How would you like to breathe new life into your home decor?  A quick and easy lampshade makeover can brighten your room, infuse it with color, or update your look.  Sometimes, it really is just that easy to freshen up a room.


How to Give a Lampshade a Quick and Easy Makeover -


Don’t you love it when you come across a deal that’s perfect for a project on your to-do list?

One day I went to Lowe’s on a mission. Of course, as long as I was there I just had to stroll down the lighting aisles. Even if I don’t have a need, I just love to see, what’s new in lighting.  That particular day, I noticed boxes of white lampshades in the aisle.  But, what really drew my eye was the sign… $3.00!!  I was beyond excited!  Upon closer inspection, the shades were trimmed with Christmas fabric.  Along the top and bottom edges. I wish I had a photo for you, but since I didn’t think to take a before shot, you’ll have to use your wonderful imagination.

I’m guessing that there aren’t a lot of people who have the space to store Christmas lampshades, no matter how cute they are.  Hence… the fabulous sale!

For some time, I had been admiring a lamp base at the nearby Walmart.  I needed something for my crafting table that looked great and would give me extra light for those detailed projects.  But, I wasn’t exactly smitten with the shades available there.


Craft table gets a new lamp. And the plain shade gets a quick and easy makeover -


After purchasing a Christmas lampshade at Lowe’s I walked next door with my fabulous find to Walmart to see how it would fit.  I might or might not have been seen doing a happy dance in the aisle there.  It was perfect.

Back home, I needed to figure out what I was going to do to replace the Christmas fabric edges.  When I was at Lowe’s I discovered that the lamp shade trim would come off fairly easily.  I just needed to see what I had in my stash that would work.

My stash contained some beautiful grosgrain ribbon I had purchased from Stampin’ Up.  It’s a gorgeous shade of pale near aqua blue… nearly a perfect match to the newly painted walls in my studio.


Quick and Easy Lampshade Makeover - Stampin' Up grosgrain ribbon -


I’m sorry the following tutorial does not include a ‘before’ photo.  But, fortunately, it does include photographs of the process. This was a project I did in the months preceding my blogging career. I recently discovered the photos and because it just might be the inspiration you need to look at lamps and lampshades in a new light (intended pun!), I brought it out for you.


How to Give a Lampshade a Quick and Easy Makeover


Plain lampshade, ribbon, large paper clip, scissors, double stick tape.


  • Let’s start with a plain lampshade.
  • If your lamp shade has existing embellishment, carefully pull it off so you have a clean slate upon which to work your magic.

How to Give a Lampshade a Quick and Easy Makeover with this tutorial.

  • Prepare your ribbon, but using a large paperclip to hold the ribbon while you wind it around the lampshade.  Trim leaving an extra inch for the finishing fold.
  • Cut small strips of double sided tape and add them around the edge of the lampshade as shown.

Quick and Easy Lampshade Makeover Tutorial -

  • To start adhering the ribbon to the lampshade, you will want to bump the ribbon edge up to the lampshade fold as shown.
  • When you have completely covered the lampshade, trim to allow about 1/3 of an inch extra for the fold over.
  • Place a strip of tape at the fold over edge as shown.
  • And then fold over the edge, giving the ribbon a hard crease.
  • Add a small piece of double stick tape to the folded edge of the ribbon and press down on the lampshade for the final finish.

Update a lamp with this quick and easy lampshade makeover tutorial -

  • If you choose to trim the upper portion of the shade in the same manner, repeat the process.
  • Tada! A quick and easy makeover you can do!

Grosgrain ribbon trimmed lampshade - Quick and Easy Lampshade Makeover -


Take a look around your house.  Consider adding a pretty ribbon trim to dress up a lamp and give your room a little pizzazz!

It’s quick and economical, too!


How to give a lampshade a quick and easy makeover.

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Do you have a lampshade that would benefit from a little makeover?

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  1. Lucy Beliveau says

    Terrific idea, Diane! I’m eyeing the “boring” lamps in our bedroom. Mmmm..I may just give this a try! Thanks, my friend!!

    • Diane says

      I can’t imagine your home having a ‘boring’ anything, Lucy! 😉
      And to think the post inspired you to give your lamps a little pizzazz made my day! {{hugs}}

  2. bobbi duncan says

    Isn’t it interesting how just a little change can make such a lovely impact, and it doesn’t have to cost much to do it which is really great! Thanks for sharing this DIY, Diane. I can not believe it’s snowing AGAIN, but it’s better than driving and walking on the ice we had a few days ago…scary at 64 when one is not as coordinated as they once were. Stay warm and cozy.

    • Diane says

      Thank you Bobbi! Low cost projects with a big bang really make my heart sing!!
      I hope warmer weather has come your way. We had a big warm up the last two days!

  3. Kendra @ says

    What a nice touch, Diane! I love that lamp! Thanks so much for sharing at our party! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much Kendra!!
      All the best for an extraordinary start to your week!

  4. Karen says

    It’s amazing what a change a small touch can make! And I am a big fan of simple craft projects!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and join our link up party Something to Talk About!
    It runs Monday’s 6am- Thursday!
    Have a great weekend!

    • Diane says

      Oh, I know exactly what you mean Karen. Sometimes we think we need to make big changes, when a little one makes a big difference.
      Thanks for you lovely invite!! 🙂
      All the best for an extraordinary week!

  5. Jann Olson says

    Isn’t it funny how something as simple as a piece of ribbon can dress something up so fabulously? Love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. Such a cute and simple update! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!! Pinning 🙂

  7. Looks great Diane! Thanks for joining HSH!

  8. Great idea and so timely for me as I have a couple of lampshades I would like to makeover! New follow from the Canary Street Link Up. I have a link party that goes live tomorrow morning at 9 AM MST and would love for you to link up. 🙂
    Lory xo

  9. PAULA VOGEL says

    Diane, Thank you for sharing your lesson on how you transformed a lampshade. I would have never thought of using double sided tape. I have always used glue but this is much easier and nicer. I need to redo some shades and will try this. Paula

  10. Hi Diane! Sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile. I need to catch up! You always find the best buys. This is a great way to spruce up a plain lampshade. I need to find one of those bargain shades for a lamp in my living room. Thank you for sharing it and your cute spring vignette at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!

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