warmer metal tones.


Brown Iron Wall Sconce with Black Fabric Shade

Brown Iron Wall Sconce with Black Shade


I’ve always been a fan of sconces.  Unless a room can feature a chandelier, I am not a fan of over head lighting in the sitting areas of my home.  That’s why I had wall sconces installed in almost every room of the first home we built.  Doing something like that on a large scale may not be feasible when you move into a finished home.  But, that doesn’t stop us from making that choice for a few rooms, especially bedrooms and hallways and powder rooms.


Farmhouse style lighting - Rustic Wall Sconce with Iron Rings

Rustic Wall Sconce Farmhouse Style Lighting


Every home needs a chandelier or two or three.  Even a farmhouse style home.  Or… maybe especially a farmhouse.

This wooden pendant light would be amazing over a kitchen island, breakfast area, or even the dining room.


Farmhouse Style Wooden Pendant Light with 8 Candle Shape Lights

Wooden Farmhouse Style Pendant Light


I love the antique look and rusty iron finish of this chandelier’s arms.

6 Lights Antique Pendant Light with Metal Arms in Rust FinishAntique Chandelier with Rusty Metal Arms


I know I said three. So how about one more lovely chandelier for good measure?  And because I would have a hard time choosing, for sure!  This beautiful chandy is especially well suited for a French farmhouse style home, don’t you agree?


Antique Style Wooden Pendant Light with 6 Candle Shape Lights

Antique Style Wooden Pendant Light


Regularly I share kitchen images on Facebook. I’ve discovered that universally the farmhouse style kitchen is a favorite.  But, a good number of women often say that though they love a kitchen, it doesn’t have enough color.  If you love color and Tiffany-style lamp-shades, Parrot Uncle has an incredible variety of styles and colors and patterns.  There is no doubt that a farmhouse style home would benefit from the addition of one if only for its color.  This is my favorite. Which room would you choose for it?


Red Yellow Leaves Tiffany Style Upside-down Pendant Lamp

Red & Yellow Leaves Tiffany Upside Down Pendant


Farmhouse style lighting encompasses more than even what I’ve shared here.  I’d love to hear what your favorite style is.  Regardless of the style, though, I’m pretty sure you’ll find discount lighting at Parrot Uncle that you’ll love.  They have an extensive website of selections from table lamps to outdoor light fixtures from which to choose your next light fixture. Oh the fun you’ll have!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in choosing lighting for your home? Don't miss these tips for choosing affordable farmhouse style lighting for your home.

Thanks for stopping by today… I can’t wait to hear your lovely thoughts!

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  1. Gwen says

    Oh how fun!!! I like the red pendant! It would be just perfect in my hallway down by the guest room. Or the “wooden chandeliers “. I haven’t seen them before so I’m drawn to them too. I’m going to look at their site too. Thank u?

    • Oh I’m glad you loved them too, Gwen. They have so many products that I never see at my local home improvement and lighting stores. 🙂
      Hope you have a blessed weekend!

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