Have you noticed how dark it is these days?


It's time to shine our light! (The light shines in the darkness - John 1:5) AnExtraordinaryDay.net


The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness doesn’t extinguish the light.
John 1:5 (CEB)


The news on TV, online, and even our Facebook feed is filled with bad, scary, and horrific details.

We need to remind ourselves, and each other, that as dark as it gets….the darkness will not put out the light.


Have you ever noticed that when the light comes on in a dark place, the light is even more bright?

That’s the contrast we are seeing in our world right now.

People living in darkness need to see.

They need you and I to shine, to be the tangible light of Jesus, so they too, can see.

More than ever…the world needs us to shine our Light!


Remember, our Message is not about ourselves; we’re proclaiming Jesus Christ, the Master.
All we are is messengers, errand runners from Jesus for you.
It started when God said, “Light up the darkness!” and our lives filled up with light
as we saw and understood God in the face of Christ, all bright and beautiful.
2 Corinthians 4:5-6


What can we do today to shine?

To be spreaders of Light in the world?

White Lily on a Lily Pad Joy Day! :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net

Today is Joy Day!


Have you done a heart check lately?  How joyful is your heart?

I can guarantee that your heart will sing for joy when you join me in looking back over the past week and counting ‘seven.’  Count both the good and the not-so-good.  

I’ll start…

Thank you God for…

  1. hard days.
  2. a successful surgery for my friend.
  3. hearing and answering every single prayer we prayed for Tuesday.
  4. that no matter how things appear in this world, you are in control.
  5. a beautiful morning walk and the most gorgeous field of Queen Anne’s Lace and Chicory.
  6. your goodness, grace, faithfulness, provision, mercy, and most of all your love.
  7. peaches….and enjoying them for peach shortcake. 

Now it’s YOUR turn!!

Join me in counting ‘seven.’
Scroll down to the comment section…and list your ‘seven.’
I dare you!

Want even more joy?  Take the Joy Dare here.

Thank you for stopping by today.
I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.


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  1. Ok Diane, I am taking the challenge because I am having an afternoon of discontent and sadness and the only way to change that is to talk about things I am grateful for…so
    1. Peace and quiet
    2. For all the things I have been protected from
    3. For a successful business, beyond my dreams
    4. for the Parents I was blessed with
    5. For being part of something bigger than I am
    6. For the sweet whispers
    7.Knowing I will be sitting at the feet of my Father one day
    Sigh, breathing peacefully, Dianntha

    • Diane says

      My sweet friend…I am so sorry that you have had “one of those days.” I know that place and I trust that now you have gained a better perspective and a joyful outlook. May God continue to encourage your heart as you give him glory and praise! [hugs]

  2. Debbi Saunders says

    Thank you God :
    l. For All the promises in Your word….
    2. for my health and that of my family
    3. for the healing work that the you are doing in my family
    4. that I am still able to freely express my faith and worship!
    5.that you are still working things out for my good even though I can see no evidence of it yet
    6.for using me, a broken imperfect vessel, to minister to others with hope, encouragement and intercessory healing prayer
    7. for my Home, my haven, my place of comfort and joy in this big often lonely and scary world.

    • Diane says

      I rejoice with you Debbi at God’s faithfulness in your life and how he is working in your family and using you to shine light into the lives of others. May your new week be filled with unmistakable JOY! [hugs]

  3. Debbie H says

    1. Safe Flight home on Monday
    2. My son and his skill to fix my computer.
    3. The great sermon delivered today.
    4. God’s unfailing grace
    5. A sister willing to help me paint.
    6. Laughter even in my grief.
    7. Tears to heal.

  4. Suzi says

    I love this especially since things in The Middle East are so horrible for believers. God’slight cannot be put out by the darkness there. And so so hard for many African countries. His light will shine there too even in the midst of confusion, fear and sadness. My 7: 1. Our choir today. 2. The Hymn writers new and old that give voice to my feelings. 3. A strong husband who works hard in the yard. 4. A good medical test result. 5. Another not good medical test result. 6. Good friends who share one another’s burdens, pray for one another and rejoice with eachother. 7. Having a new opportunity to use my gifts in a unique way within our church.

  5. Ceil says

    Hi Diane! Sometimes it takes a ‘dare’ to make me see all the events that God has blessed in my week.
    1) Joyful family reunion 2) graced to pray for my friend who is having surgery right now 3) the presence of the Spirit in me every day 4) children that have moved away but still call and Skype 5) three beautiful grandchildren 6) tests of faith that bring me to my knees sometimes…but let me see how weak I am with out God 7) inspiration from blogs and blog-friends who love the Lord.

    Nice to meet you today 🙂

  6. Ada says

    Thanks for the reminder to make it our mission to make every day as joyous as we can!! I’ve stopped watching news in the morn bec of all the sad/heartbreaking/dark reports. As for my heart check, I am grateful today for:
    1. hubby’s hello texts even though we are both busy
    2. finding blogs like yours (inspirational)
    3. having a smooth / quick photo shoot of the bathroom design
    4. finding the perfect parking spot
    5. invention of BBQ / grills (yes, grilling tonight!)
    6. FREE starbucks drink today
    7. having subscribers + bloggers that email / comment

  7. Your posts are always so uplifting, encouraging, and right on target!
    I hope you are blessed by the news that you are one of our Featured Guests at Inspire Me Monday – Week 138 at Create With Joy! 🙂

    • Diane says

      Ramona! You just made my day! Thank you so much for the feature and your kind sweet words! [hugs]

  8. Thank you God for…

    1. For 2 yrs. in Houston
    2. For 1 yr. as a cashier at Walmart, promotion to FT and a raise,
    3. My paycheck next week, though it won’t be near enough to pay my rent on the 3rd, or a few other bills that need paying and I could be evicted.
    4. For the companionship of, and creativity inspired by, my cats.
    5. My ability to cook for myself, though it does need more practice.
    6. My sense of humor and my faith in a better life ahead, somehow, despite my current difficulties.
    7. Thank you for my talent as a writer, and for those who find reason to like it, tell me so and share it.

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